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How Do You Make Homemade Chicken Bone Broth (Keto Style)

Well hello folks it’s Mike here I just
want to welcome you back to Keto Style and today we got a treat for you we’re
gonna be making chicken broth our chicken stock as some people want to
call it technically there is a difference chicken broth is basically
when you stood down just chicken meat and chicken stock is when you taken stew
down the chicken meat and the skin and the bones along with some vegetables
that we add to it and typically I put what’s called mirepoix which is a French
word down in Louisiana they call it the Holy Trinity which is carrots onion and
celery and so we add that to our power cooker with some salt and pepper and we
come up with chicken stock so that’s what we’re gonna do for you today so
we’ll be back were you here shortly since we’ll get all this stuff together well alright today we’re going to do
some chicken broth chicken stock we’re going to take out the good old power
cooker and we’re going to get ready to put some chicken breast or die actually
not breasts but thighs in there I’ve got twelve thousand the canister here for
the power cooker and I’ve got some vegetables already made up and chopped
up I’ve got some carrots some onion and some celery which is also known as the
Holy Trinity down in Louisiana our mirepoix and as in French and so it’s
always good that those vegetables to your chicken as you’re making it up so
let’s go ahead and get started with that the only thing that I’m gonna need to do
is I’ll go ahead and and get the chicken and we’ll place that in our power cooker
here and the next thing I want to do I want to go ahead and get these
vegetables whoa look at that ain’t that pretty
he’s got them already pre chopped up and ready to go dump them babies in there like that next
thing I’m gonna do I’m gonna add some hot water and fill these up cover this
pretty good now also I don’t know if you can see this or not but I’ve got this
filled to the maximum level that you can fill this up in my power cooker you know
as far as water and that’s what I usually do when I’m making broth I just
take and put my chicken bread our chicken thighs down in there and put my
vegetables in on top and then just fill it up to the maximum on water and I’m
going to add about two tablespoons of salt and probably about a tablespoon of
pepper has a little bit more pepper than a woman to have but anyway that’s okay
and so now that we’ve got that in there we’ve got our water in we’re just going
to add our lid or get that on get that set now these have a release on them and
you want to make sure your release is down so it will hold pressure
everything’s locked in place what I typically do on my power cooker is
taking set it for stew and then I’m going to adjust my timer our time up for
like 15 minutes and then that thing will start to pressurize and begin to stew
down these chicken thighs and so as soon as that does we’ll come back to you and
we’ll show you how to make chicken broth chicken stock all right well are in stupid has cooked
down our chicken we’ve been using thighs in this this recipe here for chicken
broth and so the power cooker has released its pressure as you can see
this little red button here that’s a pressure release indicator to let you
know there’s the pot is not under pressure anymore I’ve got the release
valve up here push so all the pressures out and we’re going to get ready and
take its lid off and make sure that water drains out the top of that the
folks I want you to just take a look at all that vegetables right there we got
that carrot and celery and onion and everything’s all cooked up and all the
chicken thighs are cooked down and everything so we’re going to get ready
and separate all this out and we’re going to take the vegetables out and
separate them we’re going to get the chicken thighs out and as soon as we do
that we’ll be coming back to you here shortly
okay we got all the vegetables separated out of the inch dupatta or pyre cooker
is actually the kind that I use and we’ve got a lot of fat left in that
broth and everything we’ve got the chicken thighs separated out here as you
can see and what we’re going to do now I’m going to take and put the thighs now
that I’ve got all of the vegetables out I’m going to put these thighs back in
this broth and I’m going to cook all this broth this bones and chicken meat
this chicken thighs and all the skin down one more time it’s typically what I
do I usually stew it down twice and that makes a real hearty broth and so we’ll
we’ll get all that entered in there and into the pot and everything and what
we’re going to do we’re just gonna put the lid back on this
and begin to stew this down the pressure cooker down for another 50 minutes and
as soon as that’s done we’ll be back we didn’t kind of show you what we do as
far as straining and and bottling up the problem well alright we’ve got the
chicken thighs put back in the pressure cooker the reason why I don’t add these
vegetables back in and once you pressure them down one time they become very very
tender and so if you did it the second time they’re liable to start falling
apart and I just don’t like that in my broth
so anyway we’ve got the chicken thighs back in in the power cooker and we’ve
got the power cooker set for another 50 minutes and we’re going to stew it down
now I did not add anything but just the thighs I put the thighs of the the bones
and the skin back in the power cooker and I did not add any more water or any
other spices or anything like that I’m just going to stew it down one more time
and that’ll make a real hearty just an awesome flavor and awesome tasting broth
so just as soon as this thing gets done on the second time on the pressure
cooker we’ll come back to you and we’ll show you how we strain everything out
and then bottle it up and and go from there okay
well alright this baby has cooked down for the second time and the power cooker
is shut off the button is popped down so we’re going to get this lid off and I’m
going to show you what this broth looks like oh look at that my goodness I mean
that is some rich looking broth of course their skin and bone and
everything still in there so we’re gonna have to go ahead and start straining
some of this out and get some of this broth and skin and everything and we’re
gonna have to separate the bone to so everything’s still in here but we’ll
begin to dump some of this broth out here and show you how rich this is dark
and golden look at that right there just in that ladle
but win anyway we’re gonna strain it through this little sieve and and try to
get most of it out now there will be a little bit of particles in it there’s
gonna be you know some fat for sure because once you stew it down with the
skin and the bone and the collagen and and gristle and everything that’s in you
know the chicken some of that’s going to come out in your broth and if you don’t
like that you can certainly take in and strain that out you know using
cheesecloth or something like that if you need to get it further than then
what just coming through these little cells are like but anyway I’m going to
pour some of this up show you what it looks like in the in a jar I just want
to show you how dark and rich that is man that is awesome
homemade chicken stock chicken broth and so anyway we’re going to just kind of
bottle this up we’ve got a little funnel here that we use for canning vegetables
in order to pour it up in a quart jar and but anyway that’s I believe I can
just pour that hopefully without spilling it I don’t
have a full quart I just wanted to do this just to show you what this looks
like but don’t you look how dark and rich that broth is that is so awesome
well folks there you have it there’s homemade chicken broth chicken stock and
it’s so easy to do if you like what we’re doing over here hit the like
button be sure and subscribe to our youtube channel and that way we’ll be
making some other videos and hit the bell button beside it that way you’ll
get notified when we have new videos out and everything and so we’ll be coming
back to you again soon there’s a mic over here at quito style

Randall Smitham



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