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Homeschooling a Large Family | First Day Back | Nature Journaling + Read Alouds

– Good morning, friends. Oh, that light is just
highlighting my fuzzy hair. So today is the first day of our brand new homeschool year. I set my alarm super early, I did hit snooze and add an extra hour, ’cause Benjamin and I
were up a little extra in the middle of the night, but I still got up at 5:15. Hello first day beautiful whiteboard. So I’m going to put in some
time for reading my Bible and doing some Bible journaling. Of course, loving my quiet coffee time. And then I have “write books”. You know me, doing all the things, I have two books that I’m trying to write very gently. Again, there I am with my gentle word. And what I’m doing is, I’m actually using just
paper and pen journals. Since I do work on the computer, I don’t want all the creative things I do to be on the computer. Just more brain food to
write the old-fashioned way in my journal. So I’m just kinda splitting it up. This morning, I’m just gonna try to write about 15 minutes on each. One is my kind of
interesting childhood memoir, and then my other one is a special book on my heart for homeschool moms. Then, from seven to eight, I need to get a video up, I’ve got my email, I have lots in my email waiting for me, and then I’m hoping to get it cleared, and at least the ones I
need to address prioritized. One hour is not enough
time for me to work. Futuristically, I wanna work up to working two to three hours every morning. That’s when I am my freshest, and honestly, years ago,
when I built my blog and turned everything into
an accidental business, it was the morning hours where
I really busted things out. Then I have about a
half hour to get ready. Now, because the kids
aren’t up bright and early, you know, catching the
school bus at 7:15 or 7:30, they, during this time, are gonna just be waking
up, about eight or so, some of them will probably
still be sleeping until 8:30. So my plan is, at 8:30, I’m gonna roll into making breakfast, getting that prepped and ready, and then everyone else will be up and working on their clipboards, because we have our new
clipboard responsibility chart system I’ve been working on. We’re gonna have breakfast and Bible and do a quick clean-up. For the Bible, I have no luxurious plans, other than I think we’re
just gonna open it up, start at Genesis 1 and have a goal, hey, let’s read through the entire Bible as a family this year. And we’ll have a little bit
of time for quick clean-up, and then we have two
hours for getting outside. It has worked better over the years for us to get outside first, to burn off that early morning energy, to get our exercise in, we will probably walk two miles or so, and then I’m adding in the
nature journaling aspect. Now several of my kids have
never done nature journaling. I plan, again, to do this very on the fly and gentle as well, I’m just gonna look for something cool, and we’re gonna draw it. I found what looks like one of those African Rhinoceros type beetles yesterday, just on my porch, I shared it over on
Instagram in my stories. Anyway, we have all kinds of
cool things in our forest, so I think doing some nature journaling will be a wonderful addition
to our homeschooling life. And then I have an hour
for lunch and audiobook, because we have some chores and other, I have some phone calls to make, we have just regular life things, I figure we need an hour for lunch today. And we have started to listen to Anne of Avonlea on audiobook, and I know even if the
kids just sit for half hour and listen to that audiobook, it’ll just be a good time. I have three hours set aside for our sit-down tablework time, I’m gonna rotate the kids
with one-on-one time, and then also rotate them
with their independent work. I have two hours for today
set aside for our read alouds, we’re gonna do our Sonlight read alouds and start the Narnia series. Then we’re gonna have about an hour to work on dinner and more Bible reading. At seven, I have for the
kids, job and free time. And I also have seven,
mom in bed and chill. So Travis has not been feeling well, he did not feel well yesterday, I don’t know how he’ll be feeling today, but even if he isn’t feeling too super, he can still supervise
the jobs and free time while I go lay down and rest, especially if I’m trying
to get up earlier. My goal would be to be
able to lay down in bed no later than eight most nights, so I can flip myself
around getting up earlier. Here’s also just my brain dump on how I’m rotating the kids today, I’ll do 30 minutes with
Daniel and Amelia together, meanwhile Gabriel, Naomi and Liam will work on handwriting. Then I’ll do 30 minutes with Liam, and Naomi and Gabriel will
work on their story writing. Then I’ll do 30 minutes with Gabriel, meanwhile Naomi and Liam
will have their reading time. Then I’ll do 30 minutes with Naomi, meanwhile Gabriel will be reading and Liam will get a trampoline break, ’cause he’s only seven and
he’s Liam, he’ll need it. And then three to four,
I’ll work with everyone, we’re gonna work on spelling
lessons and story editing. And then I just put a note here, we’ll also have days where we
do science during this time. We won’t start that today though. And not how it’ll go every day, but this is my overview for our first day. So this is one of our baked chocolate chip oatmeals from the freezer, that I’m gonna serve up for our first day of homeschool breakfast. I just made some egg salad out of one of those pasteurized chickens that we got in our meat
delivery the other day, and I cooked this meat in the instant pot and thought, I want chicken salad, so I had one of these flatout breads left, had a bunch of spinach, and I’m going to layer this and roll it up now with
chicken salad on it. Kids here are finishing up, yes. I’m just reading to them from Genesis 2. Naomi’s gonna load the dishwasher, and I’m just getting this bag ready, since we’ve never done
nature journaling on the fly. (baby babbling) Is that what you think about it? Ninja sword, check. Next side. Bungee cord in case you have
to scale a mountain, check. So I got everyone loaded up. We’re still waiting on Naomi, she was getting her shoes. We have some water and such, we’re gonna walk down
to our mailbox and back, that’s about a mile, and then we’re gonna take
our paths through the forest. Bragging on Travis, he’s been working a lot in this area with his different yard tools, and so we’ve got our playground set up, and our hammocks, a
trampoline, a picnic table, and he’s just been working to make this a nice backyard area for us. There ya go! Okay, Liam got ahead,
but the cool thing is, we can get him driving back. Go speed racer! Go speed racer! Hold on! Hold on to your wheel, buddy. Silly, nobody do this with no hands. Use your hands there, mister. So we have great hills down, but then there’s more hills going back up, so they have to pull
their pedal cars back up. We got a couple big hills, then we’ll go on our forest. Anybody else want some more water? Okay, super hot and sweaty mom, coming right back at ya from the forest. So Naomi has picked what our first nature sketch is going to be, I’ve handed out their nature journals. I’m gonna show you the set-up now. There’s a tree there, a dead broken tree and
another tree laying on it. She has picked that to be our subject. Once you get that done, we can then go through and you can add other pieces of greenery
in if you’d like, okay? So I’m gonna hand you a pencil, and you just do your very best. Amelia, you working on yours? Good job, keep going! Benjamin, are you supervising? Right now, we’ve been
talking a lot about shading, because the light is really coming in. You did your tree? Good. I’ve been working on mine. I’m working on, there’s obviously some sort of dead tree laying down underneath it. – [Naomi] It’s like a board from it. – [ Jamerrill] Yeah, so
I’m, I’m working on that. Well, it doesn’t look natural yet. This’ll be so fun. When you’re a big man, in your monster truck with your beard, it’ll be fun to look
back at the first page of your first nature journal. Tell me, what is happening here, Daniel? – [Daniel] There’s a
broken tree right there. – [Jamerrill] Broken tree. – [Daniel] And a floating boat. – [Jamerrill] A floating boat. “Daniel’s Broken Tree,
September 6th, 2018”. We got your name on it. It’s looking really good. So Liam drew a bear and
an owl and the moon, he added to it. I wanted them to draw what they saw first, and then they could add other creatures that would normally, they’d normally be in
this kind of habitat. And we do have these creatures, so that’s really cool. – Those couple snails were the snails I did wrong. – [Jamerrill] That’s okay,
they look really good though. Amelia named hers “Forest”. – [Gabriel] I accidentally
drew a dinosaur. – Gabey did, yes, Gabriel did a dinosaur. Here’s what Gabriel, this looks so good. And then here is Mommy’s, I’m calling mine “Only Trees”. So Naomi added mushrooms to hers. She’s gonna call her
picture “Mushroom Madness”, that looks great, Naomi. We’ve spent about 45
minutes nature journaling, and the 13-month-old baby has been happy and enjoyed the whole thing. I believe it’s because we did that big, sweaty, stinky hike first, and he got so much exercise just watching everybody
goof off and fool around, so now we’re gonna finish up, go back to the house for lunch. We’ll just jump in and start with these handwriting notebooks. These “A Reason For Handwriting” books are just the ones that I have picked up. Liam has been wanting to learn cursive. Liam is seven, I know some
moms do cursive first. I had never done that, but
that always sounds cool. Anyway, we just usually
transition at some point, so this workbook is their
transition worktext, and so the first half, all print, and then it starts in
the middle with cursive, so I told Liam to do, every day, he’s gonna do a page in
his cursive in order, and then I want him to pick any page he wants from the print, just to have more practice on that. So you get to be in charge, you’re the Lord of the Print-Page Picking. So you can get started on that. Daniel, you are doing fantastic. Haha, go back and watch my
vacation videos for July, where I was like, I’m gonna take a day real soon here and get these together, and here we are, September and starting, and they’re not together, so what I’m gonna do, we have science, we have history, and we have language arts, and I guess I’m going to put it together, put one week together and show you, but I’m going to take the individual weeks from each subject and put them, like I’ll have week one, science, language arts and
history under this tab, and week two, so it’s gonna take me
probably 20 minutes or so to get this binder together. Liam is done with his handwriting book and his math book, and him and Amelia both are gonna work on some story writing. Of course, along with my
dishes that are dirty, we can see how this is going. Week four, now we’re gonna do week five. I have finally made it to week 35. So we have a lot going on, it’s been a little bit, but Travis is serving up some steak here for a quick dinner, we’re kinda doing dinner, and then it looks like
we’re gonna do read alouds. Well, that was a full afternoon. I am glad that we just jumped in and said today is the first day, jumped in and got started. But I did, and I still,
have odds and ends, and little aspects of things
that we’re gonna be doing that I will be pulling together
over the next few weeks. I think it’ll probably
take us two to three weeks to get everything settled
and wrinkles ironed out. Overall, I feel like tablework
time went very well today. Daniel really surprised me, when he just started tracing
all of those letters. I said, okay, Daniel, well, check that off the box,
you got that, mister. It was great that Travis just went ahead and got dinner settled for all of us. So, you know, on my whiteboard, the whiteboard said we would do read aloud and have a late dinner, instead we had a little bit earlier evening/late afternoon dinner and now, let’s see, so right now, it is 6:15, and we have, oh, wait til
you see this book stack, it’s a big old stack of books. So we’re gonna read probably
for two hours or so, I cannot wait to get
into this stack of books, because it has been a
while, a month or more, since we’ve done any heavy
read aloud time here. Actually, it’s probably been two months. I have to get my months straight. So it’s September, it’s probably been since early July that we’ve
been doing read alouds. Just doing all that summer fun, so I’m ready to dig deep
in with these kiddos and do some great books. The Magician’s Nephew has
absolutely nothing to do with anything that we’re
doing with Sonlight. This is just, hey, I
want to read the entire Chronicles of Narnia to the kids. And then we have some Bible reading that was on our Sonlight assignment. Starting Strong, and so,
this is a Sonlight book, looks like it’s a Bible study book, so we’ll be starting that. We’re gonna read the first chapter of One Voice, The Story
of William Wilberforce, and I love, love love love,
the William Wilberforce story. We’re gonna read the first chapter of The Great Turkey Walk, and then we’re gonna read
the first chapter tonight of By the Great Horn Spoon,
A Gold Rush Adventure. So, so many great time periods here, and historical figures that we’re gonna be chatting on this evening, and then we also have our
fantasy book going on, so it’ll be lots of good fun. Almost pitch-black out here, let’s see, you can see the sky there, yeah, so we got through most of the books and we worked on our memorizing of Psalm 103, Verses 1, 2, 3. We’re gonna head inside now though, see what needs done in the house, and then I told the kids, even though I’m gonna head to bed early, if they get some jobs done, they can probably get in my bed and we’ll read a little longer. We’re getting started with school and routines and life here, and towards the end of the week, today is Thursday. But the kids will, after they turn in their checklist to me, I’m just gonna give them
a check for the day, if they’ve done all
their responsibilities, and then, every seven days, they will earn half of
their age in dollars. So like, Naomi, I’m counting her as 12, she’s gonna earn six dollars a week, that’s 24 a month. Zion is 7.50 a week, that’s 30 a month, ’cause he’s 15, and so on. Let’s hope Daniel can earn a dollar 50, or six bucks a month, that’ll be fun for him. Then I’ve also made
myself a master list here, where I can just check
’em all for the week, and then also an area
to write for the month, and we have kids melting down. I’m having the kids bring me
their checklist for the day, and Naomi and I were just discussing, she wasn’t able to set
the table for dinner and get everyone drinks, ’cause Travis jumped in
and did that this evening. And she wasn’t able to
clear the table for dinner and put it away because
we had paper plates and we had called up
someone else to help clear, so that kind of then falls under the I listened to my mommy and daddy, and we’re gonna just go
over these clipboards now for everybody. You gonna do some work
check marks, Daniel? Now let’s see here. What about, I was kind to
my brothers and sisters? Were you kind to your
brothers and sisters today? What about, I listened
to my mommy and daddy? Uh-huh, you did that one. You got wild here, don’t
care by the end of the day. Did you have a good day? – Yeah. – [Jamerrill] Did you like
all your school stuff? – Mm-hm. – [Jamerrill] What about
that nature journaling? – [Naomi] Oh yeah, that was really fun. – [Jamerrill] Was that fun? That worked out well, yay! – [Liam] It was really fun. – [Jamerrill] It was really
fun, it was really fun. Sometimes you have to get
caught up at the end of the day. Yours? Hold on, buddy. Yours is here. You erase yours. You wanna do the blue. Okay, well, put the lid on that one.

Randall Smitham



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