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How To Do Intermittent Fasting On Keto | Helpful Tips

hi everyone its Denise back with Keto
with the Denise and today we’re going to talk about intermittent fasting for
beginners helpful tips that I think will help you really succeed on your journey
with keto and intermittent fasting so first first things first we know that
fasting is simply not eating when you are asleep you’re not eating therefore
you’re fasting so to get started on this journey this is how I would take you
through this process of doing intermittent fasting for the first two
weeks of your Kido journey I would have you literally eat three meals a day
breakfast lunch dinner no snacking in between those so that’s very important
no snacking in between your meals and then your first meal you might eat after
7:00 a.m. but again this is up to you based on your schedule your lifestyle
some people work night shifts etc so you want to incorporate your meals at the
appropriate time so I just used this 7 a.m. as a as an example but make sure it
fits your lifestyle and your last meal maybe after 7 p.m. and that’s it you’ll
cut it off but make sure you cut off your time so that’s convenient for you
the most important thing is when you eat breakfast when you eat lunch and when
you eat dinner ok so making sure you’re getting those meals in and another
important factor is to make sure you’re hitting your target macros meaning your
fats your proteins and your carbs make sure that you’re getting enough food
because your fats are going to carry you from breakfast to lunch and the fact
that you eat at lunch is gonna carry you to dinner and that dinner has to carry
you those 12 hours to the next meal that’s why I said your average fasting
in this scenario is about 12 hours it could be 10 to 12 hours but make sure
you understand that each meal has to have sufficient fat to carry you to the
next meal that’s really critical when you’re doing intermittent fasting ok now
after you’ve done that for two weeks and you’re on three meals you’re eating keto
friendly foods you’re targeting fats proteins and carbs I want you to start
looking at shifting to two meals a day that’s right
two Mills a day and you’ll do that for the
next four to six weeks so you’ll have a month and a half month and a half of
eating those two meals a day and that’s no snacking in between as well and your
first meal will be after let’s just say 12:00 p.m. the most important thing is
noting and this is I’m using my example my first meal is generally after 12:00
p.m. and my last meal is no later than 8:00 p.m. that’s how I typically do it
and then I can decrease my fat because at this point I want my body to start
using the stored body fat even more of that so I may cut down my fat macros by
10 percent so what that looks like is this the number of hours fasting if I’m
fasting for 16 hours I’ve got an 8 hour window if I fast for 18 hours I’ve got a
6 hour eating window that I’m eating my two
meals within that time frame and then if I’m fasting for 20 hours I’ve got a 4
hour eating window so my when I’m fasting for 16 hours and 8 I’ll eat
after twelve o’clock and then my next meal won’t be until about sevenish or so
sometimes I cut off at 6 but I will not eat past the eight o’clock window so
really 12 o’clock is the first meal 8 o’clock the next meal I’ve got an eight
hour fasting window because I’m not eating in that time and your body is
also taking advantage of that when you’re not taking in food and calories
and all of that ok so the most important thing is help your body burn the stored
body fat as well as the dietary fat and when we start to eat two and one meal a
day that’s exactly what happens the body starts to burn more stored body fat
hence you start to see the transformation that’s taking place so
once you’ve done that about 4 to 6 weeks you’re on two meals a day I will switch
you to one meal a day and I want you to try that one meal per day for about 4
weeks that you would do that no snacking that one meal it can be any time that
you designate it to be but you want to make
sure that that’s just that one meal and now you don’t need us much dietary fat
here either your body is going to go into the fat storage and it’s going to
use that fat for energy and start to burn it off okay so I say you can
decrease it by 20% there too so you’re fasting windows might look like this 21
hours of fasting a three hour eating window for that one meal now you can eat
a big salad first if you’re going to eat anything get your veggies in first I’ve
set that in other videos why because when you eat the fat in the protein
you’re gonna get full fast so start on your veggies and then within the hour
get your fat in your protein in so you could fast 22 hours with a two hour
window or even 23 hours with the one hour and window I’ve done all of those
and it is more sustainable than perhaps you would realize okay so keep that in
mind two weeks that’s your three meals four to six weeks that your two meals
and then for the next four weeks try your one meal a day and guess what
once you’ve gotten your body truly acclimated over this time period you’re
talking about you know twelve weeks of time here you can go back and forth
between these I can go back to doing two meals a day I can even go back to doing
three meals a day and then work my way back up so there is no cookie cutter
that says I have to forever fast one meal a day or forever fast two meals a
day I’ve switched these up many times and then started my my journey with two
meals to one meal and go back and forth often okay hopefully that helps you
thank you so much for watching hi if you haven’t subscribed to my channel already
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  1. Rabia Graney Posted on October 14, 2019 at 4:50 am

    Thank you !

  2. Shaky Dolphin Posted on October 19, 2019 at 9:54 pm

    Denise, I like what you and your channel is doing, so keep up the great work. I made your Keto cornbread muffins with Keto chili and it was a perfect college football game day food for me!