April 4, 2020
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So you’ve seen the insanely quick body transformation, both of myself and all the other bellyproofers
and you are curious to know how it all works. In the Health industry, everyone talks about
nutrition and exercise, but it’s not all the same: While one program may talk about keto
or intermittent fasting, another one would talk about calorie restriction and increasing
protein intake – they both call it diet but the approach is different.
Same with exercise where one program would say the best way to lose fat is to train at
a high heart rate, while another program would stress the best way to lose fat is by training
your muscles hard. It seems everyone has a magic bullet nowadays, just do this one thing
and your will burn a ton of calories and lose a ton of weight.
And when it comes to a practical weight loss journey a normal person can do, is the BellyProof
System different to the same old method? Hardly, here’s the science of how we transform your
body in just over a month: On the diet front, we don’t use calories.
We generally go low carb, close to the “keto” definition. And while we do put you in rapid
ketogenic states, it’s not a exactly a ketogenic diet… We also incorporate daily fasting and you get to skip breakfast – just as we promised
in our famous “calorie re-think video”. The exercise looks and feels different, it’s
not cardio, it’s not weight lifting – it’s something better. It works with motor control
concepts and muscle fiber targeting: Every workout is structured for maximum fat
breaking, a process also known as lipolysis. We follow that with oxidation to burn fat.
This cycle repeats itself a few times in each and every workout ensuring we are both breaking
and burning fat at maximal speed. The breaking of fat tissue is done by first
making sure conditions are optimal, so we get Insulin down and go hard at targeting
muscle fibers from type 2b. Leading to a surge in Growth Hormone and Adrenaline, two hormones
that really works to break fat – and esepcially when Insulin is low as they are antagonistic
to one another. Fat in then broken down into free fatty acids and released into the blood
stream. We get those type 2b fibers working at maximum capacity in numerous ways in order
to get the body to secrete a large amount of fat breaking hormones.
At that point, we move to burn the fat we worked so hard to get broken. We do it by targeting a mixture of type 1
and type 2a muscle fibers, both very rich in mitochondrial content. We engage them in
numerous ways including steady state activity and stability challenges.
Broken fat enter the mitochondria and together with oxygen, it converts into energy units
we call ATP, creating ketones in the process.. yes that ketones through training, not everyone
knows that but fat breaking and burning is tied into ketone bodies production – while
nutritional ketosis or ketogenic diets and fasted states mark a great start, they are
just the tip of the iceberg. Let go a bit further:
Your ability to engage type 2b muscle fibers largely depends on the creatine content available
to those muscles fibers naturally to be used as instant energy source. In stage 1, which
takes 5 days, we work to achieve creatine saturation, which in turn factors in for better
usage of the type 2b fiber types. That means that when we do our fat breaking, we just
get much more of it done. During those 5 days, we also create a cellular
switch from glucose to fatty acids so that your mitochondria can utilize more fatty acids
or broken fats, as energy. When your body has the option to burn fat better, guess what
it does? it burns fat better. At stage 2, we crank up the level of broken
fats that we are breaking and burning and we also tweak our process further by increasing
blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) as well as utilize the BOHR effect to actually draw
the oxygen from the blood to the cells. This is cool because not only your cells become
really good at using fat, they can actually draw more oxygen from the blood to burn it
as well. We also take measures to improve the access to previously stubborn areas by
improving blood circulation and temporally inhibiting cortisol and alpha-2 receptors
in places like belly fat and love handles. There are some long term strategies in place:
making use of concepts like cellular apoptosis, which refers to activating the self-destruct
mechanism of fat cells rather than just let them shrink and improving your gut health
as we recognize the growing body of research on how your microbiome ties into your health,
wellbeing and basically your metabolism. We take it so seriously that we teach you how
to make your own probiotics at home. Wow, it looks complex doesn’t it? It may not
be as pretty as saying “just count your calories” or “get your heart pumping” but there’s substance,
research and a lot of cool concepts. You can bet a million dollars that it’s effective.
Seeing your body shrinks is fun, true, but we also get a lot of responses like “I love
the exercises” “I feel great” and “I wish more people new about it”.
For those of you who are currently doing the BellyProof weight loss program, you know this
works – and hopefully, now you know why For those of you who thought about joining
us but haven’t yet made the step: We promised you a super effective program
you can use to lose weight faster, without calories, crunches or having protein shakes
all day. It’s here, and it’s here for you. It’s designed for everyday people like yourself,
people who are busy with jobs and families and are looking for a practical solution that
will actually produce good results and fast. You’ll need some space, a gym is usually
better but not required. You can take your time or start whenever you are ready and it’s
built in 3 stages over either 5 or 6 weeks so you are in control over time.
There are protocols in place, some of them looks innocent but they do help you in achieving
the different states faster. There are also mini-video tutorials for anything you might
need to do, and of course detailed demos for all the different exercises that will break
and burn your fat in a rapid pace. Last point, if you’ve got any questions
– you get stuck, you feel like sharing something. You’ve got my email, I’m a friendly guy
and I really am here to help you get the body and make it one experience you can really
be proud of and possibility show off a bit, because people will ask you how you did it.
So we got a pretty large group of BellyProofers already and really always happy to have one
more, as and when you are ready to take the steps.

Randall Smitham