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How I Got My Period Back After 6 Years | Kate on Keto

Hello and welcome to this video about
how I got my period for the first time in six years. Now, before you keep
watching I just want to say that if you are sensitive to topics that are related
to perfectly natural biological functions like breathing or urinating or a woman’s
perfectly natural menstrual cycle then I recommend discontinuing this vide. So
for anyone who doesn’t know me out there, my name is Kate Geller.
I am Kiss My Keto’s digital marketing manager but I’m also a Kiss My Keto
product user. I’ve been doing Keto for almost seven months, about six and a half
months. I’ve lost the scale sort of fluctuates between 30 and 35 pounds.
Hopefully that shows if you compare this video to the first video that I made
introducing myself on the Kiss My Keto website in about.. I think it was August
or September. I’m gonna tell you that there are so
many incredible things about it that I wasn’t even expecting. I entered the keto
world because A I got a new job working for a keto company and B I wanted to
lose weight because I’ve gained a lot of weight in recent years. But some of the
things that have really really changed my life from going keto are my moods. They are
stable. I suffered from years and years of depression, stemming back to the time
that I was about 13. I’ve always been very bubbly but like privately, I’ve been
a very,, I’ve suffered from a lot of depression. So that’s completely gone
away, my moods are stable, I’m constantly full of energy and honestly, just like, my
cognitive function is higher. I know that sounds weird and a bit like woowie but I
just feel like every task that I’m doing I’m tackling with such clarity. One thing
that I really wasn’t expecting was that I got my period for the first time in
six years – two months into starting keto. I have PCOS. PCOS is a hormone problem
that many many women have and it is, I believe the biggest cause of infertility.
it happens when a woman produces too many androgens. Te article that is below
this video talks all about it and it also talks about how keto can help with
PCOS. So a lot of women with PCOS are low key using keto as a way to reverse the
diagnosis. For my first three periodless years I attributed it to an IUD that I
had, which is a form of birth control. IUD stands for intrauterine device and
what an IUD does is, it is a physical device, like this big, releases hormones
and IUDs are very very commonly known to make your periods irregular, so I just
thought, like, it was a coincidence that I really stopped getting it around the
time of my IUD. I didn’t think it was, like, a weird thing at all. So three years
after getting my IUD I went to see a weight-loss doctor and she did a full
blood panel on me to see, you know, why I was gaining so
much weight. And honestly there were so many reasons, like, looking back now I can
tell you it was depression, drinking too much, eating too much, like all of these
things, but the blood test did also show that I had PCOS. PCOS has really nasty side-effects and one of
the side effects is weight gain. It turns out that keto
has done amazing things for women with PCOS. It helps.. I mean the
problem is honestly that doctors aren’t recommending keto as a potential
treatment for PCOS and a lot of this, based on my reading, a lot of the reason
for this is because, you know, keto isn’t widely regarded as a healthy way to eat,
you know, because the World Health Organization and all of these important
institutions are telling us that fats are bad. Doctors aren’t, you know, prescribing
keto as a treatment for this. That’s why I’ve put together this article with my
team, to try and enlighten you all on the potential benefits of keto for PCOS. Just
yesterday morning I was on Facebook and, I’m in a Facebook group called “Women on
keto”, and I saw a thread of tons and tons of women, with hundreds and hundreds of
comments, with women saying that they were finally able to get pregnant after
switching to the ketogenic lifestyle. If you have PCOS or, you know, fertility
issues the likelihood of a doctor, or a gynecologist telling you to test out the
ketogenic lifestyle is incredibly slim. But I’m telling you that, and again I am
NOT a doctor, and nothing I say reflects the thoughts or opinions of Kiss My Keto, but I will tell you that it’s helped me. Um I never thought I would get my period
again. I feared that I wouldn’t be able to have kids and two months into,
you know, starting the keto lifestyle, I was shocked and
I didn’t get my period.. I got my period for the first time in September. I didn’t
get it in October but November, until this month, it’s been consistent and
regular and, like, just like how I remembered it. You know, you probably
never thought you would see a girl happy to get her period but.. you know, it’s
definitely a relief. So I hope that broadcasting this information is
worthwhile for someone and if you have had this experience, please feel free to
let me know. I you know it’s not something that you can, like, really
easily find information on, so I would love to hear from anyone who has had
similar experiences and you can read more about PCOS and keto in the article
below or if you are watching this on youtube there is a link in the
description of this video that will take you to an article about the subject. So,
yeah have a great day everyone!

Randall Smitham



  1. Heather Mercado Posted on February 17, 2019 at 7:01 am

    I have not had a period in 5 yrs.last year I gained 90 pds in in 8 months and I have been small all my life even avfter twins 9 yrs ago but I'm doing keto and trying to loose. I cant get my ketones up there. I won the keto mojo meter with yourhelp so thank you. But we have so much in common thank you.

  2. Ashley O'Neal Posted on March 2, 2019 at 12:21 pm

    I got my period back after 10 years after 2weeks on keto!