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How to make the Best Bulletproof Coffee

oh hey there good morning have an idea
let’s make some bulletproof coffee
hey good morning I’m Phillip Bridges and
today we’re gonna make some bulletproof
coffee I’ve been getting a lot of
comments on Instagram asking Mia you
know what my choice of how I make my
bulletproof coffee and people send it
before and they like it so all right for
the first thing that we’re gonna need is
we are going to need our coffee
I use a dark expresso mix I use in the
beans and then I grind it up cuz that’s
okay now that we have a ground up what’s
put it in our coffee maker I use the
copy ninja um use whatever you want for
you know brewing your own cup of coffee
and we will see you after you get done
brewing your cup of coffee all right so
now we have our well it’s not a cup of
coffee it’s about a half a pot so we are
going to put it in our little ninja
mixer a little for smoothies what we’re
gonna do is we are going to get some
you’re gonna get some grass-fed butter
because that’s what we do here we use
grass-fed butter we don’t use we don’t
we don’t use that other stuff we want we
want our college deed and grass-fed
because why because you know they say
you know grass-fed cattle have you know
about five times more fatty acids and
whatnot and I can get into all
scientific mumbo jumbo but no one really
cares they just want to know that it’s
healthy and it is healthy it’s it tastes
a lot better than you know non grass-fed
butter so we’re gonna what we’re gonna
do is we’re gonna cop out two
tablespoons butter and then we’re gonna
put it in our ninja cup just like that
and then we’re going to take about two
tablespoons of MCT oil now you’re not
going to take MCT oil for two
tablespoons you’re not going to take two
why if it’s your first time or you
haven’t really had any MCT oil you’re
not you’re not going to take two
tablespoons I’m gonna tell you again
you’re not gonna take two tablespoons
I’m gonna keep telling you that but as
we all know you know don’t touch the
stove the stove hot you’re gonna do it
anyways and if you do that you’re gonna
get a very upset stomach because why
people told me don’t take more than two
tablespoons your first time your first
week let your body get used to it oh my
god all my body’s fine I just pour it in
full that
bad idea ever see dumb dumber when uh
Harry’s on the toilet yeah anyways two
tablespoons of MCT oil which you’re
gonna do one so I know my measurement so
I just kind of give it a squirt in there
and I know what I’m doing so and then we
are going to take some French vanilla
sugar free french vanilla syrup you
don’t have to do this this is what I do
everybody’s gonna be like oh well you’ve
got to you’ve got this
Sakura Loesser whatever and that’s bad
for you I don’t here I’m not a big fan
of coffee anyway so this is like this is
helping me off big so I just give it a
little shot just boom done that’s all we
got to do so we we have our butter we
have our MC MCT oil and we have our
french vanilla non sugar syrup then we
will take the coffee and we’re gonna
pour it in this or you’re not going to
go all the way the top you’re gonna go
about an inch from the top all right
then we’re gonna put our lid on it a lid
on it now don’t cross thread it like I
did a long time ago goes everywhere so
then we bring our trusty little ninja
over here and you don’t have to do you
don’t have to use a ninja but I do all
you got to do is give it a whole
that’s it that’s all you do now when you
open this you don’t open it quick
because it’s gonna be under pressure
because hot liquid it’s gonna build up
some pressure so it’s slowly open it all
right you got your froth that’s pretty
good they say about a cup but really who
can only drink one cup of coffee a day
let’s go for 16 to 24 ounces come on
people let’s be realistic here so oh
it’s delicious it’s got a little taste
in my vanilla you got to have that MCT
oil if anybody doesn’t know what MCT oil
it is a extract of coconut or palms you
can look that up that’s a pump at Google
that thank you for watching this video
my review on a bulletproof coffee and
how to make it subscribe down below
please like it come on people mine
let’s not dislike this why would you
dislike this guy we don’t do that here
but if you do be gentle in the comments
if you do comment below its negative
anyways subscribe down below have a good
day and hopefully this will keep you
going through all all right talk to you

Randall Smitham



  1. YouTube Creations Posted on January 9, 2019 at 2:02 am

    Nice funny

  2. Danielle Knoll Posted on January 13, 2019 at 11:47 pm

    LOVE BP coffee