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How MCT Oil Keeps You in Ketosis: Health Home and Happiness

hi today we’re talking about MCT oil
which is one of the supplements that I
use and I use for my daughter on the
ketogenic diet and the benefit of MCT
oil is that it’s pretty neutral tasting
oil it’s made out of coconut oil you can
also for a less expensive version you
can just use a lot of coconut oil in
your cooking coconut oils like 60% MCT
oil but we like to just supplement with
the straight MCT oil because it has
shown that when you take MCT oil you
your carb tolerance is a little bit
higher and so you don’t have to like
super worry about maybe having like
extra servings of vegetables even like
carrots or like this more sugary
vegetables or even having like half an
apple or something every once in a while
if you’re taking MCT oil the amount of
carbs because your liver uses this
straight to make ketones it just is
super easy to go through your liver and
into ketones which reach your brain and
give your body energy and stuff so when
you take MCT oil it is something that
can raise your carb tolerance a little
bit so maybe if you can normally only
tolerate 20 grams of carbs to stay in
ketosis with MCT oil you might be able
to tolerate like an extra 5 which if
you’ve been counting carbs for a while
you know that like five net carbs it’s
actually quite a bit and it’s really
nice to be able to increase that amount
not much another way you can get it is
in powdered form which is just MCT oil
that has been bound to see if I can show
you has been found to a prebiotic fiber
so that’s an easy way to get it you can
put this in your coffee if you want my
daughter makes hot chocolate out of MCT
oil powder hot chocolate mix pretty much
every day and I like that that helps her
so if she does get like a bite of
something at school or whatever it
doesn’t bump her out of ketosis so she
stays in that fat burning stage what MCT
oil doesn’t do is it’s not like it burns
extra fat so it keeps you in fat-burning
mode but if your goal is to lose weight
like dumping in the MCT oil isn’t gonna
make you lose weight faster it’s just
gonna make it so that
you’re in ketosis and hopefully you get
those appetite suppression benefits and
the energy boosting and brain health and
like mood boosting benefits of being in
ketosis but sometimes it’s a
misconception that if you take MCT oil
your as a supplement you’re going to
like lose fat faster and not quite like
it’s still kind of a calories and
calories out to oversimplify it method
but it can help you stay in ketosis when
you otherwise would not
so that’s MCT oil I tend to get our
plain MCT oil from perfect supplements
and you can use this like you can even
take it by the spoonful or I’ve had
readers say that they use it in salad
dressing a lot and that’s a great idea
or just kind of like sprinkle some
across the top of your meals and get
that brain boosting MCT oil fat burning
excellence so we will be back with more
supplement videos for supplements that
are used on the ketogenic diet

Randall Smitham



  1. Family 2004 Posted on January 2, 2019 at 7:13 pm

    I'm actually curious about the advent calendars behind you!

  2. Susie T Posted on February 15, 2019 at 11:40 pm

    How much MCT should you take a day?