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How to Cook Smoky Pancetta Cod  | Jamie Oliver | #QuickandEasyFood

Hi guys. So, I’m in my test kitchen right
now and I’m gonna give you a delicious recipe from my Quick and Easy 5 Ingredient
Food book. It’s really, really delicious. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy fish. I’m using cod. Here’s the five ingredients here… So, we’re gonna do smoky pancetta cod with
braised spinach, lentils and rosemary. It’s so good. So, first up get yourself a pan, get it on
full whack and we’re gonna get it hot. Here we’ve got a beautiful little steak of
cod. Now a nice tip… if you cut the fish fillet
at an angle it’ll cook even quicker. I’m gonna wrap it in some lovely smoked pancetta. The smoked pancetta is gonna give it such
a delicious comforting flavour, but it’s nice and thin as you can see, so
you’re not ramping up too much of the old sat fats. Just lay the pancetta over the cod like this
and then just tuck it under like that… beautiful. And then we’re adding a brilliant herb – rosemary. It’s really savoury and just fantastically
delicious. I’m gonna go into the pan with just a little
olive oil. So, I’m gonna pick this cod up and I’m gonna
put it straight down in the fat like that. Then I turn that down to sort of a medium
heat and about two and a half minutes on each side, maybe two minutes and that’s gonna be delicious. So, while that’s cooking let’s think about
the other ingredients that are going to bring this together. I’ve got some spinach here. So just pick through it. You can get the bagged spinach which is even
easier to prep because it’s all washed and ready to go. If you just have a look in the pan now you
can see… kind of looking nice. The smells in the room are fantastic. They really are. And then when you think it’s looking good just get yourself a little palette knife. Let’s get under the fish. Get in there and
let’s turn it over. Look at that absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous. It really is
super fast, super quick, delicious, nutritious food. I’m going to go in with the spinach. Straight into the pan here and you won’t believe how quickly this will just wilt. You can season it with a little bit of salt
and pepper. Look at those colours in the pan. So, look that’s about 4 minutes, super quick. So, I’ll put the fish on the board and then if you come here have a little
look at this. That’s the spinach and the cooking juices. And what I might need,
which is one of my pantry ingredients, it’s just a little drizzle of vinegar. Tiny drizzle and that will just give the spinach a lovely little kind of kick of acidity. And then this pan goes straight back in and
I’m gonna use a pouch of lentils. Now this is one of my pouches here, but you
can get different brands and you can get different packs in supermarkets. Why are these a good little hack? Often they need soaking overnight, they need some long cooking and these pouches
are exactly the kind of help you need to get the good stuff in
you without all of that kind of faffing around. So, simply all I’m gonna do is put the lentils
in the pan with all the sticky bits of goodness and maybe give it a little splash of water. Bring the lentils back up to the boil and
in under five minutes we’ve got a beautiful, delicious, fantastic looking
nutritious dish that I think you’re gonna love. I’m just gonna take a little spoon like this
and I’m gonna go straight into the middle of the plate. Lovely, take some of this spinach and just
lay that to one side. It’s a really nice portion of food. Absolutely beautiful. Now look, if you look on the board here I’ve
got a little bit of the resting juices here from the fish and
the bacon. So, what I can do is just kind of turn that into a dressing and I’m
just gonna use the smaller spinach leaves with a little bit of vinegar and I’ll just
dress them. Look at that. And that my friends is a lovely, lovely little
dinner. I really think it’s beautiful. This is the kind of food I love midweek when I haven’t got much time and I want to
eat something healthy. Right, this is 350 calories, 2 of your fruit
and veg a day, a nice source of protein and omega 3’s. It’s really, really good food and it looks
incredible. Now, it’s time for the taste test. What we
should have is amazing texture. Flaky, flaky fish. Look at that. Look at the juiciness of that fish. So, there you go guys – absolutely delicious, fun to do, quick, easy, healthy, bloom’n good-looking
and bloom’n tasty. Good luck.

Randall Smitham



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