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hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing
Health and Wellness with Violet Pat Chat edition I’m Violet and I’m Pat so we
make these videos to help people to understand how there’s information out
there about keto some of it is really good but sometimes we need to use our I
want to say common sense but it’s less it’s not common sense it’s like really
do need to do some research some time to figure out if the things that people are
telling us are correct or not so Patrick and I find actually Patrick
finds some good articles and then we kind of go over them to see should we be
listening to this information or not so as usual what do we have Patrick this
week we make something a bit different different because there’s no article so
we’re talking like our own experiences so so so let’s talk about like how we
did stay on keto on our last vacation we did grocery shop to make like everybody
happy or three kids us and like helping people to show that as possible okay
it’s over our last vacation because we were we went on vacation over the summer
and that’s what you wanna talk about you know how we stay keel over and our kids
are not Quito by the way so just to clarify we are Quito our kids art where
should you say the Marquita all the time they don’t know that they’re heat’ll
sometimes but they’re not Quito all the time okay so so so so let’s go with like
I don’t know I I have like a few maybe steps like that that like will help you
to see that it’s really so possible so phase planning yeah yeah right totally
that’s my first life I mean when we were choosing our vacation spot we did
actually check out restaurants that were gonna be in the neighborhood and in like
I think we checked about an hour drive issue just to see like if we needed to
drive but like so we we knew what kind of restaurants were within an hour of
the vacation spot that we were staying in I’d say plan and I also I would also
say plan to cook I think like restaurant is a good thing but like if you go on a
vacation for a week or even two weeks unless you go like honor maybe a resort
like a Republican Dominican Republic or Cuba where you have like access to a
buffet like yeah but you will talk about that’s a that’s a different kind of idea
but you’re talking right now about our vacation our vacation so like an Airbnb
what can we rented the house so so the thing that I remember the cook I think I
do remember is the first thing we did check though was what restaurants were
closed before and and because we wanted to be able to go out at least a few
times so so that would be the first thing like finding good restaurants and
I remember we had a little bit of trouble finding the restaurants because
I’m not a big seafood lover and we were in Cape Cod so I will say that that was
um this time it was a bit of a more of a search for the restaurant but so that’s
part one searching but here we’re talking about cooking so let’s talk
about cooking cooking so yeah so we also checked around like your unlike our own
surroundings if they were yeah but usually that part’s easy they’re grocery
stores but it was like running grocery store that had good quality meat yeah we
were not able obviously to buy like grass-fed that was with the restaurants
the sorry the grocery stores that we found weren’t like that in that
neighborhood but it’s fine I was surprised though like with the quality
of food that we did find oftentimes it wasn’t better than like even here in
Montreal like some weather it wasn’t right it was like some some I do like
plain yogurt some plain yogurt I did find over there it was like really
really low in car I think two net carbs per serving so there was like some
interesting options if you if you look for it like there was there was some
interesting options for 42 people yeah I didn’t well I mean I don’t look for
those things so I’ll take your word for it I didn’t notice in terms of those
things I did find that so obviously going to a grocery store and picking up
what our family needs actually made it quite like being at home right like we
filled the fridge with things that we knew the children would eat children I’m
calling them children the 14 years old all right three 14 year olds would eat
so we filled the fridge with things that are three or four teens would eat and
they what we did was we made sure that we had
meats that we all could eat I think there was only one of the days where we
weren’t eating the same meat and that was a day that we had the burgers mm-hmm
so I think you guys might have had beef and I had I had sausage probably
vacation is one of the time that we tried to make a more like fun meal or
like yeah we do try to have a pizza or even a burger but the burger we we do
have often like that often but like with the what’s the lettuce wrap yellows wrap
but like I don’t I don’t we didn’t do a pizza on a vacation not that you’re
saying that’s true we didn’t do a pizza so we were yeah actually none of and
they and the kids didn’t happy to either which is interesting
yeah so we didn’t have any pasta on that vacation so the kids didn’t have any
pasta so actually like I was saying like what is funny enough but when we’re on
vacation the kids actually eat more yeah like healthy like so they eat more like
us then when we’re home it was a Barbie there was a barbecue on the on site so
yeah barbecue like give me a barbecue and I can cook yeah yeah for sure I’m
just saying like usually during the week at least once or twice they’d have rice
or or past them and we didn’t have any rice we didn’t have any pastas just I’m
just kind of pointing that out that it’s funny how on vacation no but they did
have fries I just remember that yeah we they did have fries so okay how with the
burgers yeah well one of the days with the burgers they had fries and the other
day they had salad okay yeah right so one of the days they had fries so out of
seven days which instead of out of seven days having two times they only had one
time so it’s funny how when we think it’s gonna be so much harder to be on
vacation and and then we went when we ate out yeah again they ate they ate
rather we had one or two we had one the rest one so one restaurant on our way
there I think that’s why we thought that in in Boston to the the place but that
was an interesting place even for us because like the fire and the fire and
fire nice yeah so it was a grill place where you go like
you can go shopping for you if you’re a meat and vegetable and you bring that to
a bunch of cooks that that are in the middle of restaurant like grilling your
stuff for you so so that was even like that was a good choice for us because we
could stick to two meat and vegetables and salad I absolutely think everybody
that restaurant was fun because you get to watch the food being cooked so if you
guys ever go to Boston Fire and Ice it’s a nice restaurant for people who do keto
and I think like the thing though like I said like the two restaurants that we
chose if you actually look at what the kids ate on those days they actually
were very good about choosing salads and what our kids are educated they know
what they’re supposed to do they do it all the time no but they do know and I
do think sometimes they make they do make better to my daughter especially
she tries to make good choices and then there’s never the other days where she’s
just off the rails but she has quite a few good days the other best one was
more like a standard traditional in Cape Cod is like a seafood restaurant but you
did find something you like I’m trying to remember it was a piece of pork I
think I had a piece of pork yeah yeah with some no I think it was working
right I think they were actually you had ordered something that I tried no I’m
just remembering you ordered something I was like a seafood casserole yeah and I
think I actually tried it and it was passable I was not a seafood person I
really am NOT but it was it was possible I think III oh he order something hot
too that was that everybody tried them cauliflower we followed the grill it was
really spicy and it did taste good but it was super spicy it’s funny it was one
of the time that I I I went there I wanted like to eat to try to things like
the lobster roll so I was even like prepared to go little hopster roll and
with the clam chowder and my god well the lobster roll would have been hard
because of the role but the clam shot yeah why didn’t you
oh there’s potatoes in isn’t this pretty I think there’s a door probably to car
be food that I would have you know but like I know yeah yeah you didn’t you
didn’t having either of them actually ended up
having as you have at that restaurant like seafood and sauce with vegetables
like it was really like a basic probably not to car B even for the salsify no I
remember you actually went you actually went with the with the I thought you
were gonna get the role and then you know went with the the healthy choice no that was Stacy no but I did have some
so I don’t think it was girl either right and what about like for those keto
people that eat more than one meal a day or they have breakfast like breakfast is
not an issue for us when you were happy with our coffee and so it depends
because if you’re at a rest or if you’re at a hotel then you’re going to be
eating all your meals out yeah right because you can’t really cook and I
think that makes a difference give me the example of the conference I went
like when I went in in San Diego like all the meals were included and there
was some breakfast I didn’t eat but it’s kind of like you
go with the eggs you go that was like eggs bacon sausages obviously I was like
going slow with my servings so like my servings were for small was more away I
wasn’t having a big meal because like I knew we were having supper after but it
was really too easy what I find really entertaining is when people say but I
can’t eat eggs every day oh yeah why I find that entertaining is I swear to God
if you count how many different meals you make in a month if you make more
than seven high five because I know I do I wasn’t making more than suffering
seven different types of meals before so this idea that I can eat eggs every day
but I can eat fries with every meal like really I think we tell ourselves a story
because we’re afraid to try something that’s that looks like it might be
difficult but there’s so many ways to make eggs I have a hard time
understanding why you couldn’t make eggs and have them taste different every
single you can have your eggs with sausage you can have your eggs with ham
you can have your eggs with bacon you can have your eggs with steak I mean
there’s so many different ways it’s like at that hotel where I was they had
scrambled egg scrambled eggs every day they were tasting it wasn’t even like a
but the thing is even if you don’t want to house
eggs everyday you can have scrambled eggs you can have boiled eggs you can
have eggs with cheese in it you can have like you can have a omelette you could
think I find it interesting when people say but I can’t have eggs every day I I
feel like it’s a throwback to we’re not supposed to eat that much fat and I
really feel like that’s what that’s about and I’m just again putting it out
there that if those are the kind of things that are getting in your way then
right but we’re talking about vacation right now so I’m getting off track if
you’re gonna be going out for every meal the nice thing about being Quito is that
you don’t have to do three meals most of us first of all are doing two
for if we’re well adapted in our Quito if you’re still doing three it’ll come
just keep keep working at it so but the nice thing also is that even if you do
do your three meals you don’t need to worry about snacks so
you don’t have to carrying or worrying about food in between so I do feel like
being on vacation well now let me go back in history when I was on vacation
before Quito oftentimes vacation was the only time of the year I would eat one
meal just because you’re so excited to be where you are and running around and
whatever and so my daughter is quite like me once we get going like the idea
food is just out of her head to even till this day so like if we’re doing
stuff like hunger only hits us like at the end of the day so there are lots of
times that when we went on vacation where we didn’t eat anyways so I do feel
like if you’re on vacation and if you’re excited about what you’re doing and
you’re running around I don’t know that that food is going to be as big a deal
as we think it’s going to be unless you’re a foodie and you vacation to eat
yeah I remember like five five six years ago I went to Cuba for a little drum
workshop and I was like that was long before I was Quito and I was kind of
scared because I knew there was like they would be like an open like buffet
of too much yeah I was worried because I did love tea but I still do love to eat
but like at the time I was like I was worried and I was I would come back from
the trip with like 10 pounds 10 pounds increase in my weight actually funny
story I did lose I hate like like a pig a week and I did lose B
I was like kind of I knew or I was getting too and so my my angle of attack
was like I’m gonna fill the plate with salad and vegetables and keep a bit for
meat no fruits because there was some fruits but like I did like mango yeah
mango and like somehow that week they didn’t have it so so I was like not
going too much into the other fruits I didn’t and they didn’t have like any
good dessert so in the end what I did like I probably was close to keto / low
carb for the whole week and I came back like a few pounds less so even even if
you have access to a buffet it’s even easier I think for keto people to make
the right choices because there’s either like some cauliflower there some meat
for sure if you stay away from the rice the pasta then like it’s not what I also
feel like you’re saying and that we’re so here’s where I think what you’re
saying makes a lot of sense is that if I’m planning my vacation and I know the
things so whether you’re keto or not if I know the triggers that I actually have
taking the time to plan well and making sure that I’m doing the things are gonna
help me to feel healthy and stick to my eating plan whatever it was like at that
point in time you weren’t doing keto but you were doing standard American diet
and you just use some common sense if I eat vegetables and salad and meat
probably not going to gain weight on this trip and and the point of the trip
wasn’t to gain it was to learn how to play drums right so like it’s
interesting in that sense is that you kind of had a plan for yourself and
wanted to get back home looking the way you left right and so I do feel like
that’s a good point you’re just making there is that no matter where you’re
going no matter what you’re doing if you plan for health
you’re probably gonna stick to the plan if you plan for tastes you’re gonna
stick to the plan right so plan for help oh that makes me think the other thing
that we need to be careful is alcohol when you go on trips and you have like a
all-inclusive week just like be careful with that for sure if you go with the
drinks like like the smoothie kind with bananas that can probably kick you off
keto pretty easy anytime you’re drinking a smoothie you
should be thinking that you’re gonna be kicked out of Keith I mean I don’t being
on vacation doesn’t change the way your body works mmm
I think this is a mistake that people make they go on vacation and they act
like their body is magically gonna function a different way
it doesn’t like you’re still you still need to be conscious of the amount of
carbohydrates in whatever you’re eating but you can’t you can like obviously
we’re not saying not to drink but just make better choices like either rum and
I coke or wine like these are a little car like for sure your body is gonna
have to eliminate the alcohol first but these are there are better low carb
choices than the big banana smoothie with rum so interestingly enough on the
on the chip to our vacation we didn’t drink alcohol on that first that first
restaurant but in the second restaurant we did have alcohol I at least I
remember I yeah we had one too we both had wine okay so we both had wine on
that day so and and we what we actually did was we asked for the dry so dry
wines tend to have less carbohydrates in them so we took the driest wine that
they had and then when they told us what it was we checked it up and it was a
pretty okay when I can’t remember how many grams of carbs per bottle but it
was like it wasn’t a lot that’s the other thing that you can do I find a lot
of people like they here oh you can drink on keto and they don’t stop and
think you can drink versus you can drink what right like of course we can drink
alcohol it’s the same as if you’re doing standard American diet the alcohol has
an impact the same impact it was having when you were doing Santa an American
diet it’s the same it’s still alcohol so if you were choosing to drink alcohol
when you’re doing the standard American diet and you choose to continue you’re
having the same risks to your body so let’s be clear on that the same risks as
if you were doing an American diet here’s the thing you can drink alcohol
and then limit the amount of carbohydrates in the alcohol unless you
were saying you can take a hard liquor and put it with diet whatever drink then
you’re gonna you’re going to help yourself there the other thing you can
do like we do is we can find the wine because I prefer if
I’m going to drink something to drinks a wine versus a hard drink just because I
find wine nicer to drink than a hard alcohol I know you disagree that you
like your hard stuff but I I do like wine better and so just looking the
check in the carp content in Quebec the carb content is on like at the at the
ticket when you go to the liquor store it’s on there and it’s also you can
search it up in our system online as a queue that’s a queue yeah we can search
it up so it’s not something difficult to do I’m not sure in your state or in your
province how its functioning but it’s probably similar you can look up how
much carbs is in alcohol even if you like we went like this year showed the
other day like getting away from vacation do but like even if it’s
possible even for beer some some beers that the lighter beard Michelob the
Canadian 67 are relatively low carb like you can you can do better choices the
one last thing I want to talk ho about vacation was like snack you talked about
snacks a little bit earlier usually vacation means eating supper at a later
time we did actually on tend to be honest we did bring snacks with us when
we’re going to the beach for example or like when we were away from from home
for a long time you brought snacks for the children for the children but we
didn’t we have something for us like we had that’s like I’m just I’m just
thinking what would be the the best on vacation on vacation like I think you’re
thinking about the other week I think you’re thinking about we went to the
water park you brought nuts for us yeah but on vacation we didn’t do anything
okay yeah but I mean but we could have I mean we could have brought us if you
felt like it but I mean we were pretty certain because we went okay the reason
and I remember we didn’t bring anything could be went to the beach so while we
were on vacation we went to the beach it was the middle of the day and we never
eat them have primitive time so like we knew we would have been back beforehand
like the kids ate I remember that for sure and we were like sitting with them
and they were eating but while they were eating snacks like we were talking in
whatever but yeah I’m go to option we went to the beach a few times went twice
maybe three times I can’t remember how many times but the kids were in the
water a lot well what are your options like
first next what are your options like when you don’t know what are you gonna
be able to eat at a later time for supper like you went for a conference
like a few weeks ago you’d bring something what are you you go to options
I go to options actually it’s usually so usually it was nuts was nut so like I’m
kind of cutting back on the nuts right now but I still did bring nuts when I
went to that conference the other thing that I will use and there and that’s the
reason I purchased them we’re Quito bricks so I do have Quito bricks I don’t
I I mean compared like comparatively speaking I get mine and they last me
forever because I only use them when I’m in in trouble where’s you you use yours
like pretty much right away so I do have Quito bricks for the kind of situations
I’d go to a class once a month and so when I’m at the class when I’m going to
the class I know I won’t be able to eat so I will take some Quito brick with me
so that’s usually the thing I would take are take some Quito brick it’s the only
actually kubrick is the only it’s the only bar period yes work is the only bar
that I actually buy and it’s because first of all it doesn’t taste amazing
so I doesn’t push me to want to eat it like you know I mean like I’m not it’s
tastes okay you know it’s a tad salty but I’ve gotten used to that so it’s not
like something that you’re gonna buy it and it’s like it’s gonna be there
calling your name and like I have to eat it it’s um it’s it’s what it’s for is
what it’s for if you don’t have a meal you eat that and so it’s just good
macros good ingredients it does what it’s supposed to do so that’s what I
would do I would usually take my Kido brick with me and some nuts now it’s
gonna be Oh pepperoni sticks is another one that I would might take I know for sure
some kind of pepperoni or some kind of meat stick doesn’t have to necessarily
be pepperoni if you have to hear if you eat other kind of meats but for me it’s
pepperoni usually cheese cheese I would also take you know if I if I didn’t have
any key dobrik I probably have taken cheese I think the key nobert because it
can stay out like I don’t have to put in the fridge so I don’t have to worry
about forgetting it in the fridge I can just put it in my purse I know it’s
there and that’s the same thing I can just put it in my purse I know that
there if I need them a lot of the time I take
with me I might not even eat it it’s just knowing that I have it there that
I’m not gonna be nervous to be dying of hunger but yeah so so vacation keto hard
hard I don’t really find it hard III honestly believe that if you plan
and if you and we’re st. Plan know what restaurants you’re gonna be going to
know what foods you’re willing to buy if you’re gonna be able to cook and if
you’re having more than one meal like just try to plan yourself a little bit
like what am i eating for milk because honestly at a restaurant you can’t weigh
how much carbs is on the plate so if you’re doing more than one meal it
becomes much more important to like really choose breakfast well and choose
lunch well so lunch and supper well so that you can try to balance out the
amount of carbs you know going over your carbs on above the ground vegetable is
not gonna throw you that far off going above your carbs on below the ground
vegetables on onions on you know on beets and like these really high carb
things potatoes that can throw you off planning yeah and stick to it obviously
stick to the plan so yeah basically you’re right Patrick sticking with the
plan so and as you saw even in his case where he wasn’t kita yet and he stuck to
a plan and he lost weight Yeah right so vacations supposed to be about making
memories and having fun you know like I struggle with people who vacation to be
able to eat stuff I I struggle with that one I mean ever he’s gonna do their own
thing me you know like do it do you I’m gonna do me but I’m just putting it out
there as an idea to think about that maybe that’s contributing to the issue
that you might be having with gaining weight when you go on vacation so every
time we take a good decision to change things in our lives our lives get better
so maybe just something to consider changing I want to thank everyone for
watching Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet all my wellness
warriors I’m so happy that you guys are here and if you are new here please
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