April 5, 2020
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What is healthy eating for you? Having a healthy diet is important to the
body. It needs all the macro and micronutrients
to make the body work correctly. But do you know what macro and micronutrients
are? Macronutrients are carbohydrates (like breads,
pasta, potatoes, and others), fats (like oils, oilseeds, avocado, and others), and protein
(fish, eggs, meat, chicken, and others). Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals present
in many foods, like fruits, greens, vegetables, etc. Fiber is the non-digestible part of vegetables,
which makes it very important to the intestines, helping eliminate toxins. Have you ever heard “if you have health, you
have everything”? This is actually true since our health is
one of the greatest riches of life. So having good habits to keep it is key, right? Certainly, you must be tired of hearing this,
but one of the secrets of a healthy life is having balanced eating habits. According to dietitian Margarida Vieira, there
is no such thing as superfoods, but rather, powerful combinations of foods. She says that all foods have their own value,
and your diet needs to meet these 3 requirements to be healthy: It has to be varied, balanced and complete! Vieira says we should enrich our diets, opting
for seasonal foods since every food has its unique characteristics, which brings us an
enormous variety. Following her idea, all foods have a different
function and nutritional value, so we need to know these foods and their qualities. No food alone will give us all the nutrients
we need. That’s why no matter how many years go by,
the definition of healthy eating doesn’t change. So, having varied and balanced foods in our
meals and snacks, with their macro and micronutrients all balanced, gives us a complete dish and,
thus, a healthy diet. So, when you are preparing your meals, remember
that there is no such thing as a more healthy or less healthy food. Either it is healthy, or it is not. Did you know that by having a healthy diet,
more than half of the required amount of water can be ingested through food? Fruits, salads, vegetables, and soups are
all rich in water and necessary for our daily health. The same happens if we take food supplements. It only happens because we don’t eat the necessary
foods during our daily lives. If you have a busy life and practice physical
activities, your body will certainly need more water, so it’s important to drink at
least 68oz., but don’t obsess over how many cups you are drinking. Besides that, Vieira also thinks we don’t
need to focus on calories, but start seeing foods from a different point of view, so they
can give us all the energy and nutrients we need, without excesses. Did you know that eating correctly can decrease
stress, anxiety and irritability? Keep in mind that a proper nutritional plan
is able to help you lose weight and fight diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases. It also improves your physical and cognitive
performance. Now, tell us, do you consider your diet healthy?

Randall Smitham