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How Sugar Destroys Your Body & Kicking the Sugar Addiction

Hey guys, Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today, so excited
you’re here with me. Today we’re going to be talking about the
ultimate villain when it comes to food and that is processed sugar, and how that can
damage and affect your health. I’m going to be talking to you about the right
types of sugars, the wrong types of sugar that you want to get in or out of your diet
here on a regular basis, and also talk to you about how to kick your sugar addiction. Hey, help me spread this word because there
are a lot of people that are still consuming sugar, many people who don’t even realize
they’re getting excess sugar in their diet, and they need to learn these powerful principles
of how to heal the body naturally by getting excess sugar out of the diet. So help me spread this message, take a minute
right now, punch that Share button, click that Like button, let’s teach the world how
to use food as medicine. Let’s dive right in right now and talk about
how to destroy your sugar addiction, and what sugar does to your body, which, it actually
destroys some of your organs if you get too much. So number one disease that is related to excess
sugar in your body is cardiovascular disease and heart disease. Now typically, when people hear sugar, they
tend to think diabetes, right? Excess sugar, diabetes, maybe weight gain,
other issues, but think about this, when you consume excess sugar, it will stay in your
bloodstream. Now your bloodstream, or your arteries, that’s
part of your cardiovascular system, so that’s why sugar can actually cause heart disease
over time, heart attacks, high cholesterol, plaquing of your arteries, and high blood
pressure. But what happens is, if you consume too much
sugar, some of it stays in your sugar, hence the name elevated blood sugar is there’s excess
sugar staying in your blood. Now when this happens over time, you have
excess sugar in your blood. That sugar, because it’s not supposed to be
there for a long period of time, will cause inflammation. So anything that’s in your bloodstream shouldn’t
be there, whether it’s toxins, bad bacteria, excess sugar, those will cause inflammation. Those start to cause inflammation of the arteries. What happens then, that inflammation, imagine
acid eating a hole through something, so it starts to damage the arteries, then your liver
actually starts producing cholesterol to go and patch, and repair, the damaged area causing
cholesterol to build up over time. But this may or may not surprise you but sugar,
one of the number one causes today of heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure. So if you know somebody or love somebody,
and they’re struggling with heart disease-related issues, make sure you tell them get off the
sugar because it’s a main causative factor when it comes to heart disease. All right, number two here, NAFLD, that’s
non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Now, we tend to think of the liver and gall
bladder as dealing with fat, right? So your liver and gall bladder deal with fat,
well, as I mentioned earlier, in relation to cardiovascular disease, if you consume
a lot of sugar, your liver has to continue to produce cholesterol and over time. It can overtax the liver, and really, many
forms of sugar your body really sees as a toxin. So your liver is responsible for detoxing
not just heavy metals, not just environmental pollutants and pesticides, and chemicals,
and other things, in part, it’s responsible for dealing with sugar, especially unnatural
sugar like high fructose corn syrup, and causes inflammation of your liver. So non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is really
a growing problem, especially in older men, it can be a major issue, but it could be an
issue in women, even younger people, to where you start building up this excess fat around
the liver that will cause disease in the area and affect its function. And your liver, again, is responsible for
detoxification, for healing and repair of your arteries, it’s responsible for digestion
of fats along with the gall bladder, so it is critical for so many different things. But sugar causes major inflammation of the
liver, causing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, or liver disease. If you know somebody that’s struggling with
liver disease, make sure they know, get the sugar out of your diet. And by the way, if you’re with me on this
and you know that far too many people are getting excess sugar in their diet, take a
minute right now, punch that Share button, click that Like button. Let’s help me spread the word, we are live
right now. Leaky gut syndrome. Now leaky gut is something I actually covered
in great detail in my book called “Eat Dirt.” Also, I’ve covered many of these topics on
my website, draxe.com. In fact, if you just look up “leaky gut” online,
or “leaky gut syndrome,” you’ll probably find some articles I’ve written on this topic. But leaky gut syndrome is really the root
cause of a lot of disease today. If you look back, if you go back over 2,000
years ago, Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut.” So if you’re a person right now struggling
with an issue such as Hashimoto’s disease or hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, anxiety,
depression, children struggling with ADHD, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, or a number of
other health-related . . . basic digestive issues today, skin issues like eczema and
psoriasis, malabsorption of certain vitamins and minerals, all of these are related to
leaky gut. Now here’s how sugar causes leaky gut. Your body, or these microbes that live within
your gut, which are really an organ themselves, so you have your gut wall, surrounding and
living in your entire gut are a lot of microbes. You’ve got good bacteria like probiotics,
you’ve got bad bacteria, you’ve got certain types of fungi and yeast, and different things
growing within our system that really should actually help us in digestion and absorption,
and so many different things. What happens is, if you get too much of a
certain type of sugar in your diet, and microbes can feed off many different things, microbes
can feed off of different types of sugars, they can feed off of something called . . . well,
certain types of fiber such as soluble fiber, also known as prebiotic fiber or starches. So different microbes like different things,
so more of the beneficial microbes really like to feed off of this type of fiber that’s
found in things like tiger nut flour and potatoes, and bananas, and things like that, so they’ll
feed off of soluble fiber. Well, what happens is, if you consume too
much sugar, that’s what yeast and candida, and certain types of microbes love to feed
off of. So if you’re getting a lot of sugar in your
diet, it will build up lots and lots and lots of yeast and candida, which will then actually
cause that whiteness on your tongue. It’ll cause nutrient malabsorption and also
will actually even produce poisons themselves that will start eating through your gut lining,
causing leaky gut syndrome, which then can cause a cascade of other diseases, and over
time, even autoimmune disease. So I know that was kind of a lengthy process
I brought you through, but here’s the fact. Excess sugar intake, if you’re consuming too
much sugar or carbohydrates on a daily basis, it will cause leaky gut syndrome, which can
cause autoimmune issues, chronic pain and arthritis, even start affecting the brain
over time, and many other conditions. So if you really want to heal leaky gut, one
of those key steps is get sugar out of the diet. Step four here, metabolic diseases. Now this can be many things, oftentimes, this
is referred to as Syndrome X, prediabetes or diabetes, or other endocrine-related diseases
as well, but metabolic diseases especially, we’ll throw diabetes as part of that, or Syndrome
X as part of that, can be an issue. So I think that goes without saying, but diabetes
is one of the fastest-growing diseases today, especially in kids. In fact, more people are getting it than ever
before and even certain issues related to dementia, Alzheimer’s, has even been called
Type 3 diabetes, and even been linked to metabolic disease. So really from protecting your brain, to your
pancreas, to all of your organs, you got to get the excess sugar out of the diet. A few other conditions, now this is a big
one, certain types of cancers can be fed by too much sugar consumption in the body. One of the most popular diets that’s growing
out there today is the ketogenic diet, now the ketogenic diet is where you get rid of
the sugar and your body stops burning sugar for energy. And because you only have about 5% of your
diet sugar on that diet and you start eating a lot of fat, and small amounts of protein
as well. So really, your diet is almost all fat, some
protein, and a very, very small amount of carbohydrates. Maybe it’s 80% fat, maybe 15% protein, and
5% carbohydrates, so it’s a very low-carb diet. But what happens is, it turns your body into
a fat burner, where your body is no longer burning sugar for energy. It’s burning ketone bodies, or fat, for energy. Which overall has been proven to potentially
benefit patients with cancer, people with Alzheimer’s disease, people that want to lose
weight very quickly, diabetic patients, and a number of other people who are struggling
with issues related to that gut-brain connection, or excess body fat there as well. But certain cancers we know feed off of sugar,
so one of the greatest things you can do to fight cancer naturally is get rid of sugar. Now, a small amount of berries, let’s say
a bowl of blueberries on a daily basis, or a cup, that’s going to be fine for most people,
but in general, getting rid of all excess sugar, especially processed sugar, one of
the number-one steps in fighting cancer naturally. By the way, if you’ve heard of the ketogenic
diet, or ever done it yourself, hey, let me know that right now on Facebook Live here,
or YouTube Live, I’d love to hear from you guys if you’ve done the ketogenic diet. Also, if you’ve heard or seen people that
have cut sugar out of their diet and it helped them with, maybe, cancer, or lose weight,
or diabetes, or another type of disease, hey, I’d love to hear your comments right now here,
live. All right, depression. As I talked about earlier, there is this gut-brain
connection and two things to consider with excess sugar consumption. One is that affects your hormones. When you get insulin spikes, so insulin is
a hormone that really helps support your blood sugar, but what happens is, you have something
in your body called insulin receptor sites. And if you consume too much sugar, you literally
start to burn those receptor sites out to where now sugar stays in your bloodstream,
and you have more of these spikes in blood sugar levels. You’ve experienced this, right? You went and you ate a bunch of carbs, and
you know, an hour later, you were like in this carb coma, and exhausted, wiped out. You felt like taking a nap versus, hey, have
you ever fasted? Or you went and worked out this morning, or
just eating a really light breakfast on an empty stomach, you were just, like, completely
energized. Well, one of the things that can be linked
to depression clinically, and there’s studies on this, is fatigue. If somebody is chronically fatigued or just
gets tired, or you’re experiencing that crash, you can get moody, irritable, have a little
anxiety, depression. That’s very common when you experience those
glucose, or sugar, spikes there in the body, so that can be related to depression as can,
as we talked about earlier, leaky gut syndrome. You consume too much sugar, bad microbes or
bad bacteria build up in the body, you don’t have enough good bacteria. When that happens, you have malabsorption,
so you may not be absorbing vitamin B12 right, or magnesium, or vitamins and minerals that
actually help support your brain and mood. Also, if you have leaky gut, proteins can
circulate, causing inflammation of the brain, leading to depression as well. So listen, you want to fight depression, one
big tip is go sugar free. All right, let’s talk about added sugar aliases. Anything ending in O, so lactose, that’s a
sugar from dairy, galactose is another sugar, sucrose, okay? Staying away from those “-ose’s” is a good
idea when it comes to getting rid of sugar. Corn syrup, now I want to mention this, obviously,
there’s corn syrup, there’s high-fructose corn syrup, the other thing is just sugar
in general. I think that’s obvious, but if something says
sugar or cane sugar, staying away from that as well in most cases. Also, we’ve got things on here like nectar. Nectar, that can be different types of honey,
the issue today is most honey is not real honey. In fact, 77% of honey you buy in the store
has no pollen, no nutrients, it’s been highly pasteurized, so now it’s going to have an
even harder effect on your blood sugar levels. Malt syrup, molasses, I’d even add some other
things to here, brown rice sugar, is another thing a lot of people will do is a lot of
these syrups. Not just that, maple syrup, there’s another
example, so different types of syrups, you’ll see here as well. And coconut sugar, and people may say, “Well,
isn’t coconut sugar healthier or maple syrup?” Yes, they absolutely are, but you want to
be careful with all sugar in general. There are two types of sweeteners I’ll mention
at the end that I think are better than others, actually, I might add a third one there. So here’s the thing is, sugar is not evil,
it’s not the root of all evil. I know there’s people out there that promote
certain diets that say, “All sugar is bad all the time.” That’s simply not true. But too much sugar absolutely is and for some
people, you may want to go almost sugar free, including low to no fruit, for a period of
30 to 90 days to sort of help your body detox and transform the way your body’s functioning,
like a ketogenic diet. That’s not a good diet to do for years at
a time, but for a 30-to-90-day period, it can be absolutely transformative to many people’s
health. All right, also, so sugar addiction, let’s
talk about how do you kick the sugar addiction? One of those keys is bouncing out hormones
like insulin, ghrelin and leptin in the body. Number one step, get more clean proteins in
your diet on a daily basis. This could be wild-caught fish, grass-fed
beef, organic chicken and turkey, organic eggs, bone broth, or a protein powder that
comes from bone broth. Those are some of the best foods to kick a
sugar addiction, protein is going to help balance things out. Indulge in fats, avocados, almond butter. As we talked about, wild-caught salmon, olive
oil, different types of nuts and seeds you can snack on, load up on the healthy fats
every single day. Coconut milk products, coconut oil, indulge
in healthy fats is key to kicking that sugar addiction. The next thing here is up your fiber intake. Fiber as well will help with balancing out
the good bacteria within your colon, which can help fight sugar addiction. So again, more high-fiber foods, some of my
favorites are berries, like raspberries, are very, very high in fiber. Green-leafy vegetables are high, cruciferous
vegetables like broccoli and cabbage, and cauliflower. Avocados are actually not only high in healthy
fat, but also really high in fiber. So think, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and
fruit, or berries specifically, those are going to be your highest fiber foods to get
on a daily basis. Then sour foods, embrace the power of sour,
whether it’s lemons, limes, grapefruits are great. Green apples, apple cider vinegar on your
food, sauerkraut, doing anything that’s that sour in nature reduces sweet and sugar cravings. And I would recommend this, if you want to
get rid of sugar addiction, you want to eat a lot of sour and bitter foods, so sour and
bitter help reduce those cravings for those sweet foods that so many people have here
on a regular basis. So here’s what to do instead, if you want
to kick that sugar addiction. Number one thing you can switch to is stevia,
that’s green-leaf stevia, doing that in small amounts on a daily basis. Now I want to mention this, I don’t recommend
doing stevia in high doses, like every meal, all day long, because your body is expecting
something sweet. But doing it subtly, on occasion, I think
stevia’s fine and good. The other one here is switch to manuka honey. Now really, just about a loaded teaspoon at
a time, and that’s the thing here, listen, sweeteners are meant to be used sparingly,
as it says in Proverbs in the Bible. Doing some sweeteners, like a raw honey, really
one of the most natural sweeteners out there, is fine in moderation for most people. Getting fruit is similar to honey, really,
in terms of what you’re getting, or even using dates as a natural sweetener, dates can be
a good sweetener. So again, a little sweetness once a day or
twice a day is fine, you just don’t want to go overboard. For most of us, we have so many carbs and
so much sugar, that we are overloading the body, causing chronic inflammation that can
lead to fatty liver disease, cardiovascular disease, leaky gut, depression, cancer, arthritis
and chronic pain syndromes, and so many other chronic health conditions out there today. So stevia, manuka honey, probably two of the
best sweeteners to use on a regular basis. And again, manuka honey, just a teaspoon,
a small amount there, is going to be one of the most effective things you can do. So again, as we talked about, here are some
diseases excess sugar consumption can cause. Here are some things that are hidden sugar
sources and I would also mention white bread, a lot of those, and wheat bread, doing too
many carbohydrates. Remember, those turn into sugar over time
and to kick the addiction, follow these six steps as well. By the way, if you’ve enjoyed this live training,
do me a favor, more people need to know about the damaging side effects of excess sugar
consumption. Even healthy sugar such as cane sugar on a
regular basis can even damage your body. So take a minute right now, punch that Share
button, click that Like button, help me spread the word that food is medicine. Also remember every week, 10:30 a.m., Monday
through Thursday Central Time, we’re coming to you here with Facebook Live and YouTube
Live. So love that you guys can join me here today
and be part of this mission of teaching the world that food is medicine. Hey, this is going to be Dr. Josh Axe talking
about how sugar destroys your body and some tips to kick the addiction.

Randall Smitham



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