January 17, 2020
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How To Make Pan Seared Pork Chops – Keto Diet Friendly

Hey everybody! Today I’m making a butter
basted pork chop in a frying pan and all I’m gonna use the season today is some
Lawry’s garlic salt. I’m also gonna throw some rosemary and thyme in there. I grow it fresh because you can buy it dried at the store, it’s good, but fresh I
really like the difference in flavor it’s just got a little bit more
robustness. So check this out! We’re going to start out with a
room-temperature pork chop and we’re just gonna put some of this Lawry’s
garlic salt on here. Get a nice coating. I like to coat the fat real well too
because we’re going to baste this with butter.
Hopefully crisp up some of this fat. We’re going to get both sides real nice.
Just a nice generous coat we’re gonna let this set for about 15 minutes just
to get some of those flavors permeated in the meat a little bit. OK, our pork
chop has been sitting for about 15 minutes first thing we want to do is get our pan
hot. We know it’s hot cuz look at the oil the way it kind of just thins right out
like that and spreads to the edge of the pan. So we want to get our pork chop in
there. Always put your meat in the pan and lay it away from you so you don’t
get splattered. Listen to that sizzle. We know it’s hot when it’s sizzling like
that. So we’re gonna go ahead and get some butter in here. (sizzling) Now that the butter is melted, we’re
going to go ahead and just sprinkle in some fresh rosemary and thyme. We’re just going to keep basting this with butter about every couple minutes. And because
this is pork we do want to make sure it’s cooked all the way. Usually need to cook pork to 145 degrees. OK, this is
the sizzling for a few minutes I’ve been basting it. Flip it over to get that other side cooked. Look at that nice and golden-brown. The mistake most people make when cooking pork chops is they over cook them. You
only need to cook pork to 145 degrees. They turn out tender and juicy every
time. OK, so I think our pork chops done here
we’re gonna give it a good baste one more time. We’re going to take this off the
pan and we’re gonna let it set for about ten minutes and let this guy rest. Perfect, juicy pork chop okay so our pork chop. OK, it’s been resting about ten minutes we’re
gonna go ahead and cut into ’em, and see how this turned out. Oh yeah, look at that
look at that right there… perfect, juicy, look how nice and tender
that looks look at that now we’re gonna mop this in the juices a little bit here
and give it a taste mmm Mmm that is so tender and juicy and you
get that buttery flavor. Oh man, I can’t wait to taste this again. But that
buttery flavor with the with the aroma and the taste from the rosemary and
thyme. I’m telling you that is a great way to cook steak, and pork chops. I’m gonna try it with salmon I’ll make another video on that. Thanks for tuning in today.
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comment let me know how yours turned out especially if you try this. Well that
about does it for this pork chop, I can’t wait to do that again. That was amazing.
All the buttery flavor and goodness look at how tender that is. Thanks for tuning
in, we’ll see you next time

Randall Smitham



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