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How Much Protein? How Much Fat?

Hello everyone, It s Butter Bob. And this video is about Protein. It s also about Fat. It s about how much protein, how much fat? Hello everyone, It s Butter Bob. And this video is about Protein. It’s also about Fat. It’s about how much protein, how much fat? You know, it’s a big question, it’s a big
debate, it gets some really nasty comments on Facebook. It gets a lot of people all tore up, all the
time. Even I, when I first started making videos,
and first started my Facebook page, I would always tell people to get fat way up. You know, it s bothered people. You ll go to other websites and they ll have
charts, they ll have a chart that tells you the exact protein amount you need for your
height or your sex. Knowing exactly how much protein you need. You know, guys, there is not a single creature
on the face of this Earth, not even one, who is arrogant enough to calculate how much fat
or protein they need to be healthy. Only man, only man thinks this way. And only man gets himself in trouble thinking
this way. Guys, the most important thing you should
know about your body is this, if you eat the right foods, your body will regulate the right
amount of food for you. It will regulate the amount of protein and
the amount of fat that is right for you. You know, is there an optimal amount of protein
that you need to eat, or fat that you need to eat? The answer is YES. Yes, there is, there’s an optimal amount of
protein you need to be healthy, and fat. Guys, no one can know that for you. Any chart you see, don’t let it tear you all
to pieces, because no one can know what your requirements are, or what you need to be healthy. But, you know, there is someone that does
know the answer to this question? And that is your own brain. You know, I m coming to you with this video
today and you’re looking at the video on your computer or on your phone, or on whatever
device you watch Youtube videos on. And you know, behind the scenes, behind the
workings of our little computer, there are what we might call generations of software
and hardware that has been developed over time, by many, many people. For a long period of time. And this software, allows me to make a video,
upload it, and it allows you to look at it anywhere you are in the world. It’s a program that allows this activity between you and I. And you know, the very fact that you were
born, the fact that you were conceived by your Mother and Father, gave you a program,
a program that tells you how to be a successful human being, biologically. That’s the truth. You inherited that. And that software program, that program that
you have inside of you, it’s encoded into your system. Guys, this represents the work of thousands
of generations. Thousands of generations of living beings
passing down the genes and the software of the most successful (members) of that bunch. Of your ancestors. The ones who lived long enough to reproduce. And you have this marvelous system that tells
you, when to be hungry, how much to eat of certain foods, when to stop eating. What’s the real problem? Why do we need to worry about our food? Well you know guys; this is something that
I want to talk to you about that’s really important. We, in the modern world, have started to eat
foods that our ancestors never ate before. And there’s some studies out, in the literature,
especially in animals, that show us that when we eat the wrong foods, when we eat the foods
that are highly, highly, high in carbohydrates, grains and sugars, that it messes up our internal
feedback system that tells us when to eat and how much to eat. And, I want to share some of those with you,
because I think this is going to bring to light why you probably don t need a little
scale, like this, to figure out how much protein, how much fat. You know, this little scale here, tells you
the ounces. You can just put your food on there, and I
know people who are so exacting, they make sure they get exactly the right amount. You know guys, you don’t need that, you don’t really need that, most of you don’t. There may be a few of you that in such trouble that you might need to be more exacting with your diet, but for the most part, most of
you don’t need that. I want to tell you about a study that was
done about animals. In 2012, a study was done about, with dogs. They did five breeds of dog, from a really
small little dog, all the way up to a St. Barnard. I think they had a Labrador Retriever, they
had a Schnauzer in there. But, anyway, they gave these dogs several
different types of foods, five different types. Some of them had less protein, some of them
had more protein, on a sliding scale. Some of them had a whole lot of sugar and
added things in them, some of them didn’t. And you know what they found? No matter, if it was a small dog, or the big
dog, the dogs as they ate, tended to select for themselves, unconsciously, they didn’t
know, the dogs just knew, “that program” we’ve been talking about. They ate about 30% protein. They just self-selected it. They ate about 30% protein, about 63% fat
and the rest carbohydrate, a real small amount, I think, 7% carbohydrate. These dogs, when they were allowed to eat,
from a variety of diets, they came up with about a 30% protein ratio, for the dog, and
about a 63% fat. So these guys, these scientists studying this,
they wanted to know if there were any other studies that kind of backed up that self-selection
thing, and they found a couple more studies. I want to share them with you. They found a 1983 study that found about the
same ratio, the dogs would select about a 30% protein ratio. They also found a 2003 study, that dogs would
self-select somewhere around 27% protein. And all these dogs, tended to select this
diet, this 30% diet, 30% protein diet, if they were allowed to pick and choose from
a variety of foods, for themselves. If they weren’t restricted. They also found, that when the dog food had
a lot of carbohydrates in it, like say this one. I took these snapshots a year or two ago. This one s got wheat flour. Soybean meal. Cereal food. Corn Syrup. I mean, look at the stuff that s in this dog
food here, it s pitiful. Here s another one. Ground yellow corn, corn gluten meal, chicken
by-product meal, soybean meal. Look guys, this is insane. When the dogs were faced with a diet of this
kind of food. And look at this one, here s another one for
you. Here s a dog food that has about a 30% protein,
but look at the fat, 9% fat. That means, it s got a whole lot of carbohydrate
in it. The dogs are going to not get the nutrition
that they want to self-select, they’re going to overeat. That’s just what they’re going to do. There was a study in 2011, called the State
of Pet Health, it was done by the Banfield Pet Hospital. That said that diabetes was one of the most
growing things with dogs. 36% increase in diabetes for dogs, canine
diabetes. And about a, I don’t know, I can’t remember
now. 16% increase in cat diabetes. And one of the biggest problems with dogs
and cats is they have dental problems from eating all this high carb food that they’re
not really designed by nature to eat. And this was a big study guys, this was a
study done looking at the records of over two million dogs and 450,000 cats. You know this is, what’s happening to us, is
also happening to our pets. And I m not really wanting to focus on animals,
in this, in this video, but these studies in animals tell us something about ourselves. If dogs will select a certain level of protein,
are they the only ones who do it? No. They found something very interesting. If Cats, for instance, cats, a domestic cat. This study found that cats, a domesticated cat,
would self-select a 52% protein and a 36% fat and a 12% carbohydrate. If they were allowed to eat whatever they
wanted, they would self-select those ratios. Now, they also have another study that they
found with feral cats, cats that are, you know, maybe used to be domesticated, now they’re just out and about, fending for themselves. And they found a very similar ratio. And it’s probably because the cats that were
domesticated had more carbs available, because the feral cats, the wild cats chose a 52%
protein, about the same as the domesticated cats, but they picked a higher fat ratio of
46% fat ratio and an only 2% carb ratio. Now this is with cats. When they were able to select their own food,
and eat to whatever that little program that’s in them said to eat, they selected a 52%
protein. Now this is something to understand, mankind
has a certain protein level that we need, and I’ve read that’s close to 15%, or so. Dogs seem to select about 30%, cats seem to
select about 52%, and we can go even further than that, they actually did another study
with wolves. Let me find it. The study with wolves, also selected about
a 52% protein and a 47% fat and 1% carbohydrate. And guys, they have done this study, they
have done studies on pigs, on spiders, on different types of fish, on all sorts of animals,
I mean numerous, I found a lot while I was doing the research for this, where they self-selected
in nature, if they were eating the foods that they were pretty much designed to eat, they
would almost always, no matter where they were, come up with a protein, fat, carbohydrate
ratio that was about the same (as others in their species). This is important guys, the problem is, is
that we are eating, in our modern society, foods that man was never designed or adapted
to eat. You see, the ability to choose the right foods,
the right percentages of foods, comes when we have available to us the foods that we
were supposed to eat. When we are eating the right types of food,
then our internal program will pick the right foods to eat and the right percentage. See the cow is designed to eat grass, but
if you give it corn it’ll eat too much, the horse is the same way. You know, kids, little children, you give
them candy and they ll eat it and eat it and eat it. These are foods that bypass our natural inner
thermostat that tells us how much to eat and how much not to eat. Guys, this is the most important thing I can
tell you, this is why I tell you, when you first start this diet, and I still do it to
this day, keep your foods simple. Eat fried chicken, eat a steak, eat hamburger,
eat whole foods, whole foods, not junk foods. And I also tell you, listen, don’t make these
elaborate recipes, these elaborate recipes bypass, tend to bypass our ability to stop. You know, if you eat a steak, when you’re
full, you’ll stop, you just will. You’ll stop eating. And you will tend to select the right amount
of protein, the right amount of fat. You don’t have to worry about adding fat to
your diet, you don’t have to worry about adding protein to your diet, if you eat the right
foods. So, what’s the bottom line on this? Stop worrying about eating an exact percentage
of fat. Stop worrying about trying to get an exact
amount of protein in your life. Stop worrying about all these things. Make your diet simple. Eat foods that you know are low in carbs,
high in protein, high in fat. And for some of you, you might have to go
higher protein, some of you might have to go higher fat. The point of the diet is to satisfy your internal
thermostat, that tells you how much to eat. When that is satisfied and you feel the appetite
control kick in, by whatever percentage works for you. Anybody that tells you that if you eat this
exact thing and that exact thing and this exact percentage and that exact percentage,
is really just talking out of their head, they don’t know what the heck they’re talking
about, because everybody is different. I know people who cannot stand a very high
percentage of fat in their diet. Now, I’m not talking about eating a high calorie
diet, I’m talking about eating a high fat percentage diet. I know people, who don’t do well with a high
protein diet, they just don’t do well on it. Anybody that tells you that high protein works
better than high fat, it may for them, but it may not for you. And if they’re telling you that their way
is right and your way is wrong, they are showing you, that they don’t know what they’re talking
about, period. Everyone is different, we all have different
needs, different requirements, different tastes, different problems. But here’s what really works, eating whole
foods that we were designed to eat, like we ve talked about in my other videos, you know
that video I did on, The Strong Medicine of Steak and Hamburgers, the (video) took it
down to a very basic level, where if you re eating the foods, the we pretty much are adapted to eat, if you eat those foods, your body will regulate the amount of food you need. Start your diet out with a very low carb percentage. Now that’s something you may have to measure out, because what we re trying to do, we re trying to do a hack here. We’re trying to do a body hack. We re going to take our insulin down, by restricting
carbs, very strict. Now listen, for some of you, you may have
to restrict your carbs down to almost nothing. Some of you, I’d say start with about 20 grams
a day. Some of you could take it up much higher than
that, I mean, much higher. Don’t let anyone tell you that this is the
exact amount of carbs that will work for every person, that’s not true, I’m sorry, it’s just
not true. And, you know, it depends on you on a lot
of those things. It depends on your level of energy, your level
of insulin resistance. But start, start simple with about a 20 grams
of carbs a day, then just eat regular whole foods, whole foods. Foods that are low in carbohydrates, high
in nutrition. Meat, all meat is high in nutrition, I mean,
it just is. Greens, they’re great for you. Eat those things. Eat them until you are satisfied. If you feel like that you’re still hungry after
you eat, and you’re feeling like that all the time, play with it a little bit. Maybe increase your fat a little bit. Not the amount of calories you eat, but the
amount of fat you eat in your meal. Or, if fat makes you sick, if you don t like
it, if it doesn t work for you, increase the protein a little. In other words, eat a little leaner meat,
or a little more fatty meat. See. Or add a little more fat, a little less fat. But here’s the thing, when you do eat and
your body says “stop eating I’m done, you’ve satisfied me”, and it will with real food. It will do that. Stop eating, because then your body is going
to kick in during the fasting time to eat the big belly. It will start using that energy around your
belly and your butt and your chinny, chin, chins. So don’t stress about protein, realize that
there’s many, many studies that tell us that animals, all over the world, and it’s obvious
actually, that animals all over the world, insects, up to the biggest animals, regulate
how much protein and fat they eat so long as they’re eating the foods that they were
designed to eat, period. There is not a single, solitary animal in
the world arrogant enough to believe they can calculate the exact amount of protein
and fat that they eat. Can’t do it. And even if you were a genius, you could not
possibly know how much protein or fat that is even in a hamburger that you eat. I mean, you can look at the label, but you
don’t know, you don’t know what that animal was fed, you don’t know really, you can’t
know. But your body does know. Some expert on the internet does not know
with their charts and their snide remarks. They can’t know this. But your body knows, your body knows how much
protein you need and when you satisfy it, it stops being hungry. It knows how much fat you need, you’ll see
your brain light up, and you’ll feel better when you’re eating the right amount. How does your body tell you that you’re not
eating the right amount? It’ll either make you super hungry, and that’s what junk food does. You’re super hungry, because you’re not getting what you need. Or it’ll give you a craving. You know, pregnant women, I mean, they get cravings, for weird things, why? I mean, it has to be that our body is trying
to tell us that we need something and that we’re not getting it. So, it has ways of communicating with you. If you, your appetite is satisfied and you’re feeling good, your energy level is up, you’re not hungry, you feel good, your moods are good, don’t worry about not eating, don’t worry about if you didn’t make your protein macro today. Don’t worry if you didn’t get enough fat today, forget about it. Thank goodness that we don’t have to rely
on weighing out our food. No animal on the face of the Earth, no insect,
no bird, no reptile, has to weigh out its food. And we don’t either. We give our body what it needs and it will
find a way to get up to the optimal levels. Thanks for watching, hope this helps you. Remember to subscribe, if you haven’t already. And keep those notes coming, I love seeing
the notes from you guys, especially those of you that lost so much weight, or got your
A1c good, or you’re off your diabetes medicine. Guys, you have a wonderful, wonderful body
and if you can just feed it what it needs, it’s going to create health for you. It really is. Get off the junk, get your body off the junk. Get your dogs and cats off the junk, get your
animals off, feed them what they’re designed to eat and they’ll be more healthy too. Thanks for watching, Good bye.

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