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How To Make Easy 2 Ingredient Banana Pancakes – Video Recipe

Hi! It’s Jolene from Yummy Inspirations and I am making easy 2 ingredient banana pancakes. Yes you can make pancakes with just 2 ingredients! All you need is banana and eggs! it’s really I’m gonna mess it a little
bit more still want all the lumps but not as a superstar in honour super
smooth then you beat in eggs that you had given to the meeting until you can
see all these little bubbles appear a pancake batter is almost ready that’s
really trying get all the love and miss you too baby even stick it in the
blender if you want to to make a ready ready Smith but I like to keep things
simple so I just beat it in a bowl of the spoon just a bowl with us but could
you probably did issues with and no I’m gonna heat up my friend with a bit of
coconut oil and want to talk to job two tablespoons per pancake you can
definitely make the pancakes are like keeping them small and simple and this
pattern makes about 8 pancakes sorry I usually make this as a snack or meal for
the kids and they each get for pancakes if I met him for the four of us would
double this reduced to super up in on it and the four eggs and then be probably
the kind of just enough to feed for you might need to do a little bit more yarn
depends if you’re giving anything else in your meal I just be aware that they
are very delicate flower there is nothing in these holding together the
egg and they know that they are very delicate you get the end up making some
kind of shaped pancakes there so yeah watching these and give them a little
flip their lives and we just ate pancakes in the glory in
two batches the first 15 the second panelist 3 just the way it happened
that’s it was made with tiny banana and eggs and the kids absolutely adore them
they like them plain or you could just roll over a little bit of maple syrup or
honey or maybe even top it with a lucrative ice cream cream or even a bit
of cinnamon and sugar it’s just that they’re just gonna break but in the bank you’re going to absolutely nothing and
they are so simple and so easy and really enjoyed it thanks so much for
watching and I’ll see you again soon

Randall Smitham



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  40. Joyce Garrison Posted on October 25, 2018 at 6:19 pm

    I tried this as "pancakes" and thought they were ok, but then I tried it by pouring it into an oven safe pan 350 for 20 mins and it was like a little cake-pie! I loved it!!! Thanks for sharing.

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