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How to Get Rid of Red Eyes – The #1 Best Eye Drops for Red Eyes

so are you curious about how to get rid
of red eyes? Well in this video, I’m gonna go over the best eye drop for red eyes
so that you don’t look like you have pink eye or that you’ve been smoking
something, so let’s take a look hey everyone this is Doctor Joe Allen here from
doctor eye health the channel that helps you with the eyes vision and finding the
best vision product so if you’re new here consider subscribe also hey at any
point throughout the video make sure to check out the show notes and the links
below for the information about all of the eye drops that would go over,
otherwise let’s talk about red eyes. so there are many different causes for red
bloodshot eyes, right it could be caused by allergies, dryness, infections
maybe trauma, maybe you’ve poked yourself in the eye or maybe you’ve been around a
lot of smoke or you just haven’t been sleeping well and this can become a
major issue especially if you’re in a social interaction with someone like
going on a date for the first time or maybe you’re at a job interview or
perhaps you’re gonna snap a photo for like Instagram or even shoot a YouTube
video and you’re like oh my god so I wanted to shoot this video just to give
you some pro tips and one of the best eye drops to get rid of these nasty red
eyes now the most famous eye drops for getting the red out are either gonna be
one called Visine or another brand called Clear eye now the big issue that
most eye doctors have with these eye drops is that they have a nasty little
ingredient in them called tetrahydrozoline or another one called
naphazoline. now these ingredients act as what’s called the sympathomimetic
now sympathomimetic means it actually causes blood vessel constriction so onto
your eye you have these large red blood vessels these blood vessels are really
what’s causing your eye to be red and then this medication acts as that basil
constrictor so the blood vessels clamp down and get really tiny and you no
longer see the blood vessels you just see the white sclera part of the eye now
the big issues that I doctors have with these drops are one that these drops
tend to have a rebound effect so after you use the drop it makes the blood
vessels constrict but they tend to rebound dilating even more ci ends up
looking her head than they did just even at the
start now the issue is that you use this happened so you use the drop again and
it becomes a vicious cycle of the constant oh my as a read use the drop
they get white and then they rebound get worse and use the drop again now the
second issue with these drops is that they tend to lose their effectiveness
over time something called tachyphylaxis so you use the drops once and they work
great but then over time you continue to use them and you just never seem to get
the same effect so the I drop out rather see people use for occasional redness is
one that came up just this last year and that one is called Lumify now if
you’ve never seen Lumify before it is made by the Bausch and Lomb company and this
I drop isn’t over the counter I drop so you do not need a prescription for it
now this drop works through an active ingredient called Bromonidine, bromonidine has actually been out for a long time and at its full dose which is much
higher than Lumify it actually is used to lower eye pressures for individuals
with glaucoma now if you’re a pharmacology nerd out there these drops
work as a peripheral selective alpha to inhibitor which means that it actually
just causes vasoconstriction just like the other eyedrops do but these eye
drops and most doctors will prefer for occasional redness because they help
alleviate some of those other potential side effects such as the rebound redness
and that loss of effectiveness over time and these eye drops work really quickly
it takes less than a minute to work and lasts over eight hours plus if you’re
someone who wears contact lenses you can still use these drops you just want to
use these drops and wait at least 10 minutes before putting you two contact
lenses in now of course if you’re going to try these drops out make sure you
read the full list of instructions so that you don’t have any problems with
allergic reactions or any other sort of side effects now the usual price for
Lumify is usually around $12 u.s. but of course you can check out the updated
prices through the links I’ve included in the description below so for as
awesome as these eye drops are and I do personally use them from time to time I
want you to know I make these videos to try and help people with their eyes and
I think it’s important to understand that your blood vessels on the eye
dilate for a reason they dilate to let more oxygen and nutrients get to the
surface of the eye to try and help repair whatever’s causing
the irritation so if you’re constantly using some sort of vasoconstrictor I’ve
dropped that’s actually gonna pinch down on your on those blood vessels and
prevent that nutrients from getting to the surface of the eye and repairing
whatever’s causing that irritation in the first place so really in short you
know it’s okay to be using these sort of get the write out get the readout drops
on occasion but constantly using it may actually help slow down the whole body’s
process of naturally recovering the problem in the first place actually if
you’re somebody who has chronically red or bloodshot eyes it’s probably best for
you to get into seer local eye care professional just to make sure it’s not
something worse a lot of times just using normal lubricating eyedrops
actually it’s better for cases of like sun damage to the eye dryness or maybe
smoke irritation because those drops are gonna help reduce the inflammatory
signals on the surface of the eye they cost the blood vessels to dilate in the
first place now using those sort of normal lubricating
drops may take a little bit more time to get rid of the redness but they will
overall help repair the surface of the eye rather than just sort of masking the
symptoms with those artificial blood vessel constrictor eyedrops and those
blood vessel constrictor eyedrops are really reducing the amount of oxygen and
nutrients and getting to that surface of the eye so yeah sometimes this using the
regular like dry eye drops are better if you haven’t seen my other video on what
I consider to be the best eye drops for dry eyes I will hook that up here in the
YouTube card above as well as in the description below so I health question
of the day have you tried luma Phi yet or have you had success with other types
of get the red out eyedrops go ahead and comment in the section below and
remember sometimes the best tips come from you and the rest of the doctor eye
health community alright everyone thanks so much for watching if you like the
video go ahead and hit that like button for me subscribe to the Nu and share
this video with any friends or family that you think it might help if you’d
like to catch other cool videos from dr. eye health I’ll hook you up with another
cool video up here to the side or another one down over here otherwise
again this is dr. Joe Allen your doctor I help the channel helps you with the
eyes vision and find best fission products keep an eye on it
we’ll talk to you soon I hope question of the day so I help question of so I
help question of the day

Randall Smitham



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