April 5, 2020
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– Cauliflower rice is the lower carb
alternative to white rice, and other grains, and it’s
hitting the internet hard. And in today’s video I’m going to show you how easy it is to make at home. There are two ways to
make cauliflower rice in a food processor, and those are my favorites
because it’s super fast. The third method I’m
gonna show you is manual, but also really easy. I love cauliflower rice because it’s easy, but most important it’s
super fast to cook. And with the popularity of low
carb lifestyles, grain free, paleo, and the ketogenic
diet, it’s not surprising that a lot of people in
my community love it too. And you know what? My family kickstart program members have loved the recipes included, so I thought, heck I need to make a video and show you how easy it is to make cauliflower rice at home. I know that there are may supermarkets that sell packaged containers
or frozen cauliflower rice, but it’s really easy to make
at home in your kitchen. Or perhaps you bought
a head of cauliflower earlier in the week, and
never got to cooking it. So, this is it. So let’s first prep the cauliflower by splitting the head in half. Then slicing out the core and getting the green
leaves out of the way. The easiest way is with a food processor. And this first method turns
a whole head of cauliflower into fluffy rice granules in minutes. So we break the large pieces
into golf ball size florets. And the florets we throw
inside of the food processor fitted with a blade attachment and pulse in three second bursts. You do this until the
cauliflower breaks down into a fluffy rice-like texture. And just like that you
have riced cauliflower. The only drawback of this method is that your rice is not
always even in texture, and you get some larger pieces throughout. If you don’t have a food processor, I’m going to link the
best sellers on Amazon right below this video,
and they start at just $30. Okay, before I show you how
I hack my food processor to give me a consistent rice texture, I’m going to show you the next method. And guess what? You can still make this miracle
rice with a cheese grater, and we all have one of those. For this method I make sure to chop the
cauliflower into larger wedges, which makes grating it a little easier. Using the side with the largest holes, we’re just gonna grate the cauliflower. It will create a finer,
couscous-like texture but it does the trick, and it’s even. Now that you have a whole batch
of fresh cauliflower rice, let’s go over the best ways to store it before I share the final cauli hack. I prefer to keep mine
in a resealable zip bag which I’m going to line with a paper towel to absorb the moisture. You can fill it with
rice, push the air out, and refrigerate it for up to three days, and yes, you can also freeze it. I only like to freeze it in
two or four cup measurements, just enough for two or four servings. All right, the final cauliflower
rice method is my favorite. It combines the speed of the first method with the evenness of the
manual cheese grater. This is because my food processor has a cheese grater attachment. Yeah, you know, it’s probably hiding in the
back of your cabinet too. So let’s put the grater attachment inside of the food processor,
and now we close the lid. We turn it on and we insert the cauliflower
florets in the top, and through the cheese grater it goes. See, just like the manual
cheese grater, but faster. I’m also going to link some
recipes with cauliflower rice right below this video,
to help you get started. Like cauliflower shrimp fried rice and my low carb jambalaya. Whether you want to lighten
up your eating habits or you just want to sneak more veggies into your family meals, cauliflower rice makes the grade with its fiber content and versatility. Plus, it’s a yummy way to
enjoy all your favorite meals while sticking to your eating lifestyle. Of course if you’re super short on time, you could always buy
the prepackaged option, but if you plan on
using cauliflower often, I recommend making your own. Like you saw, it’s super easy to make and you get a lot more yield
from one head of cauliflower than a 16 ounce bag of
premade cauliflower rice. What are some of your favorite recipes that use cauliflower rice? Let me know in the
comments below this video. And while you’re down there,
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Randall Smitham