April 9, 2020
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first of all I am going to take one flower of cauliflower and I am going to wash it properly in the boiling water so I put all these florets in the boiling water for like five minutes and after draining I’m going to grade this cauliflower so here I am ready with my ingredients for the cauliflower rice so these are just the basic ingredients I greeted all my cauliflower you can chop it also it’s your choice if you want the fine rice like glue look you can grate and these are the basic ingredients half red onion half tomato this is ginger and capsicum and here is my magic box and I’m going to use basic spices like cumin seeds salt red pepper and coriander powder so let’s get started with our olive oil this is extra virgin olive oil I am going to put 2 tbsp olive oil in the pan and first step is you just add the cumin seeds wait till the cumin seeds become little brown in color so I’m making the rice which I’m going to use it with my curry if you want to eat it alone then you can add more vegetables you want so here I’m adding my onion into it cook it till it become brown I’m adding capsicum also and wait for onion to become reddish-brown as the onion turn golden brown in color add your ginger and tomatoes so here all the vegetables are nicely cooked I am going to add cauliflower to it and it’s my suggestion to put all the spices at the end otherwise your cauliflower will leave water and it will not become that as good as you as good as like a fried rice so try it with all the spices first yeah it’s looking very colorful [Music] you won’t believe that it tastes like rice it look like rice and it’s so filling you can eat this with a curry or plain also and cook it like for five to eight minutes so as it squeezes a little bit it’s time to add spices I’m going to add a little bit of salt according to your taste you can use any salt pink or white I’m using white here and I’m adding red pepper and coriander powder give it a nice mix I’m not going to put turmeric into it because I don’t want to give it a yellow yellowish look so here cauliflower rice is ready to serve so friends cauliflower rice are ready to eat you can eat it directly or with any curry you like so it’s so tasty try lemon juice also it with so it’s so tasty so friends if you want the recipe of my cauliflower rice please press the subscribe button and press the bell icon if you want these kind of future updates so hope you like this recipe enjoy

Randall Smitham