April 7, 2020
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alright we’re gonna talk a little bit about how I save money on organic meat now over the years I’ve heard multiple medical professionals talk about the importance of buying organic meat in organic dairy
but I’ve always struggled with this because it’s always been so stinkin
expensive so I’ve always been kind of keeping my eye out looking for ways to
kind of save money on organic meat and really I’ve just wanted to get the
healthiest meat possible for my family without spending tons of tons of money
so that leads me to the thing that has worked the best for me so far so about a
year and a half ago I signed up for this service called Butcherbox and what they
do is it’s a monthly box that comes to your door full of meat that you order
you get to pick it out yourself and they offer a variety of cuts from free-range
organic chicken to a whole bunch of different cuts of grass-fed beef to some
heritage breed pork which I don’t even know what that is because I don’t eat
pork, but and they also have wild Alaskan salmon so I’ve just been in love
with the options that they provide and then on top of that the convenience of
heaven is delivered to my house once a month has been really really great now
I’m someone who loves to shop at Whole Foods but as we all know hopefully this
is crazy expensive so I try to limit the amount of times I go to Whole Foods but
what’s exciting is that a lot of the meat that I get from Butcherbox is
actually a higher quality and better than a lot of the meat at the counter
over at Whole Foods so if you’ve shopped it to Whole Foods meat counter before
you know that they have five different levels of meat basically quality that
they offer and so the lowest level is basically a little bit better than your
average grocery store and the highest level is basically where the cow is like
a pet and it has a name and it’s massaged every day and that kind of
free-rangeness if you will you know I know this differs from location and
location but at our Whole Foods most of the meat at the meat counter falls in
that lowest category one level and at the same time most of the meat that I
get from Butcherbox falls into the category probably about three level so
if the meat being higher quality wasn’t good enough the meat is actually
considerably cheaper than if I were buying at Whole Foods even the lower
quality all right so before I signed up for Butcherbox one of the things I was
concerned about it how are they gonna get frozen meat to my doorstep
especially in the summer and keep it frozen and so I’m now in my second
summer with them and I’ve just been so impressed that they’ve been able to do
this successfully and basically what I understand is that they just
measure out the appropriate amount of dry ice for each box depending on your
geographic location and then it’s just stays frozen and we even had one
instance where we weren’t able to pick up our box off of a porch for up to like
24 hours after it arrived and the meat was still super cold yeah another thing
I was kind of concerned about when I first started with them was what type of
meat am I going to get and how much choice do I have
and initially when I started they only had curated boxes meaning they’d send a
box with whatever meat they wanted to put in it and hope you liked it but
they’ve since rolled out a custom box which allows you and I to select
whatever cuts we want and then have them shipped to us and then we can add on
additional things if we want and it just gives you tons and tons of flexibility
to pick out whatever meat you actually want whatever you’re actually going to
eat and so the way my family does this is we just use this one monthly box as
our month-long supply of meat that we get so not only does it save us a trip
to the grocery store it’s also something I just want to think about anymore
because we just always have meat in the freezer alright so if you even in other
questions about Butcherbox that I can help with definitely leave them down in
the comments below and I will answer them as soon as I can
and you can obviously reach out to a Butcherbox themselves by checking out
their website we’ll have that linked up as well so you can check that out so if we haven’t met by the way my name is Bob Lotich so glad to meet you yet on this
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