January 17, 2020
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Good morning and welcome along to day four of this third test India in the box seat with two days left. The question is can England saved this test match Keats and Jennings. He didn’t hang around for long this morning and he shut shava is into the wickets immediately Alistair cooke to ensure sharma kara hall snapples. It is an easy catch regulation catch in the slips Well played Olli Pope, we saw a shot like this in the first innings Second boundary of the over just as sweet as the first one Terrific catch it went very very quickly to KL Rahul who was caught brilliantly in this game not a good shot from route But that is an excellent catch Slippers Verico Lee Ki Rahul at second Kohli at third. It is another wide ball and a rash shot from a Lippo Down it’s going down the leg side. He has to come back doesn’t have enough time In the air just passed extra cover who was diving to his right? It’s a tinkerer Hani, but it’s for Then one for those he’s quit their job, but he’s in quick enough Runs again – softly walk with Amanda chase for more No one there no on the just three slips no gully Thought why for They’re generous applause, wha just look quick Good shot short wide for But the news into the 80s for Toxics flap dude got fifty its slowest fifty then stops Short ball sharp all 99 Hundred four just built a fabulous innings Something to smile about for England selectors. They picked a garden it always means a lot your first hundred Entices that’s what could be the breakthrough that well the margin this in this game can be so so fine Nonetheless just Butler can be very proud One brings two beautifully bowled by desperate boomer Bairstow goes for a first ball duck That is a rapid Bowser from bummer wokes couldn’t get out of the way flick the glove I think on the way through The new ball has done it for India First Butler then Bastow wokes and now Stokes he fought hard he fought long but he’s gone now Too the way powerfully fighter gone all the way It’s a drug hilarity had caught really well, India Edged and yes taken Wilmer silences the crowd so that will be five wickets for Jasper Brahma. Wada come back into this Indian side quite brilliant The shot that is on the up through the oxide England take it into day five But the day and the Test match belongs to India fair play to the England tale They hang in there. They didn’t give up and they’ve taken it into day five You

Randall Smitham