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How to Fix a Slow Metabolism | Lose Weight Now

Hi. I’m Dr. Zyrowski and I’m gonna teach
you how to fix a slow metabolism.
If you’re new to the channel and you want
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your way. So in this video we’re talking
about how to fix a slow metabolism. This
is a problem that so many people face
and there’s so many people out there who
feel that every time they take a bite of
food they’re just starting to gain more
weight and if they come even the
slightest bit off a strict diet that
they’re following they start to gain
more weight. And it’s because they have a
sluggish metabolism. Now one of the
things that’s important about your
metabolism is, you know, when we look at
the basic physiology of it, it’s all
about a hormone called insulin and when
insulin is present we cannot burn fat, we
cannot cut that fat off, that extra fat
off our body so that we can start to
lean up. So we want to make sure that
we’re keeping insulin levels low. That’s
the key to fixing your metabolism. So
this whole video is really going to be
talking about how we can go in and keep
insulin levels low to boost your
metabolism. So let’s go ahead and jump
right into all the things you need to
know in order to fix your metabolism. Now the
first big one is stop dieting. Now the
reason that so many people have a
sluggish metabolism is because they’re
following crazy strict diets that go and
put them in huge calorie deficits that
wrecks their metabolism. In order to lose
weight we need to come in as a calorie
deficit but we want to come in at a
minor calorie deficit, not huge massive
calorie deficits that are just
destroying your metabolism. When we look
at people who follow these big
huge calorie deficit diets, they lose a
ton of weight but the problem is they
gain it all back. The show of The Biggest
Loser is an absolute prime example of
this. All these people lost all this
weight in the short period of time but
then what happened is that after the
show they gained it all back and some. So
make sure that you’re you’re following a
good quality sustainable diet and not
coming in at a huge calorie deficit
because that is what is going to destroy
your metabolism. So stop dieting and
follow a good quality nutrition plan. Our
heal yourself cookbook, the one that my
wife and I wrote actually teaches you
how to do this. It’s a
nutrition plan that is based on 50% good
fats, 40% protein, and 10% carbohydrates.
This is a nutrition plan that is
anti-inflammatory. It is able to help
balance your hormones. It helps detox the
body and it helps heal. And the best part
about it is it’s sustainable for a
lifetime. It’s something that you can
just stay on and your body is just
becoming healthier and healthier because
you’re following a
nutrition plan that is constantly
healing the body. So this nutrition plan
is sustainable and it’s going to help
you lose weight and boost your
metabolism. Now the next big thing that
we want to talk about is good fats. You
want to increase good fats and I’ll tell
you why. So first of all, good fats are
very sustainable. They give you a good
source of energy and the other reason
that they’re great is because they don’t
raise insulin levels hardly at all. They
don’t raise blood sugar hardly at all.
And so when we look at these different
good fats, it’s important to eat a lot of
them in order to actually feel good and
fix your metabolism. Now the other thing
that’s important to mention about good
fats is so many people have heard that
fat will make you fat and not only is
this unfortunate because I think this
has caused neurological damage in so
many people who have taken fat out of
their diet for years. I think this is
where a lot of these neurological
conditions are coming from, amongst other
things of course. But the other reason
that it’s unfortunate is because people
have been given such a terrible
misinformation that is causing them to
become fat and here’s why. When we look
at fats, I said they barely raise insulin
levels, but the other thing that they do
is they actually buffer the insulin
levels and keep them low so if we eat an
egg, for instance, if we take the egg yolk
out of it, it’s going to increase our
insulin levels much higher. So all these
people eating egg whites in order to
stay lean, they’re not doing themself any
service. And then the same thing goes
with yogurt for instance. If you take the
fat out of yogurt and then essentially
what will happen with that too is that
you take that buffer out and you’re
getting a massive amount of protein
that’s going to increase your insulin
levels and also increase your blood
sugar. So nature has a good way of
knowing that we need
fat within the food that we’re eating
and that’s why it’s like that. So when we
start isolating the different components
of it, it doesn’t do us any good. So
increase your good fats in order to fix
your metabolism and leave those good
fats in your foods because it keeps the
insulin levels and blood sugar levels
lower. Next big one is apple cider
vinegar. So you’ve probably heard me talk
about this a lot, but you can take a
teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, put it
into a cup of water and drink that
before every meal and it’s going to help
keep your blood sugar low and keep your
insulin levels low. So use apple cider
vinegar as a tool to help fix your
metabolism. Next big thing that we need
to do is we need to decrease cortisol.
Cortisol is a stress hormone that comes
from the the terrible lifestyle that
most people are living. Just stressed out
all the time, not getting enough sleep.
You know, pushing themselves to the max
and when we have a high amount of
cortisol, it does some really bad things
for us. First of all it likes to store
fat. It also likes to dump a lot of blood
sugar into our sugar, into our
bloodstream. It likes to increase insulin
levels. It also likes to increase
visceral fat. It also likes to increase
inflammation and it also likes to
actually go and start to break down our
muscle. When we break down our muscle it’s
breaking our muscle down into sugar
which is increasing our insulin and also
increasing our blood sugar levels. And so
we have to decrease cortisol. For people
who have high amounts of cortisol. And
when I work with my different clients
what I’ll do is I’ll have them take our
adrenal revive formula on an empty
stomach in the morning and then it’ll
help start to balance that cortisol
throughout the day. So make sure you’re
working to decrease cortisol and
decrease stress. Next big one is sleep. So
sleep is a time when our body kind of
resets. Our hormones balance and most
people are not getting enough sleep at
night. So whether you have a hard time
falling asleep or you have a problem
with waking up in the middle of the
night. If you can identify those issues
and start making some changes it’ll be
very important to fixing your metabolism.
Because if your hormones aren’t
resetting, they aren’t rebalancing and
you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re
not only going to increase your cortisol
levels, but your your body just isn’t
going to function as it should. So make
sure you’re getting adequate amounts of
sleep at night.
Last if, not least, I’m going to share a
bonus tip with you. So intermittent
fasting is a huge way to help fix your
metabolism as well. And the reason that
it works so well is because what it
essentially does is it keeps your
insulin levels very low for a long
period of your day.
So intermittent fast, an example of it,
would be too fast for 16 hours and then
eat your meals within an 8 hour period.
During those 16 hours of fasting your
insulin levels are gonna stay completely
low. And then what you would I recommend
with intermittent fasting is you have
two big meals. You have a big meal at
lunch and you have a big meal at dinner.
But you don’t go in graze in between.
Because what you want to do is you want
to have that big meal and then go back
into that fasted state and then have
that big next big meal and then go back
into that fasted state. And that keeps
your insulin levels low at all times
and once again, intermittent fasting is
not about calorie deficits it’s also not
about eating less food. It’s just about
being strategic in the way that you’re
eating food. And of course I recommend
eating a high quality diet while
intermittent fasting. As a matter of fact
I have a super powerful video that
teaches you all the ins and outs of
intermittent fasting and so definitely
check that out. So if you want to fix
your metabolism, go ahead and incorporate
these things into your lifestyle. They’re
going to be absolutely huge game changer
going to be a huge game-changer. And if
you have any questions go ahead and post
in the comment section below. Give the
video a thumbs up. And until next time
folks, you make it an incredible day

Randall Smitham



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