March 28, 2020
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Now, when it comes to cooking
any kind of meat on the bone, there’s a real technique. I’ve got some beautiful
loin lamb chops here and I’m going to show you
exactly how to cook them. What you need to do first of all – and this is probably pretty foreign
to most people – is take them out of the fridge
a good hour or so before you actually cook them. You want the temperature of the meat
to come up close to room temperature. Next, you want to cook them
in a nice hot pan. So preheat that and let it go
for a good three or four minutes until it’s nice and hot. Season it
before you put it into the pan. So, a little bit of salt
and a little bit of pepper. And that’s going to give
a beautiful flavour to the outside. Both sides, so we start
with the salt and the pepper. And then we flip them all over
and do the same on the other side. You could use any kind of dry rub. If you want to use some chilli oil
or some cumin or, you know, any kind of dry rub or
spice mix that you wanted to mix up, that would be fine. I personally am a lover
of the flavour of the lamb, so I keep it really simple. Next, I use a tiny bit of olive oil. Not much at all ’cause I’m going
to show you a little trick here that is really going to change the
way you cook lamb, I promise you. On the outside,
there’s a nice big layer of fat. Delicious. Of course, this is very lean
on the inside. So what you want to do is start it
fat side down in a really hot pan. It’s going to caramelise that fat. It’s going to render some of it down. It’s going to give you
a beautiful cooking medium and a lot more flavour. Right, so I stand all of
my lamb chops up together so you can literally
pick it up like that and then place the entire thing
into a pan. Now, whether it’s into a pan
or a barbecue or onto a grill pan or a griddle,
it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that
you’ve got a nice high temperature. Now, right before your eyes, you can
see the fat just starts to melt off the bottom of that lamb chop,
which is perfect. You then turn it down and then have
a look at the sides of this chop. You’ve got this beautiful
golden caramelisation which is exactly
what we were hoping for. Because it’s got a nice thick bone, it is going to take a little while
for that heat to penetrate, so you’re going to leave these
for about two, two and a half minutes on either side. Take your lamb chops
once they’ve had a couple of minutes, put them onto a plate and make sure
they rest before you serve them. The inside of these lamb chops
are going to continue to cook. The temperature sort of travels right
through to the core of that lamb chop so you get a beautiful even pink. There is nothing better than
the perfectly cooked lamb chop. So now you know how to do it,
you know what’s for dinner.

Randall Smitham