March 30, 2020
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Hi, I’m Dr. Joe from the Southside Health and Wellness Campus in Oneonta. Thank you for taking some time today to be with me. What I’d like to talk about today is a way to help you to reduce cravings and overeating, but not the way that most people have tried to do it through most of their lives. What I’d like to try to do is help encourage people to find ways to do this one degree of change at a time and I’d also like to find a way to help people to not have to do this with will power only. That is something that each of us has tried for some elements of things we want to improve in our lives. We do it for a period of time and food changes are probably one of the most difficult for people to do. Willpower will only last as long as the motivation outweighs the fatigue and stress that life throws at us. So when a person becomes tired or stressed out, I find that they will fall back into the habits that they’ve relied on before. So what I’d like to do is help to develop a plan that would be very very simple and so slowly implemented that your ability to fight off cravings and to not overeat will just become part of your just be part of your normal daily living. normal daily living So let’s take a look at why we struggle so much with cravings and overeating. Well, companies spend millions of dollars to basically make food smell, taste, look and feel a certain way. Now. What do I mean by that? So basically when you open the bag or something, you just feel that aroma just take over you where you want to devour the whole thing! You could have just eaten a meal, but you’re gonna have a bag of chips and now you feel like you’ve never eaten before in your life and that whole concept of “I bet you can’t eat just one” takes over and you feel like you just have to jump right in and that’s a slogan that was used for years by a company to basically have you buy their product? How does it taste? well obviously they want to make things taste as good as they can so they can sell the product. Only natural. Seasonings and different flavors and stuff to help to improve the quality of the taste. Absolutely normal. However when chemicals are used to try to trick the brain to say give me more of this food even when by all other counts-the stretch in the stomach and the brains normal production of hormones say you are full, and you don’t need any more and to stop eating! Those are basically bypassed because these chemicals trick the body into wanting more of it. 3.) The look! Obviously look is an appealing thing. When you look at a product and it looks so beautiful and the way it’s colored and the texture is nice, that would just make us say hey I want more on that. So that’s appealing to that sense as well. It’s okay if it’s done naturally, but if a chemical is used to synthetically dye something then that can be a problem. Last would be texture. Sometimes additives are made to make things crunchier or smoother or to have a specific firmness, whatever it might be that you’re eating and sometimes it’s a natural process and other times it’s because a chemical has been added. When these chemicals are taken into the body, it causes us to have significant mental changes that would cause us to want for more of that product. So three of the top offenders, that would be found in so many different foods- that I want you to be much more aware of when you’re looking at labels would be high-fructose corn syrup. Now many people have heard that this is just not a good thing. However, it remains in so many different foods. It’s replacing many of the sugars that we are used to consuming. So secondly, would be monosodium glutamate or MSG. Now for years people would go to certain restaurants and they would ask for no MSG to be added. And restaurants by all accounts, will honor a persons’s request to not add it to their food. However, there’s other things in it that contain MSG, sometimes natural, sometimes not so natural ways that they’ll add that to the food and unfortunately when you read a label it can be very confusing. It might look like a natural product. For instance, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein is another way to call MSG, MSG. Now vegetable protein almost sounds like a good thing, well, not so good. It causes a lot of stress on the brain and can cause the body to want more of certain foods. Artificial flavors and colors by all accounts. they should just sound bad. So if something says artificial colors and flavors and you choose to have that, you have to realize that you’re just putting chemicals put in your body and those chemicals are not supposed to be consumed by the body. Three of the top offenders are aspartame, sucralose and acesulfame k and you know acesulfame K is also called acesulfame potassium which again, we hear potassium is good for us, so we think maybe its the same Potassium thats in an avocado, well, it is not and you should not consume it and it will cause the body to have a number of different things. One is it will cause the body to have an insulin spike. It will cause us to have a surge of energy and to try to process all the sugar we’re consuming which then causes that to be followed by a sugar crash which will make us want to consume more food. Which can lead to increased cravings.
Now, where are some of the most common offenders that we consume? I believe if a person was to evaluate the top three foods that they consume on a daily basis or quite frequently that they know are not very good for them that these are be four of the worst offenders. I’d like you to choose three of them before the end of this video, and to figure out which ones you are going to start to try to improve on, to improve the quality of your eating. So they can be potato chips, corn chips, pretzels or crackers. Often where that texture or that crunch that person’s looking for might be found in that so the less ingredients that you can find in these foods the less apt to have those added chemicals and colorings that we’re talking about. So these might be three but there’s a list of hundreds and hundreds of chemical food additives that can be put into foods that you want to try to avoid Number two be cookies, cakes, snack bars and that would include protein bars. Now, I’ve tried almost every protein bar on the planet. I like to grab something quick and you know easy with enough natural energy in it to help sustain me going on through my active day. However, most protein bars are awful, they’re just like eating a candy bar. You have to be really careful. Try to avoid consuming them. Ice cream. Now this is one that we all love! However, ice cream is one of those things that you can look at one brand and they might both be vanilla for instance, but if you flip over the container on the one, that might be a natural vanilla and the other one might not. On the one that says natural vanilla, you might have a list of four or five ingredients: Cream, sugar- which yes sugar is not fantastic for you, but it’s a more simple ingredient than some of the others. It could also have Vanilla bean. Okay, and that might be it.
However, the other one might have a list of 15 ingredients which still gives you vanilla ice cream but those additives in it which may be trying to control the texture or the taste in some way or the desire for more of it, are going to be messing with your hormones which will cause you to have a craving for much more of it. So you want to try to avoid that. Lastly, chocolate or candy? Obviously everybody likes those occasionally,if you’re going to have chocolate you want one with less overall sugar in it. So the darker the chocolate the better and candy, same thing, look at the ingredients. There are some more natural candies, obviously a lot of colorings are going to be in these things with some companies, especially the organic ones, they might use natural colorings and flavorings to give you the flavor that you’re looking for. So if you’re looking for a treat, try something that’s a little more of a natural alternative. Lastly, what I’d like to do is give you some craving tips-like how to reduce the desire for a craving. I often find that most people have the cravings at night, after a meal sometimes in the middle of the day, but often at night. That’s the one that they really indulge in the most. So what I’d encourage people to do is if you have your dinner and it’s been maybe a little bit then you’re planning on having a snack a half an hour an hour afterwards, before you have that snack, I would encourage you to have a full glass of water. Now, I don’t typically want people to drink water before they have a meal however if they have water before they have a snack it might actually cause a little bit of a filling effect on the stomach which would help them to reduce the desire to eat a lot of that food. Second measure it out. So whatever it is that you’re gonna have it could be a bowl of fruit or it could be a cookie or cracker if you were to put that into a bowl or something that’s measured before you get into tasting it I think that’s a good idea. So if your gonna have some potato chips, pour some in a bowl, wrap up the bag put it away and decide this is all that I’m gonna allow myself to have so when you go into the room and you really get into that taste and you’re having an enjoyable Moment. Well, you’re just going to get to the bottom of the bowl and decide that that’s going to be it However, we have the bag there It’s a perpetual thing And unfortunately when you get to that last one It means you’ve killed off the whole bag and that’s going to have much more Consequence than if you were to have just a small bowl of that product and lastly if you take supplements I’m a big fan of taking nutritional supplements. However, most people take them early in the morning. I don’t find the biggest cravings are in the early morning, Your brain is smart enough to know- give me food because I need certain nutrients. Now, many of the foods that we’re talking about here don’t have a lot of nutrients in it. However, I believe if you were to take one small step and actually take your supplements at the end of the day maybe before dinner or right with dinner, then as your body gets into digesting that food and those supplements, you’ll find out that basically your brain might say, okay I have enough of vitamin this and vitamin that and certain minerals that when you decide to have that sugary craving, say for instance the chocolate, then maybe it’s really your body craving magnesium, not an uncommon situation, then it may not need as much of it. So that might help to reduce the amount of it that you’re going to actually consume. So hopefully this will give you a little idea in terms of how to change your eating habits and I believe a lot of it has to do with Changing your shopping habits because quite honestly in my home, if I don’t have the food in my house It makes it more difficult for me to eat. However, if I go shopping and buy a whole bunch of different things. My cupboards are full of possible options that might smell, taste, look and feel a certain way and they’re not exactly very healthy for me. When I’m in that state and when I might have a little bit of a craving and I just feel like I want to eat something, maybe I’m bored even, if I don’t have a good option there, I’ll just go to the bad option so a lot of has to do with planning in advance so that when you do your shopping You’ve got good choices. So try to use this pick out three of the worst offenders would it be the ice cream that you consume very frequently, the candy, the chocolate or the cookies and decide when you’re going to you go shopping that you’re going to go and compare some labels. Look at the one with the least amount of ingredients and make a simple one degree of change choice to buy that better option. It might be a little bit more expensive, but I guarantee that it’ll help you to eventually cause one degree turn into two degrees turn into three degrees because those chemicals won’t be telling your brain to consume many many more of these things which will cause you to become unhealthy So thank you for being part of this video today I hope it helps you in some way and if you like what you saw today please give us a little thumbs up and look forward to seeing you in the next video

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