April 2, 2020
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Hi today on paint the kitchen red, we’re going to be making a garlic shrimp pasta in the instant pot.
This is a recipe I’ve been making for years for my family, but I usually cook it on the stovetop
But I have recently adapted it to the instant pot. You might ask
why do we want to make these pasta dishes in the pot when you can just as easily make it on the stovetop and
The answer is that it’s a one pot meal.
You just put everything into the instant pot and you don’t have to wash a bunch of dishes
You don’t have to boil the pasta separately. You can just cook it all together and that’s the reason why I like
Making this dish in the instant pot
So the first thing we want to do is press the sautee mode and heat up the butter and
Olive oil. You could use just butter or just olive oil
But I like to combine the two. I like the flavor that the butter adds and I also like the fact that the olive oil
Makes it a little more healthy.
Once the instant pot starts to heat up you can add the olive oil and butter
You don’t need to wait for it to be hot because what will happen is you’ll get a splatter
so it’s better to just go ahead and
Add the ingredients
Right at the beginning and wait for them to heat up
Once you find that the butter has started to melt you can just go ahead and press cancel because they’ll be remnant heat
That will allow you to cook the garlic in it.
Because if you keep it on what could happen is your garlic can start to burn.
I’m going to add the garlic
And let it cook in this remnant heat. Once the garlic is cooked, I’m going to remove some of the garlic
Maybe about half of it,
Using a spoon,
And then I’m gonna set it aside and we’ll add it back in later.
So I turned on the sautee mode again, and I’m gonna add green onions; just the white part, the green part I’ve reserved for later
And the onions are gonna be sauteed along with the garlic just for a few seconds
Cuz we’re gonna end up pressure cooking all this in the end anyway.
If you need to, you can deglaze with some white wine, I’m just going to press cancel though,
The broth
Crushed red pepper and
Stir it all up.
Okay, now I’m going to take the angel hair pasta and put it into the liquid in a crisscross pattern and
This allows the pasta to cook well.
Otherwise, if you put it all in one direction you end up having a big clump of pasta
So I just stagger it in a few layers like three or four layers
And then I’m going to just push down on the pasta
Until it’s submerged in the liquid.
You’ll have to push down for maybe 20 to 30 seconds and that will allow the pasta to
Submerge in the liquid and make contact with the liquid and once the pasta is completely submerged
You can start your pressure cooking now.. I’m going to close the lid and
We’re going to start the pressure cooking. I’m gonna pressure cook this angel hair pasta for three minutes.
Here’s a little tip for you on how to figure out how long to cook pasta an instant pot
Whatever your cooking time is on the box. You take that number,
Divide it by two and add one. Yes, you have to do a little math, but I think it’s not that difficult!
So in this case, my pasta cooking time was four minutes.
So four divided by two is two, plus one is three minutes. So that’s what I’m going to do.
I’m going to pressure cook for three minutes.
The pressure cooking is complete and now we want to quick release the steam
So I’m going to go ahead and press the quick release button. And when I’m doing
I like to do it in bursts.
Okay, the float valve is just about ready to drop.
When I open the lid
I’m gonna work quickly because my shrimp is gonna cook in the residual heat of the instant pot
So if I take my time and do it slowly then a lot of heat will escape and that’s not a good thing. So
I’m gonna open it.
First thing I’m gonna do is add the broccoli; you can use any vegetables that you want that are quick-cooking.
And stir up the pasta so that the shrimp is kind of mixed up with the pasta and is hidden in there,
And so all that heat will allow it to cook.. and now I’m going to add in all these other ingredients
sun-dried tomatoes
Some lemon zest
Green onions
And a little bit of lemon juice. You can put as much as you need to your taste
And I’m going to add back in that garlic that I had taken out earlier and
Once again stir everything up.
Now I’m going to close the lid.
And if you have trouble closing the lid it’s because there’s so much steam in there, just
Press the button.
if you’re using an ultra, the steam release button or
put the steam release handle in the venting position and that’ll allow you to close and
Then you could put it back into the sealing position. So the instant pot is
Not sealed, but all that hot
Steam will cook the remaining ingredients. So we’re gonna just leave that for about 10 minutes and
when that’s done, we can open it up and add the parsley and Parmesan.
So10 minutes have elapsed and so I’m ready to open the instant pot lid and
Stir up the pasta.
The broccoli is cooked just right, the shrimp is cooked.
Okay, so I’m going to add some parsley
some shredded Parmesan cheese to the top.
You could just add both of these to the individual servings if you wanted to but I just like to add it all
into the instant pot and
People just serve from just from this pot.
Well, I hope you get a chance to make this recipe
I have a couple of more pasta recipes on my website
and I will include the link in the comments. One in particular is the
penne with sausage.
It’s a creamy pasta dish that is really popular with my readers and I think you might like that one. In the meantime
stay tuned for the next video and
I will see you next time. Thanks for watching.

Randall Smitham