October 21, 2019
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  • 5:49 am 10 Discontinued Fast Food Items You Can STILL ORDER!!!

hey guys welcome to Protein Treats today
we are making ice caps now I don’t know about you guys but I absolutely love the
ice cap that you can get going through the drive thru you guys all know what 1
i’m talking about what I don’t love about it is all of the sugar and all of
the crazy ingredients that they put in it with the fillers and the chemicals
and all that icky stuff so today we are making an ice cap out of our Nutralean coffee okay so what you’re going to need is three scoops of coffee
Nutralean and it tastes so good because it actually has a hundred percent
Columbian coffee right in it then you’re going to need one cup of a milk of your
choice i’m using soy milk but you can use almond or coconut milk and then
we’ve got about a cup of ice and that’s it that’s all we’re going to need we’re
going to go ahead and we’re going to dump in our soy milk and then our ice
and our Nutralean and just like that we’re ready to blend put that on and let
it go for a minute all right it smells so good it smells
like coffee it smells like vanilla there’s even a little bit of a hint of
caramel mmm you guys are going to love this and i’m going to show you when I
pour it out I’m going to pour it out nice and slow so you can see just how
creamy this is look at that isn’t that color beautiful and perfect alright guys
i’m going to taste this because i am a huge fan of ice caps and i am so excited
that I get to have this every day and I’m getting in my 30 grams of protein
I’m getting in 10 grams of prebiotic fiber there’s no sugar it’s absolutely
delicious and it tastes like you’re cheating that is so good you guys are
gonna love this I can’t wait to see you all next week thanks guys

Randall Smitham