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How I Finally got Shredded after Years of Failure

Hey everyone, in this video I want to share my personal story
of how for 5 or 6 years I struggled to build a body
that I would be proud of and how I eventually achieved this goal.
I don’t want to convince anyone to anything and I don’t want to prove anyone wrong.
I don’t have any agenda.
I just want to talk about my own personal journey and share my own experiences.
Let’s start from the beginning.
Here’s the picture from my very first calisthenics training.
Or rather street workout, because this is how we called it back then.
The picture was taken in June 2012.
At this point I was 20 and I was about to finish my first year of the university.
In the uni I had to choose a PE class and I picked training in the gym.
So at that point I had been lifting weights regularly,
twice a week if I recall correctly, for about 8 months.
I’ve never had trained anything consistently prior to that,
although I always liked to move a lot as a kid.
In my opinion I looked accordingly to what an average person with my experience should look like.
I built some muscle and size overall,
although I had a lot of fat.
Besides that, I had a rather poorly developed chest.
Recently, I’ve discovered that the probable reason for it was my bad posture,
namely pulled forwards shoulders.
I know, I know my face looked completely different
and I actually had some hair on top of my head, not just under it. But that’s irrevelant for this video.
At this point I was a couple of months into a diet that was a very basic bodybuilding diet
of a student on a tight budget.
I focused on eating a lot of protein
and the most budget-friendly products to accomplish that goal
were chicken breasts, eggs,
cottage cheese and whey protein powder.
The rest of the calorie intake was filled with cheap carbs
such as potatos, rice, pasta, bread and some vegetables.
Oh, and quite a lot of booze.
Like the most freshmen did, I was partying a lot and drinking a lot
That’s what we all did, most of us living on our own for the first time.
Somewhere around this time I was introduced to the vegan diet by a friend of mine.
I liked the idea of not having to take part in the factory farming
and getting the supposed health benefits.
So I decided to experiment with the diet and see if it works as people claimed.
At the beginning I liked it a lot and I was discovering a lot of new flavours and foods
such as lentils, chickpeas or tofu.
I kept on training hard
and I was getting stronger and even built some more muscle.
I was really happy with this vegan diet and that’s why I went on with it.
I still didn’t look great
but I thought it’s because I was training for the strength and skills,
not necessarily for the looks.
However after around 2 years of consistent training,
I still looked pretty much the same
Some of you are probably screaming to the screen now:
“Of course you didn’t look very good, it’s because you didn’t eat meat”.
Well, I didn’t believe that to be true, because the internet was full of people
who were claiming that they follow a vegan diet and looked great.
Like this guy
and this guy or this guy
or this guy.
So during these couple of years since I started training
I think I tried every type of plant based diet there is.
I was eating high fat, I was eating low fat
I was eating raw, I was eating cooked
I was eating frutarian
I was trying to limit calories and I was trying eat as much as I could
and nothing really gave me very solid results.
I tried supplementing with protein powders
I took vitamin D and injected myself with B12
Believe me, when I say that I tried everything I could think of to make it work, I did just that.
The best results I had were when I tried eating as much protein as I could.
The best results I had were when I tried eating as much protein as I could.
in large amounts all day in every meal, plus the protein shakes.
I didn’t feel great on this diet though, because I was stuffed and bloated most of the time.
But at least I was putting on weight
although that weight was probably half fat and half muscle.
Apart from trying to optimize my diet,
I started experimenting with my training as well.
I thought to myself that maybe I wasn’t training hard enough
I thought to myself that maybe I wasn’t training hard enough
So I’ve tried all the different types of hypertrophy training
both calisthenics and weight lifting
in combination with various kinds of cardio
and was never satisfied with the results.
Oh and speaking of cardio
during one summer I left the city where I was studying
and went back to my hometown for the vacation
That was more than 2 years after I started training calisthenics
All my workout friends had stayed there
and my motivation for working out was pretty low
so I stopped doing it almost completely
I think I just did some handstand practices.
At the same time I got interested in cycling and bought my first road bike.
During those 3 months I rode something close to 2000km in total
sometimes riding several hours a day
I lost around 15 kg of weight, if I remember correctly
moso of that course in muscles.
These pictures were taken right after that period.
Despite of doing so much cardio
I still had pretty high body fat percentage
Not that I was fat, because I never was
but I was expecting to be much more shredded after doing so much cardio
The muscles were gone, but the fat stayed with me
At some point I just gave up on the idea of trying to make myself look good
blamed it on the poor genetics
and tried to focus on building strength and skills
The next couple of years had passed very quickly
and around 5 years after I began training calisthenics
I started loosing my love for it.
I wasn’t getting much stronger anymore and I felt unsatisfied with the way my body looked
considering how much I was working out.
The feeling of trying to make something work very hard
but seeing no results was slowly killing my passion
At this point I already started my calisthenics channel, so I still trained regularly
but for a long time it felt like I was training the minimum amount, just to stay in shape.
So approximately a year ago
I was at a point where I knew that if I want to continue on the path that I chose, I needed a change.
Or at least I needed to validate the doubts that were building up at the back of my head
What if the reason why I’m not performing
or looking as good as I’d like is my diet?
This question started popping into my mind more and more frequently.
After years of living with the mentality that vegan diet is just as good for developing a body
I really didn’t want to go back to eating animal products again
But I needed this for the sake of my mental health.
So at first I reintroduced eggs into my diet
To be honest, I didn’t see much difference overall
but I liked the way I felt after eating a meal composed of
couple of boiled eggs and a bunch of vegetables
Comparing it to an oatmeal or some other kind of
high carb meal, I didn’t feel so stuffed and heavy.
It didn’t take much time until I took another step forward
and started eating fish from time to time.
The outcome of that decision was very similar
no noticeable changes in my body or performance
but not having to eat carbs all the time was refreshing
This continued for a couple of weeks until I went to travel through Asia.
My diet during that time was all over the place
I wasn’t able to cook for myself, so I was eating mostly street food
which almost always included some kind of meat
t this point I removed all restrictions from myself and ate whatever seemed tasty
Lots of tropical fruit and typical asian meals were the base of my diet.
To be honest I expected to experience more noticeable changes after eating meat again
but that wasn’t the case
I felt pretty much the same and my body looked the same as well
People were always saying that the problem of plant based diet was ‘not enough protein’
but after adding it back I still didn’t see any significant change.
Now let’s fast forward to the end of 2018
My daily life had finally stabilized
so I started to experiment with the diet again
What I knew so far was: vegan diet doesn’t work for my goals
but just adding meat or eggs didn’t change much either.
So I began experimenting with the different approach, thinking:
“what if I tried limiting my carbs”?
I’ve never tested that, because it’s almost impossible to do so on a vegan diet
because all the plant foods are mostly carbs
At first I cut out the products that were just pure carbs
such as rice, pasta, bread and potatoes
When I wanted to eat carbs it had to be something high in protein
such as beans, lentils or quinoa
To my surprise, I started noticing some minor improvements in the way my body looked and felt
With this newly acquired motivation I decided to push this diet to extremity
and eliminate all the carbs, which basically meant a low-carb diet
All I was eating was meat, eggs
fish, nuts and seeds, different oils and vegetables.
And that was the moment when everything started changing more rapidly.
I started losing fat very quickly and the muscle mass stayed the same
or was even increasing slowly
I felt very light and agile throught the whole day
and my energy levels were stable
On top of that, I stopped having any cravings whatsoever
so keeping this diet was quite easy.
Now it’s been around 3 months since I started following it rigorously
and these are the results so far.
I think the difference is huge and now I look and feel
the best I have ever looked and felt in my whole life.
As far as my understanding goes
the problem of my diet wasn’t the lack of protein,
it was the significant excess of carbohydrates
Probably people have different capacity for storing
and processing carbs and mine has to be pretty low.
Others may have it way higher
and that’s why they can succeed on a carb heavy diet.
And by succeed I mean build lean muscle mass
and generally a body that performs well in strength disciplines such as calisthenics.
What is worth adding is that my training hasn’t changed at all since I adopted the new diet
I’m just able to do more reps now, since I don’t have to lift all that fat weight anymore.
Although I’m very happy with the progress so far, I can feel that it’s only the beginning of my transformation
I’m still learning and trying to figure out all the details
but at least I can see that it’s all going in the right direction.
Now to sum it all up, let me just say that I would love if the vegan diet had worked
just as good for my current goals.
I don’t really care about the taste or texture of the meat
I was perfectly happy with these aspects of a plant based diet.
If I didn’t care about building lean muscle mass and my performance
I would probably continue eating this way, because the vegan diet
is simply far better from the moral standpoint.
Of course there’s an argument that there are people who feel the same way I do
but choose to sacrifice their goals for the cause
I honestly admire that kind of altruism
but I just don’t have enough empathy to do so.
The final point I want to make
is that the most important thing that this whole experience has tought me
is that you should never blindly follow other people’s advice
You should just use it as a reference point for your own experimentation
and get to your own conclusions
People are different and have different goals
o what will work for one person, may not necessarily work for you

Randall Smitham



  1. TrainingPal Posted on March 31, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    Hey everyone, it's good to be back! Sorry for not giving you any updates during my break, but I needed to completely free my mind from my online presence. I had to resolve some issues if I wanted to continue making videos for you, but it seems now that everything is going to be ok. I was close to quitting from the whole youtube & calisthenics thing, but now I'm back with new motivation and new goals. More details in the video. Enjoy!

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    Did you ever count calories? Or was all of your years of effort just intuitive caloric intake? One thing I wanted to point out to you is that, not all "carbs" are equivalent. Some are more complex and have a low glycemic index, others (like sugar) are simple and have a high glycemic index https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glycemic_index This index (along with other factors pertaining to the structure of the food itself, and how it is prepared) can have dramatic impact on the endocrine effects of a food during a relatively short period of time after consumption. Most of the foods you mentioned in your list of things you consume now (the group which produced the shred) including the predominantly carbohydrate items (like "vegetables") would tend to have a low glycemic index. If you want to learn more, look up "Zone diet."

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    People are commenting on here asking about how many calories did he consume. Let me suggest something based on 30 years of experience in helping nearly 50,000 clients get fit and healthier in the process. IT'S NOT ABOUT CALORIES! I know, you just fell out of your chair and said BS! Well, I use to think the same thing when I first started out in the industry some 30 years ago. BUT, let me tell you this. 1000 calories from processed foods and white carbohydrate foods like breads, pastas, potato, etc. will react differently in your body than high fat and certain protein foods and vegetables. In other words your body processes the foods differently. For example, in the presence of insulin the body CANNOT burn or utilize fat for energy or turn on a process called lipolysis.

    When you eat certain carbohydrate foods you get an insulin spike whereas if you eat fatty foods you don't. So, all things created equal, if you eat 2000 calories per day from one group of good fat foods and low/moderate protein and the right vegetables and some fruits, your insulin/sugars remain somewhat stable which allows your body to turn on lipolysis so fat burning can occur 24/7. So, while you may eat the same amount of calories, you can gain or lose weight based on how your body processes those calories. I've had clients who came to me eating 1000 calories per day from processed foods and bad carbs and I changed their diet to good fats/protein/good vegetables eating 2000 calories per day and they started losing weight. What? Yes, they ate more calories and lost weight. So much for the cutting calories theory to lose weight!

    Much more to this, BUT remember this. Your body handles calories differently from everything that goes in your mouth. Do you want to find out how? Okay, this is for free. Check your blood glucose levels before you eat using a glucose meter you can pick up at your local pharmacy and write down the number. Eat your usual meal and wait 30 minutes and check your blood glucose levels and write down the number. Check your blood glucose levels every 30 minutes thereafter until they return to baseline. If it takes more than one hour for your blood glucose to return to baseline then you need to investigate what food is causing the problem. If your baseline is 90 and you eat and it shoots to 150, then you have a problem food. Figure it out and eliminate the food OR eat less!

    Every person is different and I do this on an individual basis with every single one of my clients. Once you eat a meal and your blood sugars don't spike more than 20 over baseline and/or your numbers return to baseline within an hour you are on your way to losing some body fat. Write down all your offending foods and eliminate them from your diet OR eat less and experiment until you know EXACTLY what you can and cannot eat.

    If you want to cheat with your favorite dessert – take one tablespoon of fiber (Metamucil for example) in 16 ounces of water. Wait 15 minutes then eat your favorite dessert. What? Yes, what this does is slow down the absorption of the dessert which dramatically prevents a blood sugar/insulin spike. What does sugar have to do with insulin? Well, insulin is used by the body to shuttle sugar into the cells. So, if you have sugar above 90, then most likely you have insulin present in your blood. Remember, in the presence of insulin your body CANNOT turn on the process called lipolysis. Also, if you are really having problems losing weight then I suggest checking your fasting glucose, fasting insulin, and A1c. If your fasting insulin is above 3 that MUST be fixed first. To give you an example, my fasting insulin is 1 and I can eat whatever I want to gain some fat in my midsection then I can turn around and eat right, exercise, and within 7 days lose 5 pounds and be shredded. Insulin levels MUST BE LOWER than 3 and preferably a maximum of 2 when fasting. If not, work on getting it down!

    BTW, this only works if you are an otherwise healthy individual. If you have diabetes, high BP, thyroid issues, hormonal issues, etc. then there are different methods you need to follow. This is where you need a professional like myself to guide you so you know exactly what to do for your particular situation and goals! Take care.


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    I nerver regulate the carb i eat, and i eat pretty much a lot of every thing never did any diet either and i always stayed with 15% or more body fat, BUT my buddy that did with me almost the same type of exercises every day for years was vegetarian and the son of bitch always with 10% or lower body fat. we didn't use whey protein coz is extremely expensive here where i live, so he didn't eat enough protein but he could hold up pretty much the body you have now

    every body has a diferent metabolism and we have to find what works for us and don't give up like me coz "i'm destined to have 15%"

  71. rejoice5-HT Posted on May 25, 2019 at 9:12 pm

    To be honest, it's probably not carbs that were your problem. By cutting out most carbs you probably cut your total calories and got into a calorie deficit which made you lose fat. If you had cut fat instead of carbs you probably would've lost weight as well. You could do a vegan diet while both tracking your calories and your protein. As long as you get sufficient protein and you do not increase your overall calories you will very likely stay very lean and keep your muscle even if you eat more carbs than you do now.

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