April 7, 2020
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How to go “Keto” AFTER 40

Hello. If you’re over 40, in
your 40s, 50s, and 60s and you’re thinking
about the Keto diet or you’re already
on the Keto died, you may want to
think twice about it. I have some
eye-opening information that reveals that there
are some severe hormone issues with this diet
if you’re over 40 that you may not be aware of. So I’ve got something
special for you that actually will fix those
hormone problems with the Keto diet if you’re over 40. So it’s around
this video a link. Don’t click it
just yet because I want to share with you
some simple tips that will work with
the Keto diet that will work with your hormones
and not against them. Hi. I’m Shelly Slapshak. I’m a personal trainer and
wellness fitness coach. I am a single mom of two
beautiful teenager girls. And that can be challenging,
and time is always an issue as I know it is for you, too. So we need a diet, a solution,
a lifestyle that works for us, works for our hormones. It’s so important to maintain
healthy hormone levels. Let’s talk about those popular
diets, the Keto, the paleo, and the vegetarian. The Keto diet, I personally
as a personal trainer do not recommend. It’s not long term, and
it’s not a lifestyle. There also can be some
drawbacks with this. You have the Keto flu, which is
when your body is shutting off the need of glucose
for an energy source, and you can get headaches,
brain fog, insomnia. It can actually last for weeks. And then you can have
another drawback. As soon as you have 1
carbohydrate or too much protein, you’re
kicked out of ketosis. And it can take weeks and
weeks to get back into ketosis. So I do have a
couple tips that I know will work for those who
want to stay in the ketosis. What you need to do is have
only 1,000 calories a day and have an 85% and 90% of
those calories come from fat. I have a solution for you at
the end of this short video. You can click the link to
find out more information. It uses re-feeds
and strategic cheat meals that include
carbohydrates that will help your metabolism
from not slowing down, and it will optimize
your hormones, and you can eliminate
that Keto flu. Let’s talk about the paleo diet. That is really healthy because
there’s no processed foods. I love that. Yes, it can be beneficial and
definitely can be effective, but long term,
this diet actually suppresses your thyroid
hormones because the lack of iodine and glucose. Iodine is needed because it
maintains healthy thyroid levels, and your
glucose actually is needed because it produces
stimulating hormones. So I have a solution. It is a one day
Hormone Reset Diet. It uses strategic combinations
that the right time that actually reset your hormones. Oh, you’ll find exactly how
to use this when you hit that link around this video. Let’s talk about the last one,
the, vegan the vegetarian, or your plant-based diets. Yes, very, very healthy, very
beneficial and effective. You do eliminate lots
of food categories, so, yes, it is healthy. But there’s a lot of
deficiencies with that as well. So if you do choose
this diet, just make sure that you definitely
take a vitamin B12, vitamin D, and omega 3. Because you do not
have the plant, because you don’t have
the animal-based protein, your protein quality is low. And studies have
shown that when you have a low quality of protein
that your liver doesn’t respond to your thyroid. A solution, the solution, the 1
day over 40 Hormone Reset Diet. It actually uses re-feeds,
strategic cheat meals that we use at the
right timing that actually work for your
hormones and not against them. So go ahead click that link. You’ll learn all
the information you need to know about this diet and
how it works and how to use it. You will also learn
about Sean and Karen. Karen is a grandmother,
59 years old. You will learn about her battle
with cancer and her hormone challenges that she
had, and actually this became the discovery of the 1
day over 40 Hormone Reset Diet. Her inspiring story is amazing. It’s so empowering. OK, guys. That’s it. Thank you so much for your time. I hope that you
enjoyed this video. Please give me a thumbs up. Leave down below your comments. Let me know what you
want to see next time, and thank you so
much for listening. And I hope you
found this useful. Thanks so much. Bye.

Randall Smitham