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How to do Whole 30 Meal Prep l MY WHOLE 30 MEAL PLAN

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hey meal Preppers it’s elephant prep –
founder I’m here to help you create a
happier healthier meal time today we’re
discussing one of my favorite topics
meal planning I promise to show you how
to create a whole 30 compliant weekly
meal plan using the same app that I use
when creating meal plans every week for
my thousands of subscribers in this
video I’ll break down the meal creation
process into five simple steps step
number one is meal count for this step
you’re going to grab your calendar and
count how many meals you need for the
week don’t forget to include breakfast
you also want to count the number
servings you need for each meal and
include any guests that might be joining
you you can also check your fridge
freezer and pantry and see if you have
any 15 whole 30 compliant meals if you
do you can use that and subtract those
from the meal count in each tour the
weeks step number two is to focus on
food food so this step is important to
both for your full thirty diet meal plan
success and for keeping your mindset
positive my advice is to only look at
foods you can have instead of looking at
food so you can’t and trying to force
those foods to work within your full
thirty seat plan
sorry enroll 30 consumer strictest but
by focusing only on compliant foods you
should to focus on to all the tasty
foods and whole 30 recipes that you can
have using the whole thirty book or
website as a resource
I suggest typing up an extensive whole
thirty guide of foods even select from
remove any foods that you don’t care for
from this list so that way when you go
to review this list it is only a proof
that you enjoy step three is selecting
the recipes this is the fun part so
there’s two different methods that I
recommend when selecting new meals for
the week so method number one is simply
selecting a protein and one or two
veggies that you enjoy from the list
that we created in a step previously so
for example my list might include
chicken thighs put sweet potatoes and
Swiss chard lamb chops with acorn squash
and spinach pod with potatoes and fennel
don’t worry too much about preparation
method you can always look that up later
and as I mentioned earlier don’t forget
to select a full thirty breakfast option
I usually just do one or two options for
the entirety so the second method is
finding all thirty diet recipes now this
is key I find it sticking the recipes
that you can have first trying to force
a non-compliant recipe is much easier a
few ideas for this method first melissa
urban who’s the whole thirty founder she
has multiple cookbooks they should be
go-to resource for recipes that you know
will be compliant you can also search
Pinterest for whole thirty meal ideas
and whole thirty inspiration but keep in
mind you may still want to reference an
official approved list and some of these
recipes may not do a great job of
adhering to the whole thirty plan and
the rules Pinterest is also a great
place to find Cole thirty snack full
thirty lunch and whole thirty dinner
recipes whether you are creating your
own meals or using recipes doubling or
even tripling is a great way to make
your whole thirty diet easier to execute
and now here’s three bonus tips when
selecting your meals the first is to
check the weather I always like to
include soup when rain is report
the segment is snow your seasons and
select vegetables based on what’s in
season and the third is to implement
theme nights this is something like a
stir-fry Saturday or Taco Tuesday
obviously using like a lettuce wrap for
those and for any of these bean nights I
like to do a build your own style so
then if there’s people in the family
that aren’t doing whole 30 they can have
other items and it’s more of a pick and
choose and build your own style after
this step you should know what you’re
making before the entire piece the
fourth step is create your grocery list
and do your shopping in this step you’ll
make your whole 30 grocery list by
taking the ingredients from each recipe
and forming it into a consolidated list
after making your list quickly review
the items to ensure everything is
compliant with an official full30 guide
so from Caribou will purchase your
groceries consider doing a grocery
delivery or curbside pickup to save time
step number five is meal prep after you
have the groceries this is an optional
step to do your meal prep which is
chopping up your vegetables mixing up
the seasonings and spices and just
getting yourself ready for the week
weekly meal prep including the whole xxx
meal prep is my specialty
so let me know in the comments below if
you’d like me to do a video on meal prep
for hole 13 now you know my method for
creating a full thirty meal plan if
you’re looking for done food meal plans
I’ve got you covered
check out the link below for full 30
help these plans included organized
grocery lists and specific instructions
for meal prepping the recipes ahead of
time my goal with these meal prep meal
plans is to save you time and make
following the whole 30 seasons whether
it’s your first whole 30 or you’ve done
a few now I don’t want to hear from you
why don’t you have full 30 success
stories let me know in the comment
hello I remember that a cup dish I am
doing the meal planning for you if you
want to check out my done for you hole
30 plans including easy hole 30 recipes
and food trip use the links below if
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videos like this see in the next one

Randall Smitham



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