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Let’s talk about a problem that is super embarrassing well unless you’re married or in a committed relationship Where dutch ovens are considered a loving torment. Which Erica does consider that very much and she’s right over there The problem that problem is protein fats And it is a shameful reality for fit people all over the world but why does this happen can we improve the situation and can we stop them from happening? Well first, let’s get down to the stinky truth about why protein farts happen now We know that a protein molecule is made up of amino acids if we pretend for a minute that a protein molecule is a house Amino acids would be the cinder blocks that make up the house So when you eat protein it is broken down into these amino acids and then into their final Byproducts as you can see here in this picture of a general amino acid molecule They contain nitrogen So when you eat more protein you produce more nitrogen as a by-product and your body has to release this somehow For example some of the nitrogen is released as ammonia in your urine and some is released when you fart So it’s very simple guys more protein equals more nitrogen which equals more fats the other piece and stinky part of this story Is that protein is how to feed body to break down and this becomes more of a problem when you eat a lot of protein Because you are overloading your body with all this extra work to do When your body gets overloaded it might not completely Break down or digest the protein and that causes a lot of your nasty fart episodes What happens is that these proteins are [not] fully broken down by your stomach and they end up in your small intestines and colon These guys are not designed to handle this and all this extra [material] creates a breeding ground for bacteria to grow The material sits and Putrefies or rots and all the Bacteria create these bad Byproducts that cause the very stinky fats amongst other side effects the third piece of this equation is that you could have some underlying Conditions that could be contributing to your excess gas Such as you could be intolerant to some foods or have medical issues with your digestive system [now] that you know how this works [let’s] talk about how you can minimize or eliminate your stinky fat situation I have to remind you that not everyone is equal and something that might cause you major gas Might not do anything to other people so my advice [is] to try some of these things to figure out What is causing your individual problem number one if you are farting a lot Stinky or not stinky you want to minimize the gas in your system if we are not willing to cut way back on Protein [at] least we can minimize other ways that gas or air might get into our system You can reduce the air you ingest by not drinking a lot of carbonated drinks by not chewing gum not Smoking and not shaking your protein shakes too much all that froth is air that is going inside you with your shake So shake it just enough to dissolve the protein number two change the type of protein you’re using Protein Powders can be bought as a concentrate isolate or hydrolysate the concentrate has lactose Which a lot of people have a hard time processing Actually [a] significant part of the population [is] lactose intolerant, and this could be causing your gas issues so try a protein isolate or hydrolysate which pretty much have zero lactose and are easier for your body to break down I Personally use Syntha-6 isolate by BSN Number three instead of adding milk to your protein powder try almond milk soy milk or water when you consume protein with Lactose in fat from the milk you are creating a tough mix for your body to deal with which could be causing your butt explosions Almost had that with that with a straight face number four watch for sugar alcohols sugar alcohols are carbohydrates that the body doesn’t completely absorb or Metabolize so they don’t count as carbs Because of this they are used in a lot [of] high protein products since they add the taste without the calories Because they are not completely metabolized They cause bad gas Even diarrhea on some people while others don’t have any problems at all So try removing them [from] your diet to see if that is the problem [sugar] alcohols will appear on food labels with the following name such as sorbitol mannitol xylitol and some other similar names And it’s pretty easy to spot them on a products label number [five] when eating eat protein first When digesting protein your body uses enzymes and hydrochloric acid and the acid is a very important part of the process Now let’s say you’re at a restaurant And you get some salad before your meal your body will release the hydrochloric acid when you ingest food Not knowing you do not need acid to digest [the] salad so what happens is that [you’ve] just Wasted a bunch of your acid and when the steak finally comes you do not have enough to completely break down the protein The result is partially digested protein which we already saw is a recipe for disaster If you are having gas issues try prioritizing your protein on your meals by eating them first Another option is to buy supplements that will provide you with the acid you need a very well known one is beta Hydrochloride and can be found in vitamin stores, but let me remind you to always consult with your doctor or nutritionist before buying supplements Number 6. Take enzymes as supplements There are a lot of options and health food stores that will help with the acid balance and will help you process food better Enzymes will also help you with the absorption of macronutrients. So you are utilizing more of that precious protein you’re eating now When you are looking for an enzyme supplement make sure you get something [that] has a variety of enzymes to digest [all] three types of macronutrients protein carbs and fat Here’s an example of a good label with enzymes to break down protein carbs fats fiber and even lactose number seven eat your fiber fiber helps move things along in your digestive tract which helps with healthy digestion and less gas a [high-protein] [Low-carb] diet is a recipe for constipation because most of the fiber is in carb foods pay attention to this but Make [sure] you start increasing the amount of your fiber you eat slowly [a] Drastic change may low fiber to a [high] [fiber] diet will also make you bloated and fart like crazy Number eight like I mentioned before you can create an environment [in] your digestive tract that causes bad Bacteria to grow and take over the good Bacteria Which will lay the foundation for super stinky fats now you can help your fart situation by helping the Growth of good Bacteria in your GI tract by either eating probiotic rich or fermented Foods like yogurt Kefir Sauerkraut Or by taking a probiotic supplement When buying probiotics I am more worried about the types or strains of Bacteria instead of the amount companies are trying to get you to buy their Probiotics with big numbers on the label like 30 billion or 50 billion, but studies cannot prove that more is better Instead make sure your probiotics contain the most important strains that would give you the most bang for your buck in here They are the first one is lactobacillus acidophilus This one helps nutrient absorption and is important for digestion of dairy Bifidobacterium Longum this one is a toxin cleaner and will protect your gut wall Bifidobacterium Bifidum this one is important for Dairy digestion But is also critical for breakdown of Complex Carbohydrates fat and protein another thing you should think about is that Probiotics are live Bacteria For them to work the bacteria needs to get into your stomach alive, so look for an expiration date information on the packaging delivery system of the Bacteria to your stomach and information guaranteeing the quality Through the expiration date. So here are some good examples of some headlines you should find on your probiotic products Delayed released vegetable capsules help ensure more friendly probiotics reach your intestinal tract quality purity and potency guaranteed through expiration and shelf-stable Potency promise what we promise is what you get 50 billion live probiotic cultures Shipped in a desiccant lined bottle to help ensure your probiotics arrive alive and stay alive And now [here’s] an [example] of a good label with all the mainstay Mentioned so quickly pause the video if you want [to] get a closer look There you have it guys hopefully this gives you some things to try so you can stop clearing out rooms and get your fighting under control Just do yourself a favor and try one [of] these methods at a time So you know which one works best for you now for those of you who are looking for a full program to build Muscle and strength that can be done stinky fats and all check out my 12-week shredded transformation challenge I’ll put a link down in the info section below and I’ll also put a link to my high protein food line True Gains High protein pasta Oatmeal granola chips and protein bars that taste great and are also packed with good amounts of fiber Be sure to hit that like [button] click [subscribe] leave your comments and questions below and as always More good stuff coming soon. 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