April 6, 2020
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How to make Peach Cobbler – Easy Cooking!

Hey, Chef Kendra Here, And today we
re making peach cobbler. We re going to drain
a couple of cans of peaches and then we re
going to add some vanilla and almond extract.
The almond extract is optional, guys. Then
we re going to toss in a little cinnamon.
Now we re going to add some regular sugar
to the mix. Sprinkle it on just like that,
and give in a good stir. We really want this
mixed up well, guys. This makes a lot of juice,
or syrup that s why we drained off those peaches
before. On to our batter. We re putting in
some all-purpose flour, now we re going to
slid in some sugar, now we re going to add
a little baking powder, not baking soda, guys,
baking powder, and the final ingredient for
the batter is salt, stir it around a bit.
Now we re going to add an egg
once the egg is in we re going to pour in
some whole milk, and mix well. By the way,
the link to this recipe is in the description
box below. You are going to want to preheat
your oven to 350 degree and grab your baking
pan. Now you can do this one 9 x 13 but I
did them in two loaf pans. We re going to
pour some butter I melted in the microwave
into the bottoms of the pans. Just like so.
I m telling you This is going to go great
with the ice cream I m making, It also goes
well with just some fresh whipped cream on
top. Now we re going to pour the batter equally
into the pans. This is something you don t
hear me say much. But you re going to hear
me say it this. DO NOT STIR THIS! This batter
will rise up over the peaches. It s kind of
cool how it happens. Now, gently layer the
peaches onto of the batter, that s basically
all it is to it. We re going to slide them
in the oven. You want to bake this off for
45 to 55 minutes. Ovens vary. Let them cool
a bit before serving. Ok, subscribe and share
this video. Have a fantastic day, chef Kendra
is out, Peace.

Randall Smitham