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How to Make an Emoji Egg – Keto / Paleo Friendly – Easy, Tasty and Beautiful

hey there it’s Steve from SeriousKeto.com and in this video we are
gonna make an emoji egg but before we do
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new video so why would you want to make
an emoji egg well if you’re into plating
and the aesthetics of that or food
photography they look super cool and if
you follow a handful of tips they’re
really not that hard to do now you’ve
probably noticed whenever you’ve cooked
a fried egg or overeasy egg or
sunny-side up egg that there’s really
kind of two consistencies to the white
there’s a portion of it that sort of
clings together right around the yolk
and then you get that runny bit that
trails off to the sides we want to have
as much of that cling together sort of
egg white as we can possibly get and the
way to do that is first if at all
possible get your hands on some grade
double-a eggs now I haven’t seen great
double egg in my grocery store but they
do carry them at Costco the next best
thing you can do is pay attention to the
date on the eggs because the fresher the
eggs are the more that white is going to
hold together in fact a freshly laid egg
at room temperature for one day will age
as much as an egg in the fridge ages
over the course of a week so we want to
make sure our eggs are fresh and we want
to make sure that we keep them cold how
do we know that they’re fresh we look at
the side of the box so if you look right
down here there’s a Julian date that
date is to 11 now today is to 14 a
Julian date is just the number of days
we are into the year and if you google
it you can find a calendar and what you
want to do is make sure that you’re
purchasing eggs that were packed as
closely as possible to today’s Julian
date next you want to make sure that you
keep your eggs well chilled so you never
want to
your eggs in the door of your fridge you
want them in the coldest part of your
fridge so towards the back on its lowest
shelf as possible for the emoji egg
you’re gonna want to use a nonstick pan
if you’ve got a really really really
slippery well seasoned carbon steel pan
that may work as well but this is one of
those instances even though I love
cast-iron and I love stainless steel I
tend to go nonstick when I’m doing eggs
our first step is gonna be to drain away
that runny white away from the clingy
together white I tried googling to see
if there were names for those two
different types of whites but now
they’re just all called egg white you
knew this either with a slotted spoon or
a colander colander works well if you’re
doing lots of eggs c-in-c on this egg
we’ve got a pretty good chunk of white
there that’s hanging right around the
yolk if you’re using a slotted spoon
you’ll find that rubbing it against a
paper towel will help take care of a lot
of that excess runny white I’m gonna
transfer my egg into a measuring cup
just because that’ll make it easier to
put it on to the skillet I set the heat
to medium-low and then we want to bring
the temperature up to right around 280
degrees so if you have an IR thermometer
this is how you tell if you don’t have
an IR thermometer I highly recommend you
get one they’re super cool at 280 we’ll
give it a little spritz of cooking spray
and then we’ll add our egg
you’ll want to cook the egg until the
white is glistening but dry to the touch
that’s still a little bit moist and if
you’re kind of squeamish about the yolk
and feeling that it’s not fully cooked
or you want it to just be a little bit
more firm you can add a teaspoon of
water and a lid for the last minute or
so of cooking and here we go the whites
are glistening but dry the yolk I can
touch without breaking
look at that it’s just enough of a
membrane over the top of the yoke to
hold it together see how it tastes
cause some good stuff the yoke is
surprisingly warm I mean
bordering on hot which you might not
think is gonna be the case the first
time you make one of these and there’s
absolutely no runny white this is really
a gorgeous and delicious egg so there
you go an emoji egg pretty easy to do
yet still an impressive little trick
thanks for watching

Randall Smitham



  1. Percipiant LLC Posted on August 8, 2019 at 12:18 pm

    So that's what that number means. Great info!

  2. TeamDaveAndMon Posted on August 8, 2019 at 7:21 pm

    That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing 🙂