April 8, 2020
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How to make Bourbon Chicken – Chef Kendra’s Easy Cooking!

Hey Cookaholics, Chef Kendra here and today
we’re making another mall food court classic. We’re making Bourbon Chicken. So let’s
do what we do. Let’s head into the kitchen and make it happen. OK, we’re going to start out by dicing some
chicken thighs or chicken breast whatever your preference. And then we’re going to chop up some garlic
and some ginger. Now we’re going to get a little oil in a
pan over medium high heat. Just going to add that stuff right in there. Just like so. Now
we’re just going to stir it around just until it’s about done. Now we’re going to make the sauce. We’re
going to add some water to a large bowl; a little vegetable oil goes in, now the soy
sauce. We’re going to add some apple juice, brown sugar, crushed red pepper flakes. That
ginger and garlic we prepped earlier go in. Now we’re tossing in some ketchup, yes,
ketchup. The final thing we’re putting in is some vinegar; you can use apple cider vinegar.
It’s your kitchen do what you want. Now we’re just going to give all this goodness
a whisk. So once we’ve got that all whisked up we’re
going to set that aside and we’re going to get back to our chicken. We’re going to remove the chicken to a plate
and return the pan back to the stove. We’re going to pour in our sauce and then we’re
going to stir this up and let it cook for about 7 or 8 minutes. Once we’ve got the sauce in there we’re
going to add a little bourbon. You know you can grab the recipe at chefkendraseasycooking.com.
You know I got you. So now we’re going to toss our chicken back
in. Umm this is going to be delicious. We’re going to stir it up and let that sauce reduce
until a thickness that coats our chicken. Incidentally, Bourbon Chicken traditionally
does not have bourbon in it. But I could not make bourbon chicken without putting some
bourbon in. You also want to serve this over rice or over
noodles, whatever your thing is. That’s all it is to it. Hey guys, check out a couple of my other videos
and if you want to catch up with me on social media all those links are in the about section
below. Be sure to sign up for my free updates, and that’s about it. That’s all we have for this week. I’ll
see you next week. Chef Kendra is out. Peace.

Randall Smitham