April 6, 2020
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How to Eat ALL Your Favorite Snack Foods and Still Burn Fat AFTER 40

Hey, everybody!
I’m Coach Dan Long with
the Over 40 Protocol,
and today I have some
favorite snacks of mine
that might be yours too.
And you, if you’re
over 40 like me and you
love these items and
more because this
is such carbohydrate overload–
and it’s OK to
have these, but you
have to do it strategically.
Now, listen, before
I get started,
there’s a link around here.
Don’t click it.
Don’t touch it.
Don’t even look at it.
I want to thank you for
stopping on this feed,
and I got something for you
if you’re over the age of 40.
If not, still listen up
because this can help you also.
You love carbohydrates.
I love carbohydrates.
Keto, paleo, vegan– what
do all those have in common?
They could be sabotaging
your hormones right now.
Yes, you heard it
from me straight.
I know.
It’s kind of a scary thing,
and it’s also upsetting.
Because what is it?
Fad diets, they come
into play, and they also
can affect your hormones.
The number one thing
that is sabotaging
most of all of
Americans right now
is hormones if you’re
over the age of 40.
But not today.
I have something for
you, so stick with me
because it takes just one simple
move to start this process.
Now, here’s the
thing that’s amazing.
If you like chips
like this and–
I mean, look at all these
different carbohydrates, right?
Everyone loves Pringles.
Who does not love
Pringles, right?
I even love these,
I’m going to confess.
These fire fries
are amazing, right?
These chips, I love to dip them
not only in healthy things,
like guacamole, but stuff
that’s not healthy, French dip.
There’s all these
different dips, right?
Now, what if I told you you
could have these and still get
the dream body that you desire?
Well, you can.
If you’re on keto
or you’re maybe
thinking about
going on keto, stop
because I’m telling
you right now,
if you’ve been on
it for over 14 days,
you know exactly what I’m
talking about right now,
and you could be experiencing
metabolic slowdown.
Metabolic slowdown is
also very important
because it’s all
about making sure
that you realize that if
you’re going through that,
your unwanted belly fat is being
sabotaged by these fad diets.
And they’re all
circling around back
to one certain thing,
which is needing
to boost hormones, needing
to boost metabolism,
and fight the aging process
because no one wants
to look over 40.
I don’t know anyone who’s
over 40 that wants to look it.
They all want to
look younger, and so
do I. Hey, I’m
almost 46 years old,
and I’m living my most amazing
life because specifically I’m
using protocols, and I’m
using specific moves that
are allowing me to eat
these type of foods
and still live
with my dream body.
Now, what if I told you
there’s a one-day solution?
A one-day solution.
You see that link.
Don’t click it.
Let me tell you first.
One day.
If I told you you could start
resetting your hormones,
it just took one day,
would you be interested?
I thought you would.
I hear you.
I know.
I know you would.
That’s why today– over
20-plus years, not only
have I trained but nutritionally
help moms, dads, kids,
athletes, military.
And guess what.
The number one common
factor for everyone
that was in their mid-30s up
in their 40s, 50s, and 60s
was the fact that
they were suffering
from metabolic slowdown.
If you think you may be
suffering because this is not
budging from metabolic
slowdown, I have a solution.
Now, if you love
this, do me a favor
and stick with me because about
in the next one to two minutes,
it’s going to change
the outlook of what
you think about fad dieting.
Metabolic slowdown is
sabotaging your hormones
and not allowing this
trapped fat to release.
You have to reset your hormones
to get that fat to release.
All of us that are over 40 know
exactly what I’m talking about.
So today– it’s
taken 20-plus years
to create a system that’s called
the Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet.
And I like to call it the
Over 40 Hormone Reset Solution
because it only takes
freaking one day,
and it starts in one day.
I’m super excited to let you
know because it’s so brand new,
and you’re one of the
first to hear about it.
So if you’re interested, and
you want to strategically eat
these carbohydrate–
which, by the way, on keto
you can’t have
these foods at all.
Zero, period.
Mark them off the
calendar because it’s
going away forever.
You’re never
getting these again,
not January through December.
You’re never getting
them again on keto.
Yeah, that’s the reality.
Paleo, you might have a
little bit of something,
but it ain’t going
to be much of this.
Vegan, what are
you going to have?
You’re going to have
ton of vegetables,
and that’s what
you’re going to have.
If you’re OK with that,
stick on those diets.
But if not and you’re ready
to reset your hormones–
and it only takes one day.
I have the solution for you.
And when you go there, you’re
not only going to see me.
You’re going to see my wife.
She’s 42 years old,
with three amazing kids,
living with her dream body.
You’re also going to see my
partner and great friend Shaun
Hadsall who’s 47, and
he’s a ripped grandpa
with six-pack abs.
And his wife, Karen, 58 years
old living with her dream body,
living a healthy lifestyle,
boosting hormones, boosting
metabolism, and defying
the aging process.
It’s your turn to now–
click this link because it’s
going to take you there.
And when you see us, make
sure you pay attention
to all those details on
there that we talk about
that you have to target in
order to reset in one day.
Click the link now.

Randall Smitham