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I Don’t Let My Kids Snack (and they are healthier and happier because of it)

I don’t let my children eat snacks it’s
controversial I know but it has made
them both happier and healthier I’m
going to tell you exactly why
and plus my little disclaimer slush how
we get into it / exceptions at the end
of the video the first reason why I
don’t let my children eat snacks is
because they need time to digest their
food this is something that growing up
small frequent meals were like that’s
what you need to do to be healthy small
frequent meals I felt awful like Iowa’s
carb based I was eating like probably
every two hours which is more often than
newborn like premature babies and the
NICU eat I just didn’t feel good I was
always constantly thinking about food I
didn’t want that for my children so I do
better intermittent fasting where I’m
only eating during about an eight hour
or six hour window during the day my
children’s form of intermittent fasting
is that they eat meals at set times
every day and then they’re done so we
usually eat when they get up they get up
at like 6:00 or 7:00 and so they eat
around 7:00 and then they eat her out
again around noon and then again around
5:30 or 6:00 by having that structured
time their body has the time to complete
the whole digestive process so they’re
not in constant state of both secreting
bile to digest the fats and secreting
insulin to digest the glucose and having
the stuff down below that they ate 45
minutes later and having the stuff down
even lower in the testin that they eat
before that there’s just a lot of people
and kids are having this constant state
of digestion their body never gets a
break from digestion all day long and
there have been studies that show that
growth hormone is increased in growth
hormone growth hormone isn’t only
important for growth it’s also kind of
gives you a general sense of well-being
so growth hormone is increased by a
fasting period that’s over 12 hours so
if my kids finish dinner at 5:30 and
then they’re not eating again until 7:00
they still get that little bump of above
12 hours that they are in that fasting
mode which increases their growth
hormone gives them that sense of
well-being and their body is just fine
like this is something we’ll get into at
the end but you can train your hunger
hormones it’s not like oh I’m required
to eat every two hours but you might be
fine intermittent
Bastien this is something that we can
change the second reason that I don’t
let my kids snack is because I want them
to be able to attend to activities and
this really helps I find that whenever
we slip into snacking they are so
focused on snacking and this isn’t a
parenting issue and this isn’t a
personality issue for them this is me
working with their own body chemistry so
if their body is accustomed to eating
three meals a day and that’s it that’s
what it ends up wanting and so if we
finish our breakfast at 7:30 which we
often do right now at summertime and
then we can go to the park or we can go
on a hike or we can go fishing or even
on errands all morning without having to
stop to snack and you have no idea until
you’ve done it how precious that is to
be able to be engaged in an activity
with all three children like it can be
really chaotic with three kids and so
once we get engaged and none of them are
gonna need to eat until noon that’s just
something that’s really beneficial to me
it’s beneficial to us as a family and I
feel like it helps them thoroughly enjoy
hobbies and to stay engaged in an
activity without having that constant
need for food and having food be their
primary like focus it’s almost like a
biologically driven thing for kids that
are car burners or kids that are used to
eating every two hours is that whenever
anything gets hard whenever anything is
boring whenever anything is stressful
they’re just like oh well I could eat so
I’m gonna tell mom I’m hungry and
probably goldfish or pretzels or even
apples are a better distraction than
sitting with my feet with feelings of
frustration or stress or anything like
so being engaged in activities is
another reason why I absolutely love
that we don’t snack and then the third
which is definitely not insignificant is
that they eat my meals and so if you’re
like me and you spend plenty of time
sourcing good food for your children
finding recipes cooking healthy meals
and then you put them on the table and
they’re not hungry it can be so
frustrating it can be disheartening it
can make me feel like I don’t really
want to cook for you anymore
it can be really frustrating when I
Kissed don’t
so when you’re feeding your kids three
times a day and you would think they’d
get hangry which we’ll talk about this
in a second they don’t like they are
they’re hungry 20 minutes before their
meal but they’re not like hungry for
hours before their meal they’re hungry
for like when their body expects to be
eating and it starts releasing those
hormones that it’s a it’s ready to
digest food again so that they eat their
food and they eat what I think they
should be eating another controversial
opinion is that they eat their protein
and their fat and their vegetables and
this is something that I think is
essential for them they grow really well
like my kids have always been like right
on track for their height and weight and
height and weight is always like
whatever percent I like I’ve got one
that’s pretty big so he’s always like 80
and 80 and I’ve got one that’s a little
bit smaller so he’s like 25 and 25 but
my kids have always grown super well
like I’ve just been really happy with
their growth their doctors really happy
with their growth and I think a big part
of this is that they’re eating their
meals like they come and eat a balanced
meal and it’s so much easier to put
together a balanced meal than trying to
put together a little balanced bite of
food every 45 minutes two hours or
whatever happens when you’re snacking
all the time and another addition to
that is it can be a lot easier on your
budget is that we have very little
wasted food like it’s not uncommon that
if someone isn’t hungry and doesn’t
finish their plate someone else comes in
and finishes it and since we’re only
eating three times a day that’s just
less time that wasted food can happen
it’s more time that I am willing to
dedicate to making those three meals
because I haven’t felt like I was in the
kitchen all day just eating those three
solid meals a day has been really
beneficial for us so let’s talk about
how I transitioned on to this first so I
kinda tend to be a lot more relaxed a
lot more baby led when my babies are
infants I breastfeed on demand and
that’s what I did with all three of them
as they weaned which my kids weaned
between like two years and three years I
after they were a year and starting to
eat more food I fed them three meals a
day like often it was just from my plate
a link above to my house
solids but a lot of times they just eat
right from my plate three meals a day
because that’s what I was eating and I
do eat three meals when I’m
breastfeeding I don’t enter it and fast
as much so the transition onto three
solid meals a day
so as I’m transitioning them onto food i
limit nursing to nap time and wake-up
and so they’re like they’re nursing
sessions kind of go down as their naps
go down and so that’s just kind of our
gentle weaning I do like if a kid’s
going through a growth spurt or they’re
sick I have no problem nursing them more
but I kind of use nursing as their
snacks and so as they wean all of mine
sort of wean themselves like I could
kind of structured them into it
but it wasn’t something that we had to
fight about and so they were kind of
okay with not nursing not as much and so
as we weaned that’s where the snacks
went and so from weaning we just went
right to three meals a day
the only exception for this is like my
ten-year-old as a swimmer now and so
when he’s going through a growth spurt
and he’s swimming I have no problem if
he comes and has a fourth meal after
swim practice because I know how it is
to be like hungry and a lot of times we
eat our dinners earlier on the days he
swims and so if he’s going through a
growth spurt and he ate all his dinner
like what I don’t like to fall into the
habit of is them picking at their food
and hoping that something better is
coming no that doesn’t happen so if he
had all his dinner and he’s hungry and
he wants to go grab leftovers from the
fridge or have eggs or have something
else that’s kind of meal like like even
Apple and peanut butter I think is fine
I have no problem with that if my kids
do like I said if they’re eating all of
their meals and they are still hungry
like maybe I didn’t make enough dinner
or I didn’t make enough lunch and
they’re still hungry like an hour later
I will feed them as long as they will
continue eating their meals and so
that’s my judges if they’re eating what
I think a decent portion is for their
size and needs and they’re still hungry
it’s probably cuz they’re growing and I
go ahead and feed them you can also do
the egg test and so I’ll just like boil
a bunch of eggs and have a bunch of
hard-boiled eggs in the fridge and so if
they’re hungry enough to just grab a
hard-boiled egg and eat that then that’s
fine you can go ahead and have an
boiled egg that’s fine but if they’re
picky and they want carbs or even fruit
which is really sugar heavy I do limit
that and then my last exception is sent
you let them have popsicles popsicles
are a fun thing to make they cool down
in the winter and like the amount of
stuff that’s in popsicle molds so we
make a lot of different homemade
popsicles right now I’m making keto
popsicles because we’re on keto the
amount of it’s like a quarter cup of
pureed liquid and so I let them have a
popsicle in the afternoon after they’ve
been playing outside and so that’s my
other exception if after this you’re
considering giving no snacks a try it’s
something I definitely recommend you do
it’s just kind of like like you can
train yourself to go to sleep early and
get up early you can train your kids
hunger hormones and so just go slowly
spaced out the snack serves like start
with three solid meals and then spaced
out what you have been doing really just
having that limit around food kind of
frees them up to both experience boredom
because food isn’t there to distract
them and that’s something that’s super
important for kids to learn that it’s
okay to be bored it doesn’t mean that
you need to go eat or you need to go get
into trouble it’s okay to sit with your
boredom and maybe think of something
constructive to do and also for their
blood sugar to adjust and their hormones
to adjust it so that as parents this is
something that I think you will find is
super beneficial it does take a little
bit to kind of get your kids in the
habit of it and to make this transition
so don’t think it’s going to happen
overnight with no fussing but once you
get there like my kids are twelve ten
and five and they don’t expect snacks
and you have no idea how free and that
is for me I’ll see you back soon we’re
gonna talk about chores and some other
things with kids too this summer but I
will see you back soon if you’d like
more information go ahead and click on
the link over there and I have a written
blog post and I have more videos on this
as well I hope I’ll see you back soon

Randall Smitham



  1. Elokuvia Posted on June 19, 2019 at 1:00 pm

    You are wise . Your children will thank you later. I wish I would have done this too. 🍖

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    As a teacher, I wish more parents would follow your lead… I know it helps!

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    They were never vegan 😂great Mam that’s the way to do it

  5. Jessica R. Posted on June 19, 2019 at 2:02 pm

    I completely agree. My almost 2 year old eats zero to low carb most of the time and does really well. I can tell if she gets apples or crackers at church or daycare. Later she'll be whining at the pantry or fridge wanting a snack. She does so much better without carbs. Never hangry and happily eats her meals.

  6. TMach5 Posted on June 19, 2019 at 2:12 pm

    This is very timely. I’ve been rethinking the snack situation in my house and it definitely needs limits. Thanks!

  7. Laura Levitt Posted on June 19, 2019 at 2:27 pm

    I love this… I also personally felt terrible a lot of the times as a kid… with snacking, carb dominant meals and snacks. I do not have children but I agree with this as it makes so much sense and I also practice intermittent fasting- fat and animal based eating habits. I appreciate how you approach it with your child that swims too. Making it make sense…eating enough for body's demand but not just supply & demand due to "habits" of grazing and snacking. Great approach.

  8. LuCasley 20 Posted on June 19, 2019 at 2:49 pm

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  9. Joe Botz Posted on June 19, 2019 at 2:58 pm

    I've never been a snacker and now that I know more about nutrition I give myself minimum 4 hours in between meals don't want to raise insulin levels for no reason

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  11. Bessybel LaPann Posted on June 19, 2019 at 3:00 pm

    The only time my kids get snacks are when they are at school because they have a snack time and I feel bad not sending them in with a snack. But at home I try to extend their fasting and mainly they do two big meals on non school days. On school days they get a fatty protein breakfast of eggs and sugar free pork sausages and whole milk mozzarella (not raw but at least it's fatty). When they are home all day we wait as long as we can for their first meal until they tell me they are hungry and that's usually lunch time. I only do 1 big meal at dinner time and no snacking. I've lost over 20 pounds intermittent fasting and being carnivore and I've only been doing this like 1 month and I still occasionally eat bananas and pears and kiwis and apples and carrots.

  12. Anthony Roberts Posted on June 19, 2019 at 3:58 pm

    Well done!
    It started in the 60s as a clever marketing ploy to increase sales.
    In UK we had Milky Way, "the sweet you can eat between meals without spoiling your appetite".

  13. Rosemary Chadi Posted on June 19, 2019 at 3:59 pm

    Hey! My 8 year old doesn't snack either. We do eggs for breakfast everyday. his choice for lunch, either grilled cheese or pb&j, and my choice for dinner. usually beef and veg. He is very happy with it and doesn't complain about being hungry until about an hour before dinner. probably because of the carbs, Oh well! Anyway great video!

    It makes me crazy when my friends have a snack basket and drawer in the fridge with things that are pretty much candy.

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