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How to Make Mayonnaise (Keto + Whole30® + Paleo) | Thrive Market

I like to add a little garlic and I’m add-
This is her first day.
Hey guys, I’m Megan and I’m here in the Thrive Market Test Kitchen.
Today, I’m gonna show you how to make mayo three ways.
Why make your own mayo,
You’re probably sitting back wondering.
Well, one, you get to know exactly what goes in it
So you can control the ingredients, you know where they come from, the flavor of it…
And it just tastes so much better.
I swear, homemade mayo, you’re not gonna want to go back.
Alright, to start this recipe,
You need a couple things that are gonna stay the same.
I’m gonna add different flavors when I make different mayos,
I’m gonna use different oils, but the main things that you need are: lemon, an egg yolk-
So there is a raw egg yolk in it, but it’s okay. You’re not even gonna know, I’m gonna know, it’s gonna be so good,
vinegar, dijon, and then a little salt and pepper if you want to add that. Now, I’m using a food processor,
this cute little food processor. You can do it by hand. I did that in culinary school and it was…rough.
You can make it in a blender as well. It just it just alleviates the
aches and pains of doing it by hand.
The great thing about Mayo, as I’m sure my Whole30, paleo people know,
it’s Whole 30 and it’s paleo! And I believe it’s keto.
You need to be careful, though- check what dijon you’re using cause some dijons have white wine in them.
Alright, I’m gonna add my egg yolk as well as a teaspoon of lemon juice.
One teaspoon of white wine vinegar, and then I’m going to add
one teaspoon of Dijon mustard and then I’m gonna do a pinch of salt as well- about a half a teaspoon.
Before I add the oil, I want to mix this portion up.
I want it to taste like extra virgin olive oil,
so I’m doing half a cup of grapeseed oil and then I’m gonna add 1/4 of a cup of extra virgin olive oil,
because extra virgin olive oil has a very strong flavor.
So I needed to cut the oil a smidge bit.
Okay, that looks great. Now, I’m gonna add the oil. So just be careful- you want to add your oil very slowly
so your mayo doesn’t break. What it means when it breaks is, when you look at mayo, it’s very thick,
it’s very creamy. If it breaks, it looks very loose and watery and it means that
everything didn’t emulsify properly. So if that happenss, you kind of have to start again.
So, my only tip is go really slow when you add the oil and make sure you
measure everything that you’re adding to your food processor. And you’ll hear it go from
very liquidy-sounding to then it tightens up, and it sounds more like a thick sauce.
That looks good.
And it didn’t break- whew!
It’s light, it’s creamy, I mean.
This looks so good. I love mayo.
That’s what you’re looking for. Alright, first mayo done. Now, let’s make our second mayo,
and this time I’m gonna use coconut oil, liquid coconut oil.
I hate you, I can see you (laughter).
Food stylists, man. They are up in my biz.
I’m gonna use coconut oil, liquid coconut oil, and this one flavored with garlic, which, I like that flavor.
I’m using sriracha as well, so I like to add garlic and sriracha, it’s just great for the breath.
We’re gonna start with the same base.
I need 3/4 cup of this coconut oil.
And I did notice when I tested all three of these recipes,
this one was the easiest for me. It did not break at all.
Let’s take a peek. Smells like garlic.
So, this is what you want it to look like before you add the sriracha.
Tablespoon and a half of sriracha.
Blend it up. …go amazing on some tacos or street corn or eating, like, spoonfuls of mayo
Not a bad idea.
You done? Okay.
Someone’s a loud pepper cracker.
This is the sriracha mayo, which is finished.
And for you Whole30 people, paleo folks, check your sriracha, cause sometimes it has cane sugar in it.
But there are ones that don’t, so that’s how you can make it paleo and Whole30. Lookin out for you.
I’m always thinking. Onto our third and our last mayo recipe.
I’m doing a lemon basil, and this time the oil I’m using is avocado oil. Same base.
Okay, once again start off super slowly, start off super slowly when you add the oil.
Ooh, you look gorgeous. It’s a little more vibrant,
greeny yellow. It’s cause of the avocado oil. Now, to make it lemon basil, I’m gonna add lemon zest.
And I’m adding this at the end because I want to make sure the mayo fully emulsified.
Whole basil leaves, cause the food processor will chop em up for me.
It’ll be a chunky- like chunky little basil bits.
That’s my nickname in college- chunky litttle basil bits.
Man, I wish it was! Blend it up again.
Oh, yeah.
And see little bits of basil throughout.
This I would put on a BLT. Then I’d call my mom and I’d tell her about it.
Okay, uh, here’s the last and final- this is my mayo trio.
Our EVOO one, our sriracha garlic, and then our lemon basil.
If you make your own homemade mayo recipe, please tell me what you do, what you like to add to it.
Let me know some crazy things, I want to try them out.
You can find all the recipes below, you can subscribe below, and all the products that I used you can find at
I’m gonna kind of eyeball it. You can add as much as you want- oh!
Well, thanks a lot, food stylists. What is this? What is this?
I can’t work like this. These dainty fingers can’t…
No, I got it. I mean. I mean, you’re fired, but like, it’s fine.

Randall Smitham



  1. Ellie Meyer Posted on June 7, 2019 at 4:33 am

    Love Megan Mitchell and love how easy these recipes are! No more huge jars of untouched mayo taking up precious fridge real estate.

  2. Berto M Posted on June 7, 2019 at 6:40 am

    I love mayo! I gotta try these recipes. I'll let you know how it goes. Keep making videos!

  3. tana41 Posted on June 7, 2019 at 3:48 pm

    Can't wait to try these!!

  4. Annette Ferguson Posted on June 23, 2019 at 12:31 pm

    I make the first one with LOTS of garlic. Great vid.