March 28, 2020
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hello friends and patients this is doctor Barry back again to talk to you about something that I was seeing patients this morning and a little old lady who’s been a patient of mine for almost a decade she had been out to see the heart doctor and he had checked some lab work and he had diagnosed her with high triglycerides and so I was interested to find out what he had told her and he said well your triglycerides are high so you need to cut down your saturated fat and eat more whole grains and that was his advice and he also started on a pill of course and so she came back to me today for follow-up and she said that doesn’t really sound like what you’ve told me in the past let’s talk about this so we’re going to talk about today how to actually lower your triglycerides without taking a pill and also what you can do to actually lower it because what he told her is probably going to raise her triglycerides and it will not prevent her from having a heart attack or a stroke basically he did her a double disservice by giving her wrong information and then giving her a pill that she doesn’t need now what I’m going to be telling you today is based on a very very good study that was published way back in 2012 and so I want you guys to I’m gonna I’ll post a link to this study below and to all the other studies that that study talked about and I want you guys to look this up I want you to verify what I say I want you to doubt me I want you to look it up I want you to google it okay now if you know someone who is on a medicine for their cholesterol or triglycerides please share this with them tag them in this if you have a doctor who told you to eat less saturated fat to lower your triglycerides and I want you to tag that doctor in this video and maybe he’ll learn something okay so obviously patients don’t know how to lower their triglycerides because they’re not doctors but you would expect a doctor you go to especially a cardiologist to know how to lower someone’s triglycerides in the fact that this guy who even though he’s a preeminent cardiologist at one of the big hospitals in our area obviously had no idea how to help this lady lower her triglycerides and decrease her risk of heart attack and stroke so we’re gonna go over this study first of all this study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that’s a very reputable Journal this study was done on human beings not rats or rabbits or anybody else but on actual humans and so what this study did is they took 16 human beings who were overweight and 16 is a low number that’s right before the critics start to jump about that but this study is so well done and so common-sense that really you could have done this study with five patients or ten patients and the results are statistically significant and you’ll see why in just a moment so they took 16 overweight people and they said hey we want you to keep eating the same diet you’re eating now and we’re going to add a thousand calories a day but they’re gonna be sugar and starch calories simple sugars okay they’re gonna be sucrose they’re going to be fructose and we’re gonna just see what happens over that three-week period so they took these 16 folks and said keep eating what you normally eat and we’re gonna add a thousand calories of simple carbohydrates to your diets and so they gave them coke or soda and here in the south we call that coke no it doesn’t matter if it’s Dr Pepper or sprite Pepsi it’s coke okay so if you come to Nashville and order a coke they’re gonna say which kind do you want and that means you might want Pepsi or Mountain Dew or something else but so they gave them a couple of sodas a day they gave them fruit juice wait a minute I thought fruit juice was supposed to be really healthy well turns out no no fruit juice will elevate your triglycerides as you’ll see in a moment they gave them some little candies like gummy bears and they gave them some simple starches to eat okay but it totaled a thousand extra calories a day and they did this for three weeks with these people and they followed them very closely just to make sure that they actually followed the diet and the office all 16 did after three weeks three weeks not three months or three years three weeks these people had increased their body weight by 2% so for the average woman that’s three pounds they’ve gained in three weeks okay they were checking their triglycerides and then they also check the fat in their liver you guys may have heard about fatty liver disease that’s a big deal it’s becoming an epidemic in America and most doctors and specialists just don’t know why it’s happening they just know you need to go see the liver specialist okay well I’m gonna tell you today why that’s actually happening and what you can do to prevent it so in three weeks time these folks had increased the fat in their liver by 27 percent now that’s that’s a big damn deal in three weeks time they increase their liver fat by three percent about 27 percent so if anybody out there has fatty liver disease has non-alcoholic steatohepatitis or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease if you want to cure your liver disease your fatty liver disease now if you’ve got hepatitis this is not going to cure it but it will make it healthier but all you have to do is do the exact opposite of what these people in this study did okay so they gave them 1,000 extra calories of simple sugars and starches sucrose and fructose and these guys increased their liver fat by 27 percent in three weeks now at the end of the three weeks they checked a bunch of their labs they measured them they weighed them and they published their results and then for the next three months they said hey we’re going to just not give you that extra thousand calories a day of sugars and I want you just go back to eating your regular diet and actually we want you to tighten up a little bit and try to lose a few pounds and so for the next three months these people did not eat the simple sugars and starches and sucrose and fructose and they went back to their regular diet but tried to do a little better than they normally do which probably means they ate even less sugar than they normally would their livers went back to normal so that’s a big deal sorry I got a call there do not disturb I know I forgot their body weight actually went back to normal and went a little lower than it was before okay so that’s a huge deal these people prove beyond doubt that if you want to have a fatty liver and if you want to gain weight and if you want your triglycerides to go up eat more sugar drink more fruit juice drink more coke eat more candy that will definitely do it okay and also increase your blood sugar and your diabetes risk if you want to get rid of the fat in your liver if you want to lose weight if you want to lower your triglycerides then you will eat less sugar you will eat less simple starches you’ll drink less fruit juice you’ll drink less soda that’s it that’s it that the the mystery of fatty liver disease has been solved it was solved way back in 2012 by these researchers they found the answer why haven’t we all heard about this why hasn’t this been on the news well because it doesn’t say anything bad about fat or fatty acids or saturated fat it doesn’t say anything bad about fat therefore doesn’t hold up the party line therefore none of the researchers and experts who go on the news want to talk about okay so if you want to have a fatty liver you don’t eat bacon that’s not how you get it you don’t eat egg yolks that’s not how you get it you drink fruit juice and you drink coke and you eat candy and you eat simple starches okay and the simple starch is the list or breads crackers potatoes rice pasta those are simple starches they break down immediately to sugar in your system so if you have fatty liver if you have high triglycerides if you have if you’re if you’re overweight and you want to fix any of those problems the solution to all of them is the same stop drinking fruit juices straw stop drinking sugar sugary drinks and here in the South we have something called sweet tea the rest of the country and the rest of the world may not know what that is but it’s tea that has as much sugar as you can possibly dissolve in tea dissolved in the tea and then you heat the and you dissolve even more sugar in it probably if you stuck a stick in there it would make it would make a crystallized form of sugar like rock candy or something but that’s sweet tea here in the southern United States but those are the things that cause high triglycerides not fat not bacon not egg yolks not butter none of those will cause fatty liver if these guys really wanted to cause elevated triglycerides and really wanted to cause elevated fat in the liver and elevator and make the patient’s gain weight they should have given them butter in bacon and egg yolks right because that’s what causes all that no no no that does not cause that at all these are smart PhD level researchers they know that if you want to elevate somebody’s triglycerides you give them sugar sucrose fructose fruit juice simple starches that’s how you cause fatty liver so if you know someone who is suffering from fatty liver which can lead to liver failure there are people on the liver transplant list right now because no doctor said hey patient stopped drinking the pineapple juice stopped drinking the apple juice that’s what’s causing it there are people on the transplant list right now waiting for a liver because their liver has completely failed because no one gave them this advice okay and that makes me a little upset yeah I don’t know if you can tell or not but this gets me a little triggered that doctors everyday talk to their patients and they never tell them hey your triglycerides are high you know what you should do you should stop drinking sugar calories fructose sucrose you should stop B be eating simple starches that’ll fix that and then in the process you’ll also lose weight you will not become a diabetic wow that was easy right so what else I want you to ask me questions because I know you’re like wait a minute I thought I thought bacon cause my fatty liver I thought they can make me gain weight I thought butter made my triglycerides go up I’m confused so as always I will answer every question that you ask comment and ask a question tag a friend who needs to hear this tag a doctor who needs to hear this because there are some doctors out there who need to hear this I’ll be I will post a link to the study and then also I’ll give you the works cited of this study for all the studies that they looked at in order to design this research bacon butter and egg yolks do not cause elevated triglycerides okay they do not cause fatty liver disease they do not make you gain weight now you know if you if you want to lose weight if you want to lower your triglycerides if you want to get rid of the fat in your liver stop drinking fruit juices stop drinking coke and in the South sweetie stop eating candy and desserts stop eating simple starches like the breads the potatoes the rice the pasta that’s how you fix this okay and if you lose weight in the process there’s no extra charge for that okay I’m dr. ken berry and I’ll answer any question you have just give me a shout okay share this and let your friends know I’m just trying to help

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