April 5, 2020
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Today I’m going to film a video with my
husband Mark, who I’ll introduce you to in a second, I just thought I would
welcome you to the video and let you know today he’s going to talk you
through how to make a Keto post-workout protein shake, he usually
works out for about an hour, four or five times a week depending on the week
and afterwards makes up a protein shake with a variety of powders which I
thought you might find interesting but definitely have a chat with a health
professional before starting any sort of workout regime or protein shake regime
but this is just to give you some ideas of what to look for and what to shop for,
so I’m gonna introduce to Mark and we’ll get started, okay so this is Mark and he
is going to talk you through everything that he does to make his Keto
protein shaken, hi first of all we just want to say that in terms of like
choosing the supplements that you choose or not is that the one of the things I
look for is the pureness, the quality of the actual stuff you put
inside of you because it’s very important that they’re not full of
fillers or other unusual products so one of the things that make sure before
picking any product is that it’s the purest source possible and ideally from
the most natural source possible too, this brand we’re using is actually in
Australia but I’ll try and find on Amazon something that might be
appropriate for those of you that are in America and worldwide and I’ll leave
some links down below for you, okay so first of all we have creatine
monohydrate, we’ve got whey protein isolate, vanilla flavor and L Leucine, creatine
monohydrate is a really well researched supplement, one of the most researched in the world and essentially it improves the recovery and performance of how the muscle works, and at the same time as well is shown to
increase strength and recovery, with whey protein isolate as opposed to whey
protein concentrate it’s got a lot less carbohydrates in to begin with it’s got more protein per hundred grams, so it can replace a lot of the
amino acids the building blocks of protein, in a much quicker way
without adding the carbohydrates, I also use l-leucine which is actually also an
amino acid while it’s in whey protein isolate the reason I have an additional
supplementation to it is again, it’s use when you increase the dosage,
increases the recovery even better in the muscles and so you can get better
performance, again getting stronger etc quicker, great so now we’ll put it all
together and we can make a protein shake, first I’m going to add the creatine
monohydrate, mix the whey protein isolates I love this protein powder it
smells like marshmallows I don’t do protein shakes anywhere
near as much as Mark does but when I do I just do the protein powder and either
a bit of milk or a bit of cream, I’ll put it into a smoothie and that’s the way I
do it but yeah he’s talking you through his way, next is the l leucine, making a mess, he’s just like me, makes mess as we go, now for liquid when I do it I
might put into a smoothie so you could use water if you like you could use
almond milk, if you’re not keto you could use regular milk, you can really use
any liquid, if you want to add a little more fat into your shake he could add
some cream, but we just going to add a bit of milk and Mark also likes to put a bit of
kefir as well, it’s a good probiotic and he likes the taste of it but really just
depends on your macros, depends what you’re after, your goals, add whatever
liquid that you like and now we’re gonna add liquid in yeah and milk of choice so we’ve added in the milk made a bit of
a mess had a bit of hilarious fun here, but all that’s left to do now is pop the
lid on and give it a good shake, so here we go, make sure it’s really closed the
lid, really tight otherwise there’s more mess to clean up, yeah it’s not fun and then give it a good shake, that’s done there you go well thank you so much Mark for sharing your
post-workout keto protein shake and I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this video
if you have make sure that you leave a like and subscribe for more videos and
leave a comment let me know how you go about making your keto protein shake and
if you’ve got any questions or comments for Mark he’s actually an osteopath and
can share a lot more information on the technical side of Keto and things so if
you want more videos like this with Mark or anything else leave a comment letting
me know, thank you so much Mark, you’re welcome, for taking part in this video, I hope you’ve enjoyed
it it’s been really fun filming so thanks for watching and we’ll see you
again soon bye bye!

Randall Smitham