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hi guys this is a different type of
video on my channel but it’s a little
bit more personal to me so if you like
more you know heart-to-heart discussions
on my channel definitely give this video
a thumbs up as well as comment down
below if you are relating to anything
that I’m gonna be speaking about in this
video so I noticed on my channel I like
look through my videos and I noticed I
didn’t have a video kind of like the
struggles of weight loss not struggles
but like what you’ve learned when you
lose weight like I’ve lost 40 pounds
within this year this year I kind of
wanted to discuss how like the different
changes in your mind that you feel at a
glance when you actually say oh I’ve
lost 40 pounds you’re like oh my gosh I
didn’t really realize until like my
pants that used to be like my tight
pants like used to be like my like like
the I really should have got these in a
size bigger pants like those are
considered my loose pants now and I’m
like oh my gosh like I lost so much
weight that my pants are falling off
like I used to confits oh good on me
like these were my pants my goat cheese
and now they don’t fit I feel like I
have a lot of like before outfit that
I’m like oh those are definite like I
could put my whole arm and one of my
work pants because they’re so big and
you’re just like that’s a good thing but
a bad thing cuz I don’t want to spend
money on buying new clothes so it’s like
in your head you know you’re getting
smaller but sometimes you’re like wow I
feel like I’ve put in so much work and I
don’t even see it it’s like a mind
little o work it’s back and forth where
it’s like you know you did a lot then
you’re like I feel like I should do more
and I feel like once I reach a milestone
I’m like okay now I can’t wait for this
it’s like I can’t wait time in the teens
is like as soon as you get in the teens
you’re like okay I am so close to being
out of the 200 also you know I
like basically a pause for like two
months I was like on my diet then I was
off I was on and then I was off so I’m
like in the back of my head I’m like oh
like I probably could have lost a lot
more weight if I would’ve like been okay
back then but then you got you gotta
think you can’t think of the past you
can’t think of what you could have
should have would have liked
now that gave me the courage to realize
I need to work out a lot more I need to
make sure I have people around me that
are active so I need to make sure I
include them in my schedule my thing is
like looking at I recently looked at old
pictures and I saw myself this is all in
the same year I look like a completely
different person I think it’s only been
like 15 pound difference though so it’s
like in your head that doesn’t seem like
a lot because you’re like I have so much
weight I still need to lose but like
looking at it did your form like you
there’s a significant difference seeing
people that you haven’t seen in a while
they see you and then they can tell a
difference because my core people that
see me like once a week once every other
week it’s like they can tell the
difference probably but it’s harder for
them to tell because they were
constantly seeing me I want each year
should be fitter than I was the year
before so it’s pretty amazing to think
that I’m going to hopefully be a
completely different person within a
year that’s what I love about showing my
life on YouTube specifically my weight
loss journey because you you can
physically see me changing on the
outside and hopefully you can see in my
videos that I am changing into a
different person I’m a lot more social
it’s just honestly it’s pretty amazing
how you you change one thing that you’ve
been wanting to change for a while I
still need to film a video so I don’t
want to cry I should did this video last
it’s crazy how you change him one thing
that you’ve been wanting to change for a
while but like didn’t have the courage
to change and all it took was like
putting yourself out there and letting
people know that like they’re not alone
and in a return it like helps others I
hope that I’m helping others like
realize it’s okay to have those
struggles and it’s okay to fall off the
bandwagon and get back on as long as
you’re still continuing and you’re
thinking of different ways to like make
food taste better that’s all that a diet
is it’s like realizing that you have to
change your habits and it needs to be
you know sustainable habits you can’t do
it all in one day
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve
gone to the gym for a while and then
falling off gone to the gym falling off
but the fact that I’m still going and
making that conscious effort it it it’s
made me realize that sometimes you have
to do things that you don’t like to get
the results that you know you need I do
not want to cry like I don’t even wanna
be my best friend eyes even see me cry
like not like this but this is very
personal to me and I’m I’m so happy that
I have people here that truly understand
what it’s like and I am huge in my life
I probably want to did this a year ago
so just realizing how much she changed
like not only physically mentally
spiritually it’s honestly the best thing
and I’m so excited for every new person
that comes on my channel and comments
that you know they just started a week
ago and they just started
a couple months ago or like they started
when I did and like we’re on our
different journeys and like giving me
tips it’s like honestly the best
community in the world and I’m so happy
to see people living out their dream and
making a change for the better
so if you are interested in making a
change for the better or if you have
been doing it for a while you know I’d
love to hear other people’s stories if
you you know already lost your weight
and let me know how long you’ve lost how
long it took you mine is slow and steady
and I’m completely happy with it because
I’m changing more on the inside
continuing on my weight loss and it’s
really comforting knowing that other
people aren’t going through this as well
sorry I cried like a little baby I
didn’t want this to be so emotional but
if you did enjoy this video and what
more just heart to hearts awesome I’ll
cry and everyone like I’m not I’m
totally emotional I usually have to cry
like once a week today I was just on
camera so now I’m good for the week I’m
all good I don’t need to do this anymore
but if you guys love these types of
videos please don’t forget to give this
a subscribe if this is your first video
for me and if you like these types of
videos and wouldn’t mind them being on
my channel let me know because this is
the first of hopefully many if you guys
are interested and I’ll see you guys in
the next one bye

Randall Smitham



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  3. jay ang Posted on November 16, 2017 at 12:06 am

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  4. Cher Marsino Posted on November 16, 2017 at 12:11 am

    Love this!! Today I made it to a loss of 30lbs in 6 months. I agree about the past. I have hardly worked out and yeah I could have lost quicker but whatever. I am super proud of myself. It took me forever to buy new pants cause just a head trip to get pants that are 3 sizes smaller. I just today put all those clothes in a bag to give to goodwill. I am so glad I found your channel and you are such a sweetie for sharing this with us!!

  5. Ronetta Pulley Posted on November 16, 2017 at 12:28 am

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  7. Lesa McCree Posted on November 16, 2017 at 12:41 am

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  13. E E Posted on November 16, 2017 at 1:21 am

    Bought smaller clothes when I decided to tone more found out they don't fit now. I have nothing that fits and I plan on getting way smaller 34 more lbs to go! I'm giving myself slow and study because I'm toning too so I'm not flabby.

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    Love to hear your Weight-loss Journey. I had to lost 30pds. My work acted as my gym and I stopped eating out. But my weight loss was a accident. I was so busy w/the Company,that I worked at,to notice much till a Doctor says,I’ve noticed you lost. Skip ahead I changed location(still worked for same Company) just at a different place. I found it wasn’t as fast pace and it was less active,but still you had things to do. The people who ran it,stressed me out. I did some comfort eating and started back eating out. That weight was sneaking back up and I didn’t seem to notice,till to late. I had gained all of it back and more. Today I am slowly losing,but one thing I noticed one stubborn area and it’s my stomach. I lost in the back,but this stubborn belly fat don’t wanna go away. I have bulging disc,in my lower back. I get shots but it wore off and Another Doctor tried a shot again,but didn’t take. So since I have pain,in my lower back. I can’t stand to long,rest if I walk a distance and climb to many stairs and such things. But I try to still continue to work on losing weight. I’ve lost bout almost 10pds. Not much to me but least I’m not going the other way,like I once was. I am afraid stepping on my treadmill. In fact I am ready to do so soon. Only thing is that I’m worried,that I will over do it. I will want to keep going,once I get on and hurt my back over doing it. Plus I got to find my sports bra. I can’t afford another good one. I waiting on disability,cause a few things. I have no income,so I’m pray that this hearing,w/my Disability Lawyer,will show them my temporary Disabilty. So I can get back on track mentally and physically. I will be able to pay my own bills. I’ve worked since I went to College. So it’s actually my money,that they are owed to me. They took out my check,for SS Disability. Now I did it,for a min,they don’t wanna give it to me. Anyway Good Luck on your Weight-loss Journey,You are an inspiration to me. 😥I have my own cry,a couple of days a week,it cleanses me. 🙂🤪😋

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