January 18, 2020
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How the Net Fuel Program will Kickstart Your Healthy Keto Lifestyle

– Hello beautiful people.
Just a quick video to tell you about
the Net Fuel Programme which
is a four-week programme
which is designed to kick-start
your healthy keto lifestyle.
It will bring you into ketosis
and it will help you become
a fat-burning machine.
It was developed by Steven Bentley
who has been an endurance
coach for almost 30 years,
and it’s also based on a
programme called Pro Edge
which was originally
developed by Susan Sly,
who is a nutritionist, a triathlete,
somebody who knows about
fat-burning and endurance.
So what’s the thing with
this Net Fuel Programme
and why is it different
from other keto programmes?
So the most important difference
between the Net Fuel Programme
and other keto programme
is that it’s very focused
on bringing you into ketosis
with low carb, supported
with Isagenix products
which will help you
get your micronutrients
so you’re not starving your body
of the things that you
need, and then easing back.
And also it includes cleanse days
which allow you to clear out,
have some cell apoptosis, which means
that your old miserable cells
that need to go out, they’re gone,
and it just generally makes
you feel absolutely amazing.
So here’s the thing, it
is a four-week programme.
The first two weeks we are very low carb.
It can be ultra low carb,
which is 20 grammes of net carbs a day,
net carbs meaning that
any fibre that you eat,
and you need to have at least
25 grammes of fibre a day
if you’re a woman, 35 if you’re a man.
It’s subtracted from the amount
of the grammes of carbs
that you’re eating.
So if you eat 25 grammes of carbs,
then you’re at 20 net carbs a day,
you can, in principle,
eat 55 grammes of carb
along with this, along with the fibre.
So it makes it a little easier to do.
If 20 net carbs is too hard for you,
then you can do 50 net carbs.
My friend, who is vegan,
managed to do this.
She lost 45 pounds, it was amazing.
She feels just like a
completely new person,
and she did the 50 net carbs.
So two weeks of that, and
then the second two weeks
of the programme, everybody
goes to 50 net carbs.
We do the cleanse days, which
are intermittent fasting.
We do intermittent fasting also
during the first two weeks
but that’s just 16 hours,
from seven o’clock at night
to 11 o’clock the following morning.
We do bulletproof coffee.
It’s a programme, and you
need to be serious about it.
If you’re not sure that
this is what you want to do,
I’ll be happy to talk with you,
but truly it is a programme
for people who are serious
about becoming fat-burners
and taking really good care of their body.
So if this is something
that you would like to do,
drop me a line, I’d love
to speak with you about it.
Have a great day, bye.

Randall Smitham