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How to Make Spaghetti Squash – The Basics on QVC

Spaghetti squash is a gorgeous veg that you
can use as a light substitute for pasta or
as a side dish all on its own. There are three
different ways to cook it and each one is
easy, easy, easy! So the three ways to cook
as spaghetti squash are in the oven, in a
pressure cooker or in a microwave. And honestly,
the hardest part of all of this, is just cutting
it in half so get a sharp, big knife and just
slice the spaghetti squash in half. Now you’re
gonna see that there are some seeds in the
center of the spaghetti squash and you’re
gonna scoop those out with a spoon and really,
honestly, just discard them. Once you’ve
finished scraping out the seeds, you’re
just gonna do the same thing no matter which
appliance you’re using. A little bit of
olive oil drizzled on that cut surface and
then some salt and pepper. Now you always
cook spaghetti squash cut side down. So if
you’re using the oven, you’re gonna preheat
your oven to 400 degrees, place the spaghetti
squash cut side down on a cookie sheet and
then you put it in the oven for 30-35 minutes
depending on how big the spaghetti squash
is. If you’re gonna do it in a microwave,
you’re gonna put that spaghetti squash cut
side down in a microwavable dish again and
that’s only going to take about 8-12 minutes
in a microwave. If you’re doing it in a
pressure cooker, you’re gonna need to put
some water in pressure cooker first. Just
enough to cover the bottom of the cooker.
Then you’re gonna put a rack in the cooker.
Here’s a rack. If you don’t have a rack
like this, you can use some crumpled up aluminum
foil. And you’re gonna put the spaghetti
squash, cut side down, on top of that rack.
You’re gonna set it for 12-15 minutes depending
on how big that spaghetti squash is. So after
12-15 minutes, my pressure cooker has told
me that it’s finished and I’m gonna let
the steam out. You wanna do a quick release
of the steam here, or a manual release. Just
by turning that, I’m gonna release that
steam. Cover it a little bit with a towel
to protect my cabinets and let all the steam
out. Now I only cooked one half of the spaghetti
squash in here, but you can cook as much spaghetti
squash as your pressure cooker will handle.
Just pile them up on top of each other making
sure the cut side is always down. So once
it’s finished, you can check to see if the
spaghetti squash is cooked and the way you
do that is with a paring knife. You’re gonna
pierce the skin with a knife and that knife
should go right through. There will be a little
resistance with the skin but no matter which
way you cook it, in the microwave, the oven
or the pressure cooker, the knife should pierce
through the flesh no problem. Remove the spaghetti
squash to a cutting board or work surface
and place it cut side up. Now if you’ve
used a pressure cooker to make your spaghetti
squash you actually have enough time while
it’s cooling to make a marinara, which only
takes about 5 minutes in the pressure cooker.
Put on a glove or use a towel to hold the
spaghetti squash because it’s still warm
even though it’s cooled a little bit. Using
a fork, just start to flake and scrape the
strands of squash peeling it away from the
skin. This is where you’re going to see
it start to look a little bit like spaghetti.
So turn it out right onto a plate like this.
You’ll see it’s already seasoned because
we had that salt and pepper at the beginning.
You have about enough for 1 to 2 people per
half of spaghetti squash. Now it’s simple.
You can dress it any way you want. Sometimes
just putting some bread crumbs, salt & pepper,
maybe just a little bit of butter on there
is fine. Or if you want to have a really nice
pasta dinner, top it with some marinara. Maybe
a little bit of cheese and some parsley. Beautiful.
And that is a low carb, vegetarian, beautiful
dinner. Thanks for watching. If you’d like
to see more of The Basics, click over here.
If you’d like to see everything I used today,
click over here. And if you have any comments
or suggestions for more basics, put them in
the comments section right below.

Randall Smitham



  1. Fran Kammerdeiner Posted on November 18, 2015 at 11:28 pm

    Thank you, learned 2 new ways to cook Spaghetti Squash.