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How to Make Time Saving Make-Ahead Freezer Meals | Dish with Julia |

– Freeze!
Do you have a super busy week
or a ton of extra leftovers?
Save time and money by stashing
make-ahead meals in the freezer.
Here’s everything you need to know
about preparing, storing, and
thawing your reheat treats.
Some foods freeze better than others,
like casseroles, soups, stews,
pasta sauces, and meatballs,
so double recipe and
save the rest for later.
Before you go shoving
things in that ice box,
make sure your food has
cooled down completely
or the heat will warm up your
freezer and ruin everything.
After that, portion it out
into meal-size containers or packages.
Wrapping is important.
You don’t want your food to
be exposed to unpleasant odors
or susceptible to freezer burn.
So make sure to use freezer safe
and airtight containers or bags.
Separate by quarts to make
sure everything freezes
uniformly and in a timely manner.
Food that is two inches thick
should take about two
hours to freeze completely.
So how long can you leave
your food in the freezer?
Well it depends on what it is.
Soup, stews, and baked goods will keep
for about two to three months and sauces,
meatballs, casseroles,
and unbaked goods for six.
I always keep a batch of
chocolate chip cookie dough
in the freezer for those
emergency situations.
You all know what I’m talking about.
(bell dings)
When you’re ready to dig in,
you’ve got a few options.
Unless it’s baked goods,
you don’t want your food to
thaw out at room temperature.
The slowest and safest
way to defrost your food
is in the refrigerator for
a few hours or overnight.
You can also put frozen
food in a leak-proof bag
and place in a large
container of cold water.
Use the defrost setting on your microwave
only if you plan on
chowing down immediately
as some parts of the food may
have begun to cook already.
Your freezer is the age-old hero
for the make-ahead meal world.
So let it save the day.

Randall Smitham



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