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How To Make Tofu Scramble – Vegan Breakfast Recipe Easy

– Hi friends, it’s Sam and today I’m gonna show you how to make my Tofu Scramble, Breakfast
of Vegan Champions. Yes! My tofru, my tofru? It’s not a fru, it has no fru in it. In my cookbook, Fuss-Free Vegan, I have my dreamy tofu scramble, (dreamy music) which is a very simple,
plain, egg-y kind of tasting tofu scramble. But today I’m going to show
you a recipe from my blog which is a tofu scramble that’s been taken to the next level. Tons of spices and flavors, lots of veggies, all that goodness shoved in to make one hearty,
super-satisfying, savory brunch. Chickpea’s looking at me like I’m crazy, talking to the camera. So to start, I’m gonna
make a little spice mix for this tofu scramble. Sometimes people tell
me that tofu is bland and boring and I’m like,
“You’re right, it is. “It really doesn’t taste like
all that much on it’s own.” So, in order to make tofu
super delicious and lovely, we have to add a bunch of spices. And luckily, your spice cabinet is vegan so we can go crazy. So first, nutritional yeast,
the world’s worst-named food. Nothing about it sounds appetizing but I promise, it’s delicious. Chili powder for a little kick. Cumin. Now for the salt, you can add black salt or just regular salt. If you want an egg-y
taste, black salt is key. I explained all about
this in my fried egg video so I recommend you check out that video to learn more about that. But if you don’t really
like the taste of eggs, or you’re just not
feeling it this morning, use regular salt. Today, I’m feeling the egg-y vibe so I’m gonna use black salt. Turmeric. And this is gonna add that
golden gorgeous color. Oh, I spilled that everywhere. It’s a little garlic powder. Don’t spill it everywhere
like I did though. Now, I only made one
batch of this spice mix, but if you give this a try
and like this spice mix a lot for your tofu scrambles, you can double, quadruple, whatever you want, this recipe. Keep it in a jar. It’ll be totally shelf-stable. And then just add it to your scrambles whenever you’re making them. All ready to go, perfect. So I chopped my peppers, garlic, onions, sliced my mushrooms, drained
the water off of the tofu, drained and rinsed the black beans, and I’ve got my spice mix ready, so let’s hop on over to the stove and start making this tofu scramble. Okay, crank the heat. Well, put it on a medium high, so not like all the way cranked. And grab yourself a large
skillet or frying pan. I always like to work
with my biggest skillet because that way I have the most room to play around and it’s
not overflowing and stuff. ♪ Do do do do ♪ ♪ Do do do do ♪ ♪ When the light ♪ ♪ Something, something ♪ ♪ Bah, bah, bah ♪ ♪ I don’t know the words ♪ Now the oil is hot, I’m
gonna add all of this, garlic, peppers, onions, and mushrooms straight into the pan. So I’m just gonna cook this up, stirring every now and then, for about eight minutes
until the veggies soften and begin to brown. Oh, pepper down. Chickpea will be happy about that. The veggies are softened
and nicely browned so we’re gonna add all
the remaining ingredients. I’ve got my black beans. This is a medium firm tofu. I’m just gonna give it a start here and help it by crumbling it in. Lovely. You see it’s nice and soft
which is gonna give you a lovely, egg-y kind of texture. And then all of the spice mix. And now just mix it all together. Oh, those spices are
smelling delicious already. Love it. If there are any large chunks of tofu, you can break it apart with the spoon a little bit more. Personally, I like a chunky scramble so I don’t break it up too much. Beautiful. Smelling delicious,
looking delicious, yeah. I’m just gonna cook this
for a couple more minutes. All I want to do is heat
the tofu and beans through so that everything is nice and hot and then I’m gonna serve
it up and give it a taste. My favorite part of these videos. Yeah, toasty, toasty. There we go. Breakfast of vegan champion. Isn’t it beautiful? I’ve served my scramble
up with a piece of toast with some vegan butter on it and a couple of slices of avocado because, oh so fancy, and I
do like a little fanciness in my morning routine. And now for the taste test. Mmm, so delish. Get in there again. Mm, mm (clapping). Such a delicious morning breakfast. I love that it’s this
great, savory, hearty, full of veggies, keep you
going throughout the day, kind of meal. Da-licious. Now as always, I’ll put
a link to the full recipe in the description down below and I’ll pop one up here as well. I hope you enjoyed this video and this tofu scramble so if you did, be sure to give it a big like. It really helps me out
here on this channel. And don’t forget to subscribe for another Fuss-Free Vegan
video every single Wednesday. I’ll see you next week. Bon Appetegan! (chicken clucks) (light music) Hearty, satisfying, really yummy. Chipmunk cheeks, mm. Breakfast of vegan champions, mm, mm, mm, mm. Mm. And brunch … Brunch … Brunch …

Randall Smitham



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