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How to Start the Keto Diet: 18 Beginner Tips I Wish I Would Have Known! (The Ultimate Keto Guide)

– Today, we are gonna do a video all about the ketogenic diet. It’s basically the
ultimate beginner’s guide to starting keto. Everything you need to know, the tips and tricks, the things I wish I would’ve known when I started the keto diet, what to expect, what foods to eat. And if you’ve hit a keto
plateau, which happens to all of us, I’m gonna share some things that worked for me to help
me get over that hump. I made a lot of mistakes on the keto diet, and things I wish I would’ve
known before I started, so I hope that this
video will help you guys not go through the same thing that I did, so let’s get started. (upbeat motivating music) First things first, I know you guys are gonna ask me, how
much weight did you lose, how many inches, how do you feel? So I’m just gonna be straight-up
honest with you guys. So I don’t have a ton of weight to lose, or I didn’t have a ton of weight to lose, I was just trying to get off that extra 10 to 15 pounds that you get after baby that just never seems to go away. And moms, you know what
I’m talking about, right? It’s just that extra
little weight your body just does not want to get rid of. So for me, that was my goal of keto. Some of you might have a
lot more weight to lose or a lot more weight
that you want to lose. A keto diet is amazing. I’m a huge, huge fan of it. In fact, my husband even said I was way happier on the keto diet. So for me, I actually lost nine pounds in my first seven days doing a keto diet, which was crazy to me. I could not believe that eating that way could have that kind of results. After that point, I kind of plateaued just a tiny bit, and I had to stick with it to see results, the results were just a little bit slower, which I think is kind of the case for everybody when they did a keto diet. So if you see a huge drop at the beginning and then see slower decline, don’t worry about it, I’m pretty sure
it happens to everybody. Just stay consistent and you’ll see all of the results, and a lot of times, your weight might not be changing, but your inches and your body is. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so if you’re burning fat, you might not see that on the scale if you’re using the scale as your indicator. So I would highly
recommend that you measure your body before you start the keto diet, and not just do the scale. Because sometimes you
might not lose weight for a whole month, but you’ve lost four inches on your waste. You just don’t know, so you need to pay attention, and so I would recommend doing that as your first step. The second thing I would do is make sure that you’re using some sort of tracker to track the amount of protein, fats, and carbs that you
were eating every day. This is kind of the most important part. You have to eat a certain percentage of fats, carbohydrates, and protein in order to make the keto diet work. So perfect keto actually has an amazing graph that I’m gonna use, so shout out to them for
their amazing picture. If you guys look at this picture, you’ll see that your fat should be anywhere from 70 to 80% of all the foods you eat during the day. Your protein should be between 20 and 25%, and your carbs should be
between five and 10% a day. Now this might sound super-complicated, but if you use the MyFitnessPal App, which is completely free, just download it, you can enter in your numbers, it’ll tell you exactly how many grams or how much to eat every single day. Then you can scan any of the food that you’re eating that has a barcode, it’ll input for you, or you can just type it in and use their
ginormous search engine and pull things up as well,
even if you’re eating out, food is in there. So you guys can get an idea if you are on track or if you’re not on track. When you first start, guaranteed, you’re gonna overdue your carbs because you have to get used to it, it’ll take a few days. The whole point of a keto diet, at least the basic point of a keto diet. To burn through all the glucose your body has stored, to burn through all the carbs it has, to put it in a state where it has to go
somewhere to get energy. And we want it to start pulling from your fat stores to start burning off that fat as energy. So that’s what we’re doing this very first week when you start a keto diet at the very beginning, and it’s hard guys. You’re gonna go through something called the keto flu. You’ve probably read about it. So I’m gonna share a few things that helped me get through
the keto flu a lot better. The first time I did keto I did it for nine weeks straight,
absolutely perfect with no cheats, and it
was very, very hard. Even on my birthday,
my husband’s birthday, our anniversary didn’t cheat at all. It was super-hard and I felt like it definitely paid off. And then I took a couple of weeks off and restarted the keto diet. And because I’ve gone through the keto flu a couple of times, I definitely know what worked to help you get through it a little bit better. So here are a few tips for you. Water’s gonna be your best friend, drink as much water as possible. You think you drink
enough water, drink more. It will help flush
everything out so much faster and you will feel so much better. If you’re not drinking enough water, you are going to feel sick. So make sure that you do that. You also need electrolytes, and this is something I didn’t
know when I first started. Magnesium and potassium, if you are not getting enough of that in your diet with the keto diet, which
you probably aren’t, because of the foods, you need to add that in with a supplement. So you can go and buy
a pill for magnesium, a pill for potassium, and make sure you’re taking that every day. You can also buy something
just called electrolytes, just straight electrolytes,
you put it in your water. And that made a huge difference for me. The one that I like is from a company called Beyond Raw, you can find it at GNC, you can find it on Amazon. I’ll link you guys to it below, and that I felt an instant relief when I took those. So if you are going through the keto flu or you don’t want to have to go through it as badly as other people, make sure you have those things. Some people also swear by Himalayan salt. I didn’t notice a difference with that, but I was taking
electrolytes, so that might have been why. When you first start the keto diet and you’re going through that keto flu, a lot of times you’ll think, oh man, I’ve already ate enough fat for today, or I’m good. But you’re not eating enough fat, I must guarantee it, and
that’s the hardest part. You need to eat a lot of healthy fats, and even though you
might think, oh my gosh, you do not want to eat that healthy fat, it will actually make you feel better. So, eat those healthy fats, and make sure you get to that 70 to 80%
bracket that we’re trying to hit. Another thing that made me feel so much better through
that first little bit for the keto flu is exercising. You’re gonna have no energy to exercise. So when I’m saying exercise, I’m talking about super, super-light energy. Maybe you’re walking, maybe you’re doing a really light bike,
something like that just to get your heart pumping,
help flush everything out. Now, keto flu typically lasts anywhere from a few days to a week or so. For me, I found keto flu the very first time I did it, took
about four or five days. The second time I started the keto diet, it only took two to three days. So, that might be the same for you, everyone’s a little bit different. And the last tip I have for you guys is to don’t cheat, do not cheat. Anytime you cheat, you
potentially put yourself back in a situation
where you’re gonna have to go through that keto
flu all over again. So you either have to be all in or out when you’re doing the keto diet. And if you stay all in, you will see the results fast, and it’s
amazing, it truly, truly is. Another tip I want to add for you guys, something I wish I would’ve known before I started the keto
diet is that you need to add a fiber supplement badly, a lot of fiber. You’re not getting it in your diet, you’ll get constipated
and you’ll get backed up and that’s not fun. It also will skew the results on a scale, and you’ll think you’re not losing, and you might give up. Make sure you’re getting
a really heavy-duty fiber supplement that can help push all these foods through you so you guys can see the results. Along with that, I want to share one more sneaky trick, because this is something that I had to figure out on my own and it took me
a while to figure out. So you’re allowed to use sugar substitutes on the keto diet, right? Supposedly, they’re not supposed to spike insulin, they’re not supposed to make a difference, however, I had to do some research to figure out that there are some sugar substitutes out there that still have a
really high glycemic index and can actually spike your insulin, which we don’t want to have happen when we’re on a keto diet. So for me, I found the
only sugar substitute that worked for me to see
results is erythritol. You can find it at the grocery store in the baking aisle in
the sugar-free section, it’s there, you can even bake with it, I’ve had some amazing
desserts with the erythritol. They taste, I mean it
tastes, super-super good, especially for keto. So just so you guys know, if you have an issue and you’re
doing everything right, and you’re not seeing results, it could be because you’re
using sugar substitutes, like maltodextrin that
are actually spiking your insulin and are
making it so you’re not losing weight and your
body’s using that for energy instead of burning off the fat. Another sneaky tip I want to make sure you know about is to make sure you don’t eat too much protein. I feel like a lot of people
do this, me included. I totally didn’t realize it. But I also didn’t realize that if you eat too much protein, your
body will actually start converting that into energy. So then it’s not pulling
from the fact stores to burn for energy, it’s pulling from the protein you’re eating. So then you don’t see results again. So make sure you stay within
that 20 to 25% bracket that we want for our protein
consumption every single day. I feel like those are my two main culprits when I wasn’t seeing
results on the keto diet. There also are a few sneaky foods that I want to make sure
you guys are aware of that do have sugars in them or carbs, and we want to stay away from those ’cause we want to stay under
20 grams of carbs a day. Most of the carbs that I
eat are vegetable carbs, and I personally found
that if I didn’t eat enough carbs, I felt
sick or didn’t feel good, or felt super, super tired. And if I eat too many carbs,
then I didn’t see any results. So 20 grams of carbs was perfect for me, you might have to play with
that number a little bit, but that does give you an idea. So here are some foods that
you need to be careful of. Condiments have sugar in them. You have to be very, very careful and look at the carb amounts
on every single condiment that you buy or that you
have in your fridge already. Ketchup, super-high in carbs. Mustards are okay, because
they don’t have any carbs. Some ranches are gonna have carbs, although ranch is kind of
my go-to sauce on keto. I eat it with pretty much anything. So make sure you get one
that has a low-carb count to keep you under that
20 grams of carbs a day. Another sneaky culprit on
the keto diet is medicines. A lot of the medicines that you take, whether it’s DayQuil or Robitussin, they have sugar in them you guys. So if you get sick while
you’re on the keto diet, you need to be careful that you don’t take anything that has added sugar. Definitely stay away from the liquids and maybe get capsules to swallow instead. That is a sneaky one and thankfully, I thought about that
before I took some medicine when I got sick during
my first round of keto. Alright obviously, that’s
a ton of information and I could’ve talked about
this for a whole hour, but I know you guys
have other things to do, so I’ve actually ran up everything that I’ve talked about, also included foods you should and
shouldn’t eat on the keto diet to help you guys get started. I’ve written it all out for you guys, so you guys can go down below
into the YouTube description and click on that link. It’ll take you over to my post with all of the information
you could ever want, and then you guys can reference that as much as you want, getting started would give you all the percentages again, the foods, the things you shouldn’t do, tips, tricks, all of
that in that one post. Or you can just go to
TheMeleaShow.com/ketodiet, it’ll pull up that same page for you. So I hope you guys can
use that as a reference, hope that helps. I would love to do another video on keto, maybe talking about the foods you should and shouldn’t eat and do a
whole video just on that. So if you are interested in that, definitely comment below and let me know. And if you have any keto
questions, ask me below. I am obviously not a keto expert, I can only go off of my own experience and things that worked
for me, but I would love to help you guys if I can. So ask those questions
below and I will talk to you guys later. Thank you so much for watching, and if you’re brand new, don’t forget to hit that Subscribe button so you guys don’t miss future videos that I put out. Okay, thanks guys, see you. (uplifting upbeat music)

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