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How to Prepare 5 Healthy Freezer Meals | Instant Pot and Slow Cooker Recipes

– Hey guys, Olena with iFOODreal here, and we are shooting our first
video in our new studio. It’s awesome, it’s amazing. And when I asked you what first recipe would you like to see, it was such a huge demand for
the healthy freezer meals. So today I’m gonna show you how to make five freezer meals that are healthy, dinners made with real food
in basically two hours. And they require no
sauteing, no pre-cooking, and you can cook from frozen in your Instant Pot or slow cooker. The only exception is
slow cooker recipes with meat, you have to thaw them first. But anyways, if you are an expecting mom, a mom with a baby,
working mom, sports mom, any sane mom needs to do this. I came up with this meals one time when I went on a work trip and I left all of this for Alex. And he kept raving and raving and raving about amazing dinners and last time I heard Alex rave about stuff like this was
about his truck. (laughs) Print all five recipes for the meal prep. Gather all ingredients like
cans, meat, vegetables, and greens, on the counter. No spices yet. Label your containers with instructions. You can abbreviate as much as you want as long as you and your
husband can read it. Open the cans. In real life I cannot avoid canned goods, that’s why I try to buy
organic and without BPA liner. Rinse vegetables with cold
water for all five recipes. Now we’re going to peel them. No chopping yet, because I like to chop vegetables for each individual recipe as I add ingredients to the bag. There is no right way to
chop or peel the vegetables, it’s really what works for you and it doesn’t have to be pretty. As a self-taught chopper, I can tell you that all you
need is a good, sharp knife, doesn’t have to be super expensive, but it has to be a good one
and sharpen it once in a while, and a large cutting
board and just go for it. (bright music) Now add meat to meat-based recipes. In this particular meal
prep it’s three of them. And when it comes to meat, I just try to buy organic
and sometimes local chicken, and cheaper pieces like
drumsticks and thighs work too. In all of my recipes
you can use any chicken, I am not strict with that,
they are really forgiving. Grab first recipe and chop
all vegetables for it. Add them to the bag. Do the same for the second,
third, fourth, and fifth recipe. It is basically like an assembly line and the order of recipes doesn’t matter. You should’ve decided by now what works for you and just do it. (gentle bright music) (chopping) That’s a lot of garlic and onion. Ukrainians definitely like
their onions and garlic. (gentle bright music) Now it’s time to add beans and grains. You didn’t see me opening a can of beans because that day I cooked
my own in the Instant Pot. And when it comes to dry
ingredients like lentils, rice, I like to rinse and drain it first because you just don’t
know where it has been and how much dirt and dust it has in it. So rinse and drain well. Now it’s time to add liquids from cans and jars like coconut
milk and diced tomatoes. If you’re planning to cook in Instant Pot, it is super important
to keep tomatoes on top and cook the meal that way so you won’t get a burned message. Do not add broth or water now, you add when it cooking from frozen. (gentle bright music) Gather all your spices
on the counter, measure, and add them to each bag as per recipe. Yes, you can freeze the spices. (gentle bright music) now it’s time to seal your Ziploc bags. There is really no right way to do it, I just shove everything in there, bang it on a counter a few times, let as much air out as possible, and go over the seal a few times. It’s just really common sense. Okay people, this is super important. There are only two positions you can freeze your freezer meals in, standing upright like this, or if you have an empty ice
cream or a honey bucket, push it your freezer meal in there, this is your opportunity
to let out more air, reseal again, and that’s
how you freeze it. So when it’s time to
cook your freezer meal, it will actually fit into your
slow cooker or Instant Pot. Trust me, I learned the hard way trying to fit in a flat square into my Instant Pot and close the lid. (gentle bright music) I’m going to show you how I cook it and I choose chicken wild rice soup just because that’s what I feel like. Grab the frozen meal of your
choice from the freezer, run it under hot water for 20, 30 seconds. It will help the ingredients
slide out of the bag easily. (gentle bright music) Add frozen meal to Instant
Pot or slow cooker. Remember, that’s when
you have to make sure tomatoes stay on top of
cooking in Instant Pot. Now it’s time to add stock
or water as per recipe. I have it all figured out for you and cooking instructions
are listed under each recipe in the healthy freezer meals
post that we’ll link below. When I see a little bit of spices left on the walls of the bag, I like to add a little
bit of water or stock, rinse the bag, and add that to the Pot. And that’s Ukrainian in me. Now it’s time to cook your freezer meal in slow cooker or Instant Pot. And see you later, dinner. It is true you cannot recycle Ziploc bags and I feel bad throwing them away, so i just wash it with soap,
dry, and reuse next time. If there was meat in the
bag, I just use it for meat. Or if I am meal prepping the same recipe, I use it for the same recipe. And that’s Ukrainian in me again. Some of these five recipes require a final step after
cooking and some do not, but generally they are easy steps and you just garnish, serve, and enjoy. (gentle bright music) Yeah, (laughs) this is so good. This is so good. This chicken wild rice soup is so good and the best part is that on a weeknight it won’t take you five minutes to put it from the freezer into the Pot, and then total about one hour, you walk away and you do nothing. And the best part is, I know I already said that, but even bestest part is that it doesn’t taste like frozen food. It tastes like something
you cook from fresh. So it’s totally worth it to
spend two hours on meal prep and have five dinners for the week. So yeah, I think it’s pretty awesome. That’s it for this time for our first video in the new iFOODreal studio. Please leave in the comments below and tell me what else
would you like me to see, would you like another freezer meal prep or another quick dinner recipe or maybe almond flour
chocolate chip cookies? Don’t be shy. And also put the thumbs
up if you like this video, and I hope you did, and subscribe to our channel. And see you next week, bye. (gentle bright music)

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