April 6, 2020
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How to get more fiber when you’re on the keto diet (Chef Viverito on Las Vegas Morning Blend)

Plus how to eat keto style.
Is it keto or keto?
Keto, alright we’ll go with that.
We’re in the kitchen cooking up some delicious,
but low-carb, fried chicken.
You can call it whatever it is as long as
it’s on my plate.
Alright, next on the Morning Blend it’s cool
to go keto.
We’re in the kitchen with a delicious recipe
for you.
So have you been wanting to try something
new for your diet?
Well you’ve heard of keto, the keto style,
but not really knew exactly what the heck
keto is, that’s kind of how I kind of how
I hear everyone’s going keto.
I’m not sure what it is, you might not either.
Well this morning we’re going to introduce
you to it, how it works and how you could
be cooking keto tonight.
Luckily, Chef Gerard Viverito, he is here.
He is the culinary instructor and he’s here
with more on this.
How are you sir?
Good morning, I’m excellent, how are you?
I’m doing very well.
So explain what the keto diet is and why you’re
on the keto diet.
Ok, in a nutshell, keto diet is burning fat
instead of carbohydrates inside your body.
And a little background is you, me, and everyone
in this studio, we have roughly 1800 – 2000
calories of carbohydrate in our body at any
And that gets burned off really fast.
But we all have this unlimited amount of fat
storage and you’re like well how do I tap into
that because we’ve all eaten that muffin in
the morning or the bagel and you go up and
then you crash and you’re like oh I’m tired
and you go up and down.
So this, once you tap into burning fat, it’s
an unlimited store.
I mean we all have enough to at least to get
us through the day if not the week.
And I went to start training for triathlons
and I got all my blood tested to see that I
was healthy enough to do it and found out
I was prediabetic very very high blood sugar
So I got on the ketogenic diet on actually
January 1st I know it’s so cliche to do it
on a new years resolution.
But just had my blood tested in May and not
only did I loose 36 pounds but I brought my
blood sugar down to the low 80s and the doctors
were amazed and I talked about it was all
diet I refused to do needles or medicine.
So how we’re going to do this is basically
you replace your carbohydrates so your body
doesn’t realize you can eat any fat and it’s
going to process it.
I’ve got two fats way over there that we don’t
ever want to touch.
Oh well I’m not gunna touch them but what
are these fats?
They’re canola oils, corn oils, vegetable
oils, the generic stuff.
Stay away.
They come from seeds.
Why don’t we like them?
Exactly, just wack them with a knife.
They’re all chemically extracted and heat
extracted and it’s really bad for the actual oil
So I got a few oils here that
These are replacement oils.
These are great replacement oils.
I started off my day with a MCT oil I do have
if anyone has heard of bulletproof coffee,
ok so I blend this into my coffees, zip it
in a blender it’s like a cappuccino so I get
my fats there.
Maybe I’ll move on to lunch time olive oil,
everyone loves olive oil in this country but
most people have this misconception you don’t
want to cook with it. If you heat this up it
becomes unstable it becomes carcinogenic although
we still love the flavor.
I grew up with it being cooked and that’s
probably half my health problems.
So I use it when I make mayonnaise like I
made this slaw so I did olive oil, egg yolks,
a little garlic, a little pepper sauce, and
some fiber.
I will talk about this coming up that one
of the downsides of this diet is lack of fiber.
Now people are going to say well you’re eating
protein you’re eating fat, you’re cooking
in fat, what’s the next big thing,? Fiber.
America is in this fiber crisis like we’re
all supposed to be getting oh at least 30-45
grams a day and most of us are hitting 40%
below that.
So whether it’s constipation problems or the
reverse of constipation, we’re all not regulating ourselves.
The country is kind of constipated right now.
Yeah well, we could go there too.
So we got about 45 seconds left so how are
you helping us with that?
So in my slaw I made a mayonnaise there’s
a couple of products I like to use there’s
this fiber product called Regular Girl, it’s
non-GMO, it’s all natural, it’s gluten free,
it hits all the great buzz words.
It’s organic.
If you’re going to do heat like I do, I stir
it into my coffee in the morning, there’s
So I either get my fiber through my vegetables,
know I’m going to bulk it up with maybe a
There are also beverages out there that are
high in fiber but if you can get the carbohydrates
out of your diet, cook in healthy fats, bulk
up some fiber you’re going to be set.
And these are just a few quick lifestyle changes
but you’re not really I mean you’re getting
fried chicken at the end of the day.
It’s crisp I mean you can touch it it’s crunchy
and it gives you so much energy I mean I feel
like wound for sound right now but it’s just
because I’m not on that rollercoaster ride
of sugar.

Randall Smitham