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what’s going on y’all and welcome back to the fit men cook kitchen today’s video is going to be a little bit different it is going to be a step-by-step walkthrough video it’s one of those how-to videos i haven’t done one of these in a long time and with all other recipe writing that I’ve been doing for my new book I’ve just been inspired to come back and talk to you all about some topics that y’all have been asking me about but also things that have been on my heart about meal prep and healthy eating about two or three years ago I posted this picture arms on Instagram and I said this is what I do to my chicken so I can have some variety throughout the week I woke up the next morning and and one night had about 40,000 hits and then by the second day it had over a hundred thousand hit so as I’ve been writing this book I realized that this picture has been shared thousands of times across the web it’s been in many news articles but I’ve really never talked about the origin of that or why I do that for meal prep so today I want to take a few moments to talk about cooking protein in both now this video is not going to deal with seafood I think seafood deserves its own video in this video I’m only going to be addressing poultry and beef if you’re a vegan or vegetarian I do think there are some implications for you in this video and i encourage you to stick around as well now this video deals with what i like to call exact meal prepping or calorie counting it’s basically having a better idea or an accurate measurement of how many calories and macronutrients are in each portion of food do I have to calorie count in order to lose weight no but is calorie counting helpful yes it is and if you have never done this before if you never wait out your foods and I do encourage you to do that because it helps to build what i like to call your kitchen IQ because it helps you to better understand portions and measurements as being able to I ball something and knowing that okay this is actually one cup of food it’s not to cut its being able to know that this one tablespoon of peanut butter is not exactly the same three or four tablespoons that as normal putting on too much damage I do have to say that the first time you do it it takes a little bit longer just like in the gym when you’re lifting which for the first time you’re incredibly store but the next time you go and do that workout even though it’s challenging it gets a little bit easier and that’s how it is in the kitchen this video is much less about the recipes and much more about the process so you can make the meal prepping process much easier and relevant for you so you can accomplish your goals much easier and faster if you are ready to roll up your sleeve then let’s get started first we’re going to start out with cooking ground meat now i’ll be using lean ground beef for this video but feel free to use whatever you’d like there are several ways to cook ground beef but for calorie counting I found the most success with cooking patties and meatballs I prefer the meatballs over the patties because smaller cook pieces of meat whenever they are measured out appropriately they are easier to cook they’re easier to transport they’re easier to eat because they’re much smaller and they’re easier to portion out first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to add a bowl to a food scale and I’m going to zero it out now this will allow me to know the weight of all of the ingredients including any additions that I add in there such as chops bases so I’m going to toss in the linger on beef a little bit of bell pepper some green onions some garlic smoked paprika some onion powder cumin and time and then a little sea salt and pepper once I add all the ingredients I’m going to write down how much it weighs and then i’m going to divide that by the number of days and i’m prepping for so 45 days this came out to be a little bit over 7 ounces per day so i’m going to take this off the scale and mix everything together really well and then i’m going to start to form the meatball so it’s about 7 ounces each day i figured it if i make some meatballs between two and two and a quarter ounces but no more is met then i can stretch this to go about six days and still meet my goal of having six ounces of meat per day so i’m going to scoop out a portion of the meat i’m going to weigh it make sure it meets the goal then roll it up then I’m going to add it to a mini muffin pan I like cooking them in the muffin pan because I like to keep the meat separate the meat is able to cook in its own juices and it also keeps the the meatballs somewhat uniform it keeps them round I also find that the smaller pieces of meat cook much faster in the muffin tins because it’s surrounded by metal so it speeds up the entire cooking process I’m going to place this in the oven at 424 10 to 12 minutes if you want you can roll it for the last two minutes but no more than that because you don’t want to over cook the beef which leads to struggle protein or struggle beef and to take it out and it’s done after 10 to 12 minutes do a quick taste test and you can see just how fast and how thorough the cooking process is toss this into a skillet full of marinara and quickly have some round meatballs or you can break them up over a salad and one more plus I really like this idea for family a solid two ounce piece of protein is a great size for a kid so these can be great after school snacks or just great for dinner time next we’re going to move on to the poultry aka chicken besides overcooking people always complain about the lack of variety well here’s one way that I cooks chicken in bulk to have a bunch of variety first thing we’re going to do I’m gonna take a chicken breast we’re going to trim off the fat and then we’re going to chop the chicken up into small pieces about the size of a nickel cutting the chicken up smaller allows for faster cooking time but also for easier consumption and easier consumption is really important if you tend to over cook your chicken and it comes out dry the smaller pieces are much easier to chew on if you have if you end up having struggle chicken then those big thick pieces now one of the most important steps that people forget to do whenever they are baking chicken and bolts is to Pat it dry this is especially important if you are using frozen chicken breast besides padding dry you should also let it sit on a paper towel for a few moments and let all of that water come out of it have you ever season your chicken and then cook it in a skillet and there’s just so much water in the pan that all the seasoning that you put on the chicken has now just come off and so your chicken comes out looking really white but it’s good part of that is that the chicken has been enhanced with pollution there’s so much water in it after you chop it up or even before you chop it up at that chicken dry very well and no this will not dry out the chicken what drives out your chicken is overcooking it now once it’s dry and you top it up we’re going to add that chicken to a bowl on a scale same process as before this time we’re only going to add the generic seasoning that all your chicken should have so for me that’s generally only onion powder and garlic powder this is your face season add a little bit of onion powder maybe a little bit of garlic I’m going to take down the measurement and then i’m going to divide this into three now i’m just using three because i’m going to make three different types of meat if you want to have to then divide that by two you want to have for whatever do you once we get the measurement then we’re going to divvy it out equally so that we know how much is in each Bowl so for the first one i add it in some chili powder some cumin and fresh cilantro for the next one i added in some Chinese five spice blend a little Bragg’s Liquid aminos or some low-sodium soy sauce and the little sesame oil and lastly when it comes to sauces I like to add a little bit of arrowroot starch to both the chicken and to the sauce this helps the sauce to stay on the chicken as it’s baking now arrowroot starch is a thickener and it’s activated under heat so as it heats up and it bakes is going to get thicker and coat the chicken I found the most successful in baking to add a little bit like a better teaspoon to the chicken and then a teaspoon to the saw so first what we’re going to do so I’m going to add in a little bit air with starch sprinkle it on and then mix it up really well then in a separate bowl I’m going to make myself so I put in some Dijon mustard a little bit of future and then agave I’m going to mix that up then I’m going to add another teaspoon of the arrowroot starch for that over the chicken mix everything together now with the chicken seasoned let’s go to our pans first we’re going to get a baking sheet I’m going to get some aluminum foil now before people start posting below in the comments section and informing me about the health risk and health concerns about aluminum foil I am fully aware of a lot of the studies showing that under intense heat aluminum can begin to seep into your foods and there are associated health risks with that that it whenever possible you should use glasses use parchment paper for this particular exercise and making this pan it is much easier with aluminum foil so we’re going to spread a sheet of aluminum foil over a pan and then we’re going to tuck in the sides and then in the middle of it what we’re going to do is we’re going to create three semi equally sized rectangles by pinching the foil together and by pinching the foil we’re going to create a ridge or a barrier and this will prevent juices from the chicken adjacent to it from flowing into the other one you’re going to take two smaller pieces and make that Ridge a little bit bigger so that way as it cooks and expand not going to fill over now let’s add the chicken to the individual places spread it out very well this will help to reduce the cooking time and also prevents the chicken from cooking together and sticking together so you don’t want to overload it with two months I think for each rectangle I have about one pound of chicken we’re going to garnish one last time and because these are really small pieces of chicken this is actually going to cook much faster you’re going to set the oven to about 420 and cook this for 12 to 15 minutes I know that many of you are thinking oh wait no there’s no way to can can be done in 15 minutes actually it can remember the chicken is much smaller and it’s spread out on the pan whenever you are adding chicken to a meal now it is much easier to actually measure out four ounces or five ounces because once you put it onto the scale we’re just adding in little bite-size pieces so you can better arrive at the accurate amounts that you are trying to meet for each meal and lastly this bite-size chicken is very easy to incorporate and leftover recipes because they’re so bite-sized you can mash this up and have a chicken salad like in my last video that i showed you could also add this to a frittata so just imagine putting them into a skillet and then pouring them some eggs and then baking that in the oven with a little bit of cheese you could even buy some chicken broth get your leftover veggies and create and chicken soup the possibilities are endless they’re really easy to incorporate at the end of the week that’s also good news for you because you’re not wasting your money but we’re also reducing food waste that’s it for today’s video guys I hope that you all enjoyed it and that you found it helpful if you did find it helpful I want you to hit that like below with a deadly uppercut and also share it with a friend that could use some tips on meal prepping comment below and share your best tip for cooking protein in bulk it can be either about poultry and beef or even about sea food I know we didn’t get to it today but if you got some tips from that I want you all to share it below I’m going to be going into much more depth and specificity in my upcoming book about meal prep so just know that more is definitely on the way alright guys I appreciate y’all watching until next time I want to keep it healthy but of course never ever bored BOOM! bye for now

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