April 6, 2020
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Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel.
Today I’m sharing with you a recipe for how to make Homemade Old Fashioned Lemonade.
It’s the most refreshing drink, easy to make, and perfect if you have a bunch of lemons
to use up. So let me show you how to make it. Lemonade only requires 3 ingredients, lemons,
sugar and water but if you were to just mix these three together you would have a gritty
drink that would taste very sour. The fix to this is making a simple syrup out
of sugar and water to sweeten the lemon juice. I’m starting with this first as before we
make the lemonade it needs to cool down. In a medium sized saucepan measure out half
a cup of granulated white sugar and add. Pour over half a cup of cold water and place the
saucepan over medium heat. Simple syrup is a classic in cocktails, mocktails
and many other drinks. It’s called simple syrup because it’s made out of equal parts
sugar and water, heated together to dissolve the sugar, then used to sweeten. Simple. Stir the sugar and water a few times until
it heats up and the sugar starts to dissolve. It should turn from a cloudy shade into crystal
clear. Once the sugar has completely dissolved remove
the simple syrup from the heat and leave to cool. While the simple syrup is cooling we’re
going to start with the lemons. I’m making enough lemonade for about 4 glasses worth,
but the great thing about this recipe is it’s so simple to double triple, or even halve
the recipe to make as much as you want. When juicing lemons or any citrus to get the
most amount of juice out of the fruit make sure to roll it on the chopping board first.
It helps to soften the fruit, releasing the juices. To juice the lemons you can use a juicer like
I am, a hand held juicer, a squeezer or even just squeeze it manually. I’m using 6 small lemons to get about 3/4
a cup of juice. You may be tempted to use the bottles of lemon juice but those are mostly
reconstituted so you never get the same flavour and freshness as you do with fresh lemons. Pour the lemon juice into the pitcher through
a sieve to strain out any of the seeds. If you would like the full recipe for this
lemonade you can find it listed in the information box as well as a printable version on my website,
just click the link on the screen. This lemonade is so refreshing on a hot day,
or even if you just feel like an ice cold drink, and it’s perfect as a mixer for cocktails.
If you don’t like the idea of this lemonade being still you can easily make it fizzy by
adding soda water or sparkling water instead of still. Continue with the remainder of lemons until
you have enough lemon juice. The simple syrup should have cooled by now,
it doesn’t have to be too cold as we’ll add ice just make sure it isn’t hot. Add
3/4 cup of the simple syrup to the pitcher. Everyone has different taste buds but usually
a 1-1 ratio of lemon juice and simple syrup works well. Add a few handfuls of ice to cool the drink
down. If you’re not drinking this straight away leave the ice until you’re serving
as it as it will melt down and dilute the lemonade. Fill up the pitcher with cold water, about
3 cups. This is a very simple recipe so make sure to make it according to your tastes.
Have a taste of the lemonade at this point, if you think its too tart add more simple
syrup, too strong add some more water. To finish off the lemonade before serving
slice a lemon and add the slices into the drink. It helps to add a yellow touch to the
drink as the lemonade tends to be quite pale. I also love to add a few mint leaves, it adds
an incredible freshness and I love the green. Use a spoon to mix everything together and
it’s ready to serve. Next time you have a bunch of lemons and you’re not sure what
to do with them definitely try this lemonade. It’s super simple to make a so refreshing.
I hope you enjoyed this recipe, thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in
my next video. Bye.

Randall Smitham