March 28, 2020
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hey this is dr. Barry let’s talk about
how to eat a low carbohydrate diet on a budget there are so many people who’ve
discovered the power of a low carbohydrate diet whether that’s the
ketogenic way of eating whether that’s low carb high healthy fat or whether
that’s a Banting diet so many people have discovered this and are trying to
learn how to do this if you know someone like this or you are someone like this
please share this on your Facebook page you can send it in an email or a text
message there’s a link down below that you can send anywhere to anyone in the
world to help them understand how they can on a budget eat a low carb high
healthy fat diets now I’ll tell you right off the bat there are three things
that you can do to save a ton of money eating keto or low carb high healthy fat
that Nisha and I don’t do we we love to create and cook together in the kitchen
but there are a few things that we don’t love to do that if you don’t mind it or
if you actually enjoy it you can save a ton of money doing it number one is
prepping multiple meals at the same time that’ll save you a ton of time and then
you can do the second thing which is buying bulk often the grocery will have
a special you can buy 10 pounds of some meat for 10 dollars or some special like
that and so buying these things in bulk and then prepping multiple meals you can
save a lot of money that way also by canning or by investing in a deep freeze
and freezing bulk items or the meals that you’ve already prepped you can make
your per call per meal cost very very low and yet your meal be full of high
fat nutrition and so we don’t do that but if you enjoy that sort of thing you
need to you need to read about that and invest in perhaps a inste pot or a
canner or deep freeze because you can save a ton of money doing that but what
we’d rather do is just keep our refrigerator and our pantry and our
cabinet stocked with the following things so that we can either eat them on
the fly or we can quickly prepare a meal that they we can then enjoy together so
let’s talk about the this list of ingredients number one is eggs
you can buy two and a half dozen eggs at a time and or you can find a local lady
who has a few chickens in her backyard who will be happy to sell you her
pastured eggs at a bargain eggs are full of all the fat and all the protein that
you will need and not only can you eat the egg contents but more and more
people are using the egg shells and the eggshell membrane in their bone broth
and I don’t know if you’ve made bone broth yet but it’s very easy and you can
actually extend your and save even more money by making bone broth and having
some always simmering on the stove and you could take the eggshells membranes
and a few of the eggshells and throw in there get tons of vitamins and minerals
and then all of the collagen and the chondroitin sulfate that’s in the
eggshell membrane for your joints and for your other body tissues next is
frozen vegetables now I’m very partial to fresh vegetables if I’m going to eat
vegetables but if you’re on a budget frozen vegetables are the next best
thing and if you have a family that’s just learning to like vegetables and you
don’t want to spend a fortune on fresh vegetables for them to only go bad in
the fridge and you have to put them in the compost pile then buy frozen
vegetables at least to start with they’re much cheaper much of the
nutrition not all but most of it is retained in the frozen vegetables if
they’re frozen properly and then you can unthaw and use just what you need and
not have to worry about the rest of the veg going bad always make a lap through
the produce section of your grocery you can often find entire heads of cabbage
very cheap and you can use the entire head even the stalk or the or the core a
lot of people think you can’t eat that but you can slice it up very thinly and
that’s full of nutrition as well another thing is bacon and you think wait a
minute bacon is very expensive what are you talking about dr. berry but here’s
the thing about bacon you’ve you fried baked grilled however you make your
bacon but then what do you have left yes liquid gold bacon grease
and then you can use this bacon grease to cook so many other things including
that cabbage we were just talking about right so you really get two things when
you buy bacon you get the tasty bacon and you get the bacon grease that you
can use for multiple other meals now if you’re afraid of processed meat I
actually have a video on this channel I’ll link in the endnotes about how you
should not be afraid of processed meats at all the nitrates and nitrites in
process meter not bad for you they do not cause cancer you can check out that
video after you finish this one to the end the next thing is greens when you
make that lap through the produce section always be on the lookout for
greens on sale you can often find turnip greens or kale or spinach in bulk that
that you can use for multiple meals in the week and they’re not very expensive
now some things in the produce section are quite expensive and you may not be
able to afford those right now this video is really intended for people who
are currently focusing on paying the rent and not losing their vehicle that’s
who this video is for and so if you’re that person I think it’s fine to buy
greens on sale to eat lots of cabbage and to buy frozen vegetables until you
can do better another great low carbohydrate food
that’s full of nutrition is ground beef and did you know that the fattier the
ground beef you buy the cheaper it is and the fat and ground beef is full of
omega-3s and other things now if you can afford it I’ll I obviously want you to
buy your beef grass-fed and grass finish but if you cannot afford that the ground
beef the fatty ground beef that you’ll find on sale at your grocer is a
thousand times better for you than then frozen dinners or the other crap that
you used to eat back when you were eating the standard Western diet so not
only do you get to eat the beef during the meal but you can save the tallow
which is the beef fat and you can use that to season and cook with in other
meals in the future so you get to repurpose that again just like the bacon
grease now another great keto food or low carb
are pretty low-carb food is pecans some nuts that I absolutely love like
pistachios and cashews are a little too carbee for most people but pecans are
full of nutrition there is no GMO pecan and they’re low in
carbohydrates and usually they’re the cheapest nut of all you can buy those at
the grocer in a big bag crack those yourself and that makes a great low
carbohydrate treat that’s full of vitamins and minerals another thing you
can buy at the grocery that’s not going to break your your wallet is canned fish
whether this is tuna whether this is salmon whether this is sardines and
anchovies you can usually get this fish very cheap
it has good fat it has good protein and it has zero carbohydrates and although
again this is not a perfect food I actually obviously want you to buy
wild-caught salmon when you can afford that but if you’re worried about them
coming to take your cell phone away because you can’t pay the bill then eat
canned fish it’s much better than the alternative that you used to eat right
actually anchovies and sardines are almost always
wild-caught they’re full of omega-3s and other vitamins and minerals and if and
if you eat the entire fish you’re actually getting lots of collagen in the
cartilage and in the bones that you’re crunching up in this tasty little tree I
have to put a lot of mustard on mine but that’s also low carb and relatively
cheap so a great lunch for me if I’m in a hurry is two cans of sardines with
mustard and I have to eat that away from nature because she hates the smell but
that’s full of omega-3s lots of fat lots of protein and zero carbohydrates so
there’s a good quick list for you to eat much much lower carb than you may have
been a few weeks ago if you’re just coming and trying to eat a low
carbohydrate keto low-carb high healthy fat or Banting diet and I’m all for this
I think this is the way you’re going to reclaim your health this is the way
you’re going to lower your blood glucose this is the way you’re going to keep
your insulin low this is the way you’re going to get rid of inflammation in your
body and ultimately lose weight if that’s your goal now you may not know
this but Nisha we do a live show on Facebook every
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Facebook page and like it and then click on the C first and send notifications
you’ll get an you’ll get a notification when we go live and you can join us and
you can answer ask all your low-carbohydrate questions and we’ll try
our best to answer them I have other links down below that you
can check out if you’d like more information about what I do
this is dr. Barry I’ll see you next time

Randall Smitham