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How To Eat Carbs On A KETO DIET

OK. So inside this video,
I want to share why people over 40
years old should avoid the traditional
keto diet– traditional. There are many
different ways to do it. Plus I want to share a one-day
hormone-resetting alternative that people in their
40s, 50s, and 60s can use to still get all
the amazing rapid fat loss and therapeutic benefits of
these ultra low-carb diets, like the keto diet,
without suffering through the negative
hormonal side effects. Now, you can learn all about
this one-day alternative by going over to my website. You’re going to see all kinds of
published research over there. So you know everything I talk
about is backed up by published scientific studies. Now, my name is Shaun Hadsall. I’m a 47-year-old
stubborn-fat expert. One thing that I have learned
after 25 years of being in the health and
fitness industry is that people who
are over 40 years old must diet and eat differently
than younger people because our current hormonal
condition is much different. Now I’m going to teach
you how to overcome these hormonal obstacles. The first step is
fat adaptation, or becoming fat adapted. And this is what the keto
diet is famous for because you cut out all carbs. You only eat 5% carbs. You eat 75% friendly
fats and 20% protein. Now, when you do this for
about three to seven days in a row, what ends up happening
is your body switches gears. And it stops relying on glucose
from carbs as a fuel source. And it starts using ketones from
friendly fats as a fuel source. And this is known as
becoming “fat adapted.” However, if you’re
over 40, you’re going to go through
the keto flu. You’re going to
get the brain fog. You’re going to
get the insomnia. You’re going to
get the headaches. You’re going to
get constipation. I had stomach
cramps and actually had the runs when I tried
it for three or four days. So there’s a simple
way to overcome this. And you can become fat adapted
without being in true ketosis. You just have to time
your meals the right way. So using things like
intermittent fasting and simply timing your
meals the right way three or four days per
week, you can actually increase growth hormone
levels up to 1,200%. Now, you also coax your
body into releasing more adrenaline and glucagon. Both of these hormones are
responsible for releasing stored fat into your
bloodstream, where it can be delivered to working
muscles and be burned off. Now, that’s a much more
complex process than that. That’s just a simplified way
of how to shrink a fat cell. And you could do this through
strategic meal timing. Step number two
is macro rotation. So by rotating your
macronutrients every other day the right way, you can also take
control of a couple other very important hormones. Now, we do this through
strategic meal combinations. So simply by
combining your meals the right way that I teach
you over at my website, you take control of insulin. Remember, any type of food
that you eat increases insulin. But if you eat the
wrong combinations, you spike insulin higher
and faster than other meals. And in the presence
of insulin, it’s impossible for your body
to access stored fat as a fuel source. So by combining your
meals the right way, you keep insulin stable. This keeps the body in a
fat-burning environment. And you also optimize your T4
to T3 conversion, your thyroid. Now, remember,
your thyroid gland is the master gland
of your metabolism. It regulates your body weight. It controls the speed
of your metabolic rate. Now, glucose from
carbs is actually a primary building block of TSH,
Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone. So if you don’t
strategically put glucose in your diet the right way
and you’re over 40 years old, you’re going to suppress
your thyroid hormones. So by combining your
foods the right way and eating the right
types of carbohydrates with other macronutrients using
strategic food combinations, you actually can increase
your T4 to T3 conversion and optimize your
thyroid hormone. Step number three
is the most fun. And this is hormone
optimization. And the first two
are obviously going to help you optimize hormones. But there’s one
hormone in particular that’s very important. It’s known as the master
fat-burning hormone. And that is leptin. And by using a strategic
high-carb, glucose-based cheat meal once or twice per
week at the right times, you reset your body’s
leptin sensitivity. You see, science research
shows that it only takes about seven days
of low-carb dieting before leptin levels
can suppress up to 50%. So now you can see why it’s
so important to strategically have a high-carb cheat meal
at the right time every week. Now, I teach you exactly
how to put all this together into one system. And I call it the Over
40 Hormone Reset Diet. And you can learn all about
it by clicking or tapping the link around this video. But don’t click
it or tap it yet. Let me quickly cover how
you can put these three things into your own
diet and meal plan. So the first thing to notice
is that Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I have
labeled as keto days. So these are going to
mimic the ketogenic diet. And this is going to get you
fat adapted without actually going into true ketosis. So on Mondays,
Wednesdays, and Fridays, fats are going to be up. And carbs are going to be down. Now, you want to include
a protein in every meal that you eat if you’re over
40 because protein is the one and only macronutrient
shown in scientific research to elevate the
metabolism and to help you burn more calories because
it has a higher thermic effect. So when you eat
protein, your body burns more calories
digesting that protein than it does digesting
fats or carbohydrates. So by consuming protein in every
meal, you keep insulin stable. And you boost the metabolism
and burn more calories. Now, Tuesdays,
Thursdays, and Saturdays, you’re going to see
macro rotation days. So this is rotating
your macronutrients. Now, when you do this, this is
all about your combinations. So you want to keep
fats down and carbs up. So you’re going to eat a little
more carbs on these days. And you’re just going to
keep your fat intake lower. And when you do this,
you’re adding the glucose into your system that your body
needs to adequately produce thyroid hormones. Now, the last day– and you
can swap this with Saturday if you wanted to– is
the refeed and cheat day. So this is a day that you want
to just have as a flex day. You don’t want to binge. Or you don’t want to go crazy. But you do want to have one or
two high-carb strategic cheat meals or just strategic
high-carb meals. And this will help reset your
body’s leptin sensitivity. So hopefully you got
something out of this video. If you did, do me a favor. Hit the Like button. Share the love. If you haven’t subscribed
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most precious commodity. So thank you for taking
time out of your busy day to check this out. And I also want to share
that this is all just advice. If something works
for you, use it. So thanks for watching,
and God bless.

Randall Smitham



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