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How to make Keto Mayonnaise | Keto Essentials | Headbanger’s Kitchen

Horns up and welcome to a new episode of Headbanger’s Kitchen Keto Essentials, the show where I
show you how to make some essential stuff
that we use in all our keto recipes.
And today we’re going to be tackling mayonnaise.
Yep, most of the time store-bought mayonnaise
has a lot of sugar in it, so you really don’t
want to be eating it.
Also, they use hydrogenated vegetable oils,
which are not good fats so we don’t really
want to eat store-bought mayo given a choice
and besides, it’s so simple and easy to make
at home, so today we’re gonna make some mayo.
Now in the mayo today, Im going to be using
a whole egg and not just the yellow of the
egg, because, like Gary from Masterchef says,
“whatchoo you going to do with the egg white?”
And you know, it just makes sense, so why
waste the egg white or why use it elsewhere,
just make it with the whole egg.
Of course, yes, you can make it with just
the egg yolk if you like.
Also, I’m not going to be using vegetable
oil of any kind, I’m going to be using olive
oil, so technically it will be an aioli but,
you know what, we’ll just call it mayo, for
Of course, the mayo purists can come after
me; I’ve got my guns blazing for you.
I’m just going to start by putting our ingredients
in our food processor.
We’ve got one egg, some salt, some pepper,
some mustard, and some vinegar.
Then all you’ve got to do is blitz it for
about 30 seconds till everything is well incorporated.
Now we’re going to pour in one-third of our
oil and give that another good mix.
And you’ll start to see that everything is
emulsifying together, add in another third
of your oil and mix again, or whisk again,
or whatever you want to call it.
Then you just scrape down all that stuff from
the sides, after that’s done, we’re going
to add in the final third of our oil and give
it all a gooood blend and you will see that
everything has come together very nicely and
you’ve got a rich, creamy and delicious mayo.
Then, just transfer it into your jar and that’s
That’s how easy it is to make your mayonnaise
or mayo.
So that’s it guys, our mayo is ready, but
hold on, wait for it.
Of course, as expected, my Indian friends
are going to ask me for sure: How do we make
this without egg.
In fact, sometimes I wonder how come they
don’t comment on my omelette recipes asking
me how to make omelettes without egg.
But anyway, you know my Indian friends, I
love you guys.
Of course I’m going to show you how to make
this without egg because you can make it without
So let’s go and make it now.
Now for the eggless version, we’re going to
be using cream – I’m just using regular
Amul cream – 200 gms or 1 cup.
Season it with salt, pepper, I’m also adding
a spoon of wholegrain mustard because I ran
out of dijon and lemon juice.
Or then you can use vinegar instead of lemon
juice if you like.
Mix them all together and let everything combine
Then to this we’re going to add in our oil,
which is just 1/4th cup of olive oil and give
that a good whisk once again, or blitz, whatever
you call it.
And then you will have it, your creamy, eggless
Look at that, it’s deelicious.
Just pour it out into your serving dish and
you have eggless mayo – Keto-friendly eggless
Okay, so it’s time to taste the mayo that
we’ve made.
I know you’re probably thinking, “Ew you’re
gonna eat mayo on its own?” but that’s how
you know the real taste.
So let me try this egg one that we made.
To be very honest, I don’t find a very strong
olive oil taste but it is there, very mild,
in the background, and I like it, it’s smooth,
it’s creamy, I don’t feel like anything is
different, especially since we added the entire
egg and not just the egg yolk and now let
me try the creamy one.
Mmm, this is creamy and I think that the mustard
that I used, the wholegrain mustard, gives
it a totally different dimension.
I can kind of tell the difference between
the two; this one definitely has that very
milky smell to it.
Not smell, sorry, I mean more like a taste.
So that’s the mayonnaise we’ve made with egg
and without egg.
I hope you guys are going to try this at home.
And what are you going to use it in, please
tell me.
The first thing I’m going to do is make that
tuna salad that we did last year, I think,
on one of the episodes and anyway, whenever
you take pictures, please do tag us on Instagram,
use the #HeadbangersKitchen and I’ll see you
on the next episode of Headbanger’s Kitchen.
Cheers and keep cooking.

Randall Smitham



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