April 9, 2020
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Ideal Protein – Halloween Party Tips for Success

Halloween Message
Halloween is Just One Night Tips for Phase I
Eat Before You Go to the Party Bring What You Like to Drink Bring Your Snack Bar with You Alcohol does not work in Phase I
It’s Not about the Number of Carbs Your Body Burns the Alcohol Immediately
You can get Drunk, Black out and even end up at the Hospital Be sure you eat and feel satiated Be out on the dance floor and not around the
food table For Phase 4
Enjoy a “light” cocktail Champagne, Vodka / Soda or Silver Tequila
Keep Foods and Drinks Light Don’t Make the Party About Food
Eat Before You go to the Party Don’t Let Some Alcohol cause you to Make Poor
Food Choices It can cause you to trigger snacking
You will end up being Irritated with Yourself the Next Day Have a Great Time and Enjoy Your Friends Trick or Treat

Randall Smitham